Yousuf’s masterpiece!

Yousuf has been working extremely hard in maths this week. He has shown he is a super mathematician and can find 1, 10 and 100 more or less than a number up to 1000!

Yousuf has impressed the class with the care he has taken in presenting his work neatly also!

Mr Mashford was also impressed to see his maths masterpiece!

Keep it up Yousuf!

3 White- How will you make sure you are creating masterpieces?

17 thoughts on “Yousuf’s masterpiece!

  1. Well done Yosuf but you were a bit shy when the teacher said well done so don’t be shy nextime and always make a masterpeace and be a superstar at all things you do and maths and maths challenge and your reading challenge AND well done and i think that you’ll be amazing when you’re in year 4

  2. Proud if you Yousuf. I remember when you were in Reception and ordered numbers and talked about them. I know you love maths and we love you!

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