Yr 5 PSHE: What can we do about Bullying?

During PSHE we discussed the following
*What is Bullying?
*What is the consequence of being bullied VS being a bully?
*What can we do to stand up against bullies?

We watched some of the videos below:




  1. From my point of view, Bullying is awful because if you bully someone in the end you would not have any friends or get far in life.
    If I was to see someone being bullied I would help them by moving the bully’s out of the way but the next day I would tell the teacher straight away in the morning.
    To avoid bullying i must create bullying posters and say stand up for yourself.

  2. 1.In my opinion bullying is terrible because if you got bullied you wouldn’t like it.
    2.if i saw someone was getting bullied I would tell them to go away.
    3.to avoid bullying we should tell the school councilers to tell miss Frankish.

  3. I have been bullied about my parents getting divorced 3 years and I have gotten over it so I do not understand how people are getting into my business.I hope that people are not going through the same thing and I would do as much as I can to help them.

    To me bullies are people who have low confidence and do not have that many friends that come together to make each other feel better.

    The cause of being bullied are suicide,running away from home and cutting this might sound very sad but all of this is true so don’t be a bully because this is the cause.

  4. If I met Jake during school time I would ask is anything wrong with you and if he didn’t he say anything I would still ask him a and he still didn’t say anything .I would hide in lunchtime and break and if I saw the bullies I would go tell the teacher.
    From my point of view,bullying is so not funny if the bullies think is funny but one day someone will bullie them they wouldn’t like it it them-self.In Jake’s story I think when the bullies were they were swearing that’s mean.

  5. In my opinion,I think bulling is not right and it makes people feel worried,paranoid and unsafe.It is unfair becaus imagine you were that innocent person and you were being treated horribly from that bully.Bullying is just a group of people thinking they are all big and courage when actually they are to sad to say that they are just ‘WEAK’.If I saw someone in a bullying position I would go and tell the bully to stop and if they wouldn’t I would go home and tell my mum or the teachers that were around at that time and say what happened and how to make it stop.If I met make Jake I would tell him don’t let the bullies get their way and just carry on with your life and don’t worry about the negatives.Bullies just have a miserable life and just don’t know what there doing.

  6. From my point of view, bullying is just a group of lonely people who act tough and just try to hurt other people so that they can feel good about themselves but really, at the end of the day, the bullies are still weak and lonely.
    If I was to see someone being bullied I would come up to them and if they’re hurt I might actually start shouting at the bullies or tell a teacher.👩‍🏫
    To avoid bullying, I must be aware of my surroundings and stay away from the bullies.
    If I met Jake during school time, I would help him out with his problems that are stressing him and annoying him.

  7. From my point of view,bullying is horrific because bullying is picking on one person with miltiple people bullying one person and the bully’s saying we are the weak target and say let’s beat up people and they do that because they are cowards and get weapons because they are too weak to use their fists and at the end of the day are just annoying swearing nightmare giving loners and have no friends.if I was to see someone being bullied I’d run at them and say “get out of their face because they have feelings to.

    To avoid being bullied I would not get in to fights do what I’m saying told and make good decisions about what I am going to do if I met jake during break time I would take all the hits with the bat and tell him don’t listen to them and tell your parents about what happened or else things are just going to get worst.

  8. Bullying is not great thing to do because the person who is bulling anther person it will brake people’s filings and the buly,who is by them selfs they will not be strong if I see a person bulling Jake l will tell of the buly.

  9. From my point of view, bullying is mean because some people suffer

    If l was to see someone being bullied I would help them

    To avoid bulling I must tell there parents, or help them run

    If I met jake during school time I wold tell the teacher during school or tell my mom, or run as fast as I can

  10. My opinion is that is really hard if you don’t tell you’re parent because that person can stop bullying.So you have to tell your parents or staff if you got bullied .so they can sort it out straight away.Or you will have a misrilble life.

    I don’t like bullying because they will hurt my feelings and I will tell the staff at schools. It does matter which colours your are you should be nice.

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