Year4- Blitz night

Year 4 have had a Blitz night sleepover  tonight. They have been imagining what life was like as an evacuee by spending the night away from their parents and doing wartime activities.

We experienced a walk in the playground, in the dark, to try to understand what it was like during a blackout. We have been french knitting, playing war time games, following a war time recipe to bake Carrot cookies and write a letter as an evacuee to our parents.

Why did people mend and make do during the war? Why do you think carrot was used in a cookie?

How do you think evacuees felt to be sent away from their parents?

What have you enjoyed about this experience?

What have you learnt?



53 thoughts on “Year4- Blitz night

  1. The people used to mend and make so they did not get board.

    They used to make carrot cookies because there was no flower so they used to grow some.

    At first they where rely happy but through the day they started to feel rely worried if there parents where still in the war.

    I have learnt that going away from your parents is rely dificult .

    I enjoyed when they made the carrot cookies.

  2. When the evacuees got evacuated to the countryside they felt curious because they didn’t know what was happening. Th e carrot was in the cookies because their was no fat in carrots.People mend during the war time to save money for their families.

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