Yr3 and 4 – City of Culture Week – Focus on Culture and Festivals

Hola Clase!

This week it is City of Culture Week!

What do you think the word ‘culture’ means?

This week I would like you to complete ONE of the following tasks:

1. Research the Spanish culture and report back to me.

2. Research the Mexican Festival ‘Day of the Dead‘ ( Día de Muertos) and produce a fact-file about it. 


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  1. 1sports the la lots features world-famouse football teams such as real Madrid and Barcelona with global superstars. 2 clothing. The clothing worn in Spain feature both transitional as well as modern influences going spaniards. 3 cuisine Spanish cuisine is primarily dawn from Jewish Andalusian and Roman transition and closely resembles. 4 literature And arts Spanish literature includes all publication written in the Spanish languages by Spanish writers.