YouTube: Parent Information

We, as a school, have come to the decision to advise you as parents to stop your children from using YouTube. This decision has come about because of the current level of inappropriate content that is being shared on the site. Under the sites rules, no child at BH is old enough to use it without supervision.

YouTube has a 13+ rating, meaning that only children over 13 should be accessing it independently. There have been a number of incidents of children telling staff that they have seen worrying, silly or offensive things on the site. This is because there are very little restrictions about what can be uploaded onto the site and it is full of people’s opinions, not facts, that children will take at face value. PLEASE take our advice seriously.

*Please remember, if you need a bargaining tool when you take YouTube away, there is always the YouTube Kids app available to download.

*We will continue to use YouTube to host our school videos, but we will then embed them onto the website so that children cannot then watch other things on the site.


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    • Thank you very much for this recommendation. I will be talking about this in one of my parent meetings this term. I will also include information for everyone on the online safety page. Please feel free to share any other successes you find.

  1. Important advice. I think everyone under 13 should follow this information and not just ignore it. Well done online safety monitors, you’ve made a good video

  2. I really hope parents take this advice seriously, there is indeed some very inappropriate videos on YouTube, including popular cartoon characters performing acts which will scar a child for life.

  3. If you see an ad which is inappropriate on the web version of YouTube, there is a report ad option, be responsible online and take care.

  4. Keep safe and don’t do and watch silly things on YouTube. If you do see anything inappropriate I think we should tell an adult straight away.

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