Yr 6 – 15.07.20 PSHE – Kindness

Hi Year 6,

I hope you are all well. So, today is my final learning blog for you about ‘kindness’. Kindness is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Affection, gentleness, warmth, concern, and care are words that are associated with kindness. Being kind often requires courage and strength.

Your task today is to think about writing a message to one of your friends in your class. I would like you think about someone who has not always been one of your closest friends in your class but shown many acts of kindness throughout the years. I would like you to write a message celebrating their kindness.

Here are the features to help you write a message. I don’t just want to see a couple of lines, I would like to see a decent size paragraph.

Think about who they are.

How have they shown kindness?

What impact did that have on you?

Do you wish you could have been kinder to them by getting to know them a little better?

Your paragraph must relate to kindness.

How to Write a Letter to a Friend: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

69 thoughts on “Yr 6 – 15.07.20 PSHE – Kindness

  1. This friend has always shown acts of kindness to me since I’ve started this school. They always know how to put a smile on my face. She always checks if I’m alright she always like to help other people. When I started school I was very shy but she always knew how to cheer me up and make me happy. When I’m alone she would always include me in her games. We are still friends to this day. Thank you so much hope you guys are all well.

  2. This girl is kind , caring , witty , clever and just incredible. Often I look at her and think to myself what an incredible person she is. I also I admire confidence and authority around the school. Everyday she strives to do her best ,and every day she succeeds. Her heart is pure , kind and true.The best times where when we sat down and ate lunch together we would often be twined up in intricate conversations or helpless fits of laughter. When I am around this girl I feel as though all my worries and troubles melt away. I feel free. I feel as if I can share my embarrassing stories or weird encounters.

    Although we are still in contact I can not help but miss her bright bubbly and witty personality . We talk every single day stressing our lockdown troubles (like when we run out of loo roll or our siblings strike) to each other and showing each other our new clothes or stationary.

    When I go to my new secondary school I will struggle to find a friend even half as good as her , and I mean it I truly do , because she is the best friend that I have ever had the pleasure of having. Not a day goes by when I do not think of her and she know that.

  3. To Xamsa and Sonit:
    Both of them have been with me since i first started in year 4, they always supported me and we have always been bestfriends, whenever we were alone, it would be either xamsa or sonit who would come, talk to me and play with me, we all share the biggest secrets and i really wish i can keep in contact with Sonit as i have no way to talk to him yet. We all will hopefully be meeting somewhere when we are older.

  4. To raumaan:
    Raumaan has been here from day 1 he helped me go through difficult times and make me laugh. He would always play with me no matter what and always plays with me when I’m alone, and always shows kindness to me and I’m grateful I have him as a friend, and that’s why I like him as a friend!

  5. My class in year 3 had a class mate we all loved is name was michal he was always cracking jokes and doing the right thing and if your reading this michal thank you for everthing you’ve done.

  6. This friend i am gonna be talking about is from reception i she still is my friend she has always been next to me and always stood uo to the people who were hurtful to me. I dont know what i would do without her she makes me smile every day and when we both get into trouble mostly for talking to much (thats what miss vega says but i dont think we do) we laugh secretly so we dont be on the traffic lights. I dont know where i would be without her she helped me so much with everything and i hope we be in the class so i can see her every day thank you for being in my life and making me smile everyday!

  7. This person was extremely kind during the year. She would always be there for me when I was upset. For example, when my Aunt passed she was one of the first people I spoke to about it. She comforted me and made me feel better. She is the sweetest person I have ever met. I’m very grateful to have her as a friend.
    Thank you Ionela :)

  8. This friend I am describing today is one of the most valuable members of my life. She has always been there for me whenever I needed her and she has always supported me. She has been my friend for years now and we have definitely grew a strong friendship among one another. Out of all my friends she is the most fabulous and I wish we stay in touch even after we go into Secondary. This person is smart, witty and has an amazing personality. She is so unique and I admire her confidence and her ability to inspire others. She has own many awards but no trophy is more valuable then her. She is friendly confident and aspiring to me because she is unapologetically herself. She has interacted with me during quarantine and we share the same struggles everyday and I really miss seeing and interacting with her. She will most definitely succeed in her near future and make everybody proud. This girl is honest, sympathetic and really helpful . No words could describe her positivity. With this girl, I have been able to share my worries and concerns and some of my really weird and cringey nightmares and dreams. No matter how weird I get she will always listen and we have supported each other for a really long time. It will be really hard to replace her with any new friend in secondary and I won’t even try to because I know nobody in this world has a match for her. I wish her the very best for secondary and all the luck in the world. I know she will change the way the world looks at things and will go that extra mile on everything. This person will change global warming and the world itself. Good luck and hopefully you recognise who I am portraying now😀

    • Who ever this friend is, is very lucky to have a friend like you. I hope she appreciates it. If you read my blog again Devanshi I asked you to write a message to a friend who you have not been close to throughout your school years and has shown many acts of kindness.

  9. To start with I wasn’t really close to you.But in year 5 when I had nobody with me anymore you were still willing to be friends .You were there to help me get through my tough times and you still are. When I had nobody you held a hand for me . Through all of life’s tests and difficulties I know I could count on you. don’t know how I can ever repay you for all that you have done for me.It may not seem like much but it’s made a BIG difference in MY life. I no longer feel alone. I finally have somebody to trust without thinking twice.It’s not only you but also your friends,
    you have all encouraged me through the 1 or 2 years we have known each other. Being with you guys gives me a sense of
    warmth and I now feel I belong. You guys helped me regain my confidence.
    Thank you
    Amelia, Sofia and Elena for always being there for me.

  10. How have they shown kindness?when your class need you give them that being kind.
    What impact did that have on you?respectful.
    Do you wish you could have been kinder to them by getting to know them a little better? Yh because to be friend and they will be kind to poeple.

  11. To Samuel:
    You have been a fantastic friend from the start and the end. You made me laugh and smile wherever I was and you helped get mentally. You have been a big part of my life and I really wish the best of luck in your new school. Hope you find new friends, I really wish I could be there with you.

  12. You had the same interests and dislikes as me. You would understand me as you had the experience. You were always someone to talk to, laugh with and play with. You were kind and thought things through before you spoke. You were also someone to discuss with.

  13. This friend has shown acts of kindness by playing with me when I’m lonely, helping nursery children and teachers, we used help other teachers in lunchtimes and there are many more acts of kindness she has shown. She is kind, respectful, considerate, helpful and even more values then I could have used. This person is going to the same secondary school as I am and I know she will make friends in a blink of an eye because of her kind personality. I wish this person the very best in secondary school.

  14. To Sunnaf :
    You have shown be kindness and respect since the day I came here ,I wish this could carry on but afraid not because we are going to a different secondary school. You are sweet , kind and generous . You are one person on I always trusted . I would tell you everything like secrets ,friendship problems . This is why I wish I could keep in contact with you . I hope when you go to your new school your will keep you head up high and show them that your capable of doing anything . I wish you the best in your new school . Good luck.
    Your sincerely Zahrah M

    • Awwwww this is such a heart felt letter Zahrah. Perhaps you can keep in touch with one another over the phone or write a letter to each other? I am so glad you had the opportunity to become great friends!

  15. This friend is a girl who I have been best friends with for many years. She is kind, funny and laughs a lot. Also this girl works hard and try’s to achieve her best whenever it comes to work. She always so bright and happy and rarely ever sad. I know that this girl is going to make lots of friends in secondary school because of her unique personality.

  16. My friends are caring, loving and generous, but this friend has cared for me she’s funny and couldn’t imagine my life without her. This friend was with me when I stared nursery or reception. When I first saw her she was kind and when I first entered the reception doors I cried at first because I wanted my mum with me but then she saw me and she came up to me she asked do you want to be my best friend and I said yes. When ever I had a bad day she would always cheer me up and just make my day better and she always makes me laugh, we have had fights in the past but we forgave each other and now we’re the best of friends, we have been best best best friends for 8 years now since we stared nursery. And now we will continue our friendship forever ♾.

  17. How have they shown kindness?
    They have shown kindness by always helping me and always listening to my problems when I felt upset.
    What impact did that have on you?
    They had a big impact on me as I got to know her I got more confident . She is really crazy and funny so on my sad days she always makes me laugh .
    Do you wish you could have been kinder to them by getting to know them a little better? Yep I wish I could spend more time with her as she is one of the people that understand my problems in life . I know this girl will have one of most successful life’s and that she will have many friends in secondary . I’m also going to miss her a lot . I wish her the best and that she would have A successful life.

  18. This friend has always been there for me and made me smile. We have become closer over the years and now is one of my bff’s. She has a kind heart and a funny personality. This friend has talked to me throughout quarantine. This girl is awesome and is very funny. This girl has always been therefore me. I think that this girl is gonna have so many great friends in Secondary School and I wish her the best in life.

  19. How have they shown kindness?
    My friends are caring,helpfull,kind and friendly.I am helpfull to my friends to.I have shown this when my friend is angry 😡 or upset 😔 with someone I make them feel better.
    What impact did that have on you?
    That cheering someone can put a smile 😊 on your face and there face.
    Do you wish you could have been kinder to them by getting to know them a little better?
    I think I was very close 😔 to my friends so I don’t really need to know them a little better.

  20. This person is kind, sympathetic, helpful and so much more positive words that I could have used. During my time at BH I have always been able to talk to her about anything and she would always give me advice on what I should do. We have been able to share both funny times and stressful times yet she is always there, understanding, caring and generous. You have helped me become a better me. Even though this person is going to a different school, it doesn’t mean I don’t wish you the very best in the future.
    I have been able to share worries and concerns with this person, my craziest dreams and ambitions, exciting news and so much more. I know I don’t have to mention this person’s name as when they read it, they will know it is them. In secondary school I know that I will never find another you so thank you for being a good listener , an amazing friend and an even better person.
    I wish this person nothing but the very best in the future and I hope you achieve your most ambitious of dreams. Keep smiling, studying (but not too hard! ) and good luck ( even though you won’t need it)!!

  21. This friend is one of the nicest person I’ve ever met. She’s funny. She’s very kind. She has made me feel very happy. She’ll make me feel special. This friend always makes me feel better when she does silly things and when we’re playing a game. After school sometimes we’d play games with eachother on our devices. I wish her the best of her time there at her secondary school.

  22. This person was lovely throughout the years. We weren’t friends in
    Year 1,2,3. But then in year 4 we became friends. She was really kind and always stayed with me she’d never change her mind about me. There was never a day she said “sorry don’t wanna be with you. I wanna play with my new friend”. As you may know I was in a friend group. I was very popular in the class as well. But this person used to make me happier the happy because she would never say no to what I say. I trust her because I have told her many of my secrets. The sad thing is she is going to a different school. But the thing that would remind me of her was a bouncy ball she had given to me a year ago. I hope this person reads this message and would remind them about me. This person may know it is them. But this person was never rude or unkind to me.

    By Zara H

    • Awwww that is really lovely Zara, I remember going to a new school and leaving my best friends behind. Believe it or not I am still best friends with that friend, you can still see your friends on the weekend and holidays.

  23. This friend has shown many acts of kindness throughout the year. She is kind, considerate and the best friend you could have. She helped me become more confident in what I do. Because of her I have more belief in myself and I know I can achieve my goals if I try my best. I know I can do anything I want only if I try. She checked in on me to see if I was alright.She always knew how to make me feel wanted. This friend told me to never give up and keep on trying and you will reach your goal. That is why she is such a great friend.

  24. To Rahma
    You have shown me kindness from the day i first came to this school.
    You are kind caring and generous to others.
    If someone is feeling left out you would go up to them and make sure they are ok and if they aren’t then you would offer them to play with you and brighten up there day.
    We all know that COVID-19 is everywhere but the only thing that will help us fight this virus is if we do that together and that involves kindness and you are part of us fighting. Covid-19.
    When i first came to this school i was a bit shy but i had people to play with and you would play with me, when i feel left out, had a bad day or I’m just feeling down you would always cheer me up by smiling and playing with me.
    When you go to secondary school and are hoping to make friends you will make friends in a heartbeat.
    Your sincerely Sofia.

    • Thank you so much Sofia
      When you first came to this school I just knew that you would be a fabulous person and I wasn’t wrong. You really are a brave and caring, kind hearted person I have ever meet. It was my pleasure of helping you out in year 6.
      Don’t ever forget at the end of the day you are a amazing person. You have all ways had a funny and amazing personality and I will never forget you.

      I hope you and your family are all healthy and good and I hope you will make amazing, fun friends in your new school just like how you easy did in Broad Heath Sofia.

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