Yr6 – 14.7 – PSHE, mindfulness

Throughout this year we have focussed heavily on how we can relieve stress and be mindful of the world around us. Today we are going to focus on how we can prepare ourselves for the day, and we are going to focus on how taking a second to recentre can help us no end.

I know many of you hate my *cringey* wake up songs, but by taking that time to prepare ourselves for the day we are able to start on a positive. Below is a great video that I have found – take a moment to have a watch.

Following on, below is a great video for when you are in high stress moments.

How do you handle a high stressful situation?

Personally, I know that when I am stressed I go into overdrive – this is not the most positive way for me to react. However, if I take a moment to take a breathe and prioritise what needs completing I am able to handle such situations more easily.

Write your answer in the comments below, I have given you an example above.

59 thoughts on “Yr6 – 14.7 – PSHE, mindfulness

  1. To distress I do my favourite thing which is crafting. If I am not in the mood for it I would have a nap. I could also think what my mum and dad got me for my birthday this Saturday (I can only do this when it is close to July 18th because that’s my birthday).

  2. I would colour in my colouring books because all of the patterns sooth me and all of the colours remind me of happy thoughts when I am stressed or I would write in my journal because it lets you write you emotions out and then they are gone.

  3. I am nearly finished this work since I will be sending it in but will I miss these cringey songs and dances we used to do. They were cringey all the time yet I still for some reason enjoyed these memorable moments. Thank you for the memories you have provided me with🤗😃😆

  4. To handle stress I watch YouTube and play games with my friends
    to calm down. Sometimes I also play football because it makes me calm or I just tell them to leave me alone.

  5. I handle a stressful situation by breathing in and out several times and I think about something relax full to me. For example, I imagine I am on a beach and the sun is hot and relaxing.

  6. The way I deal with stress is I talk to myself because I understand myself the most. I sometimes eat a fruit salad pot or yoghurt. I stroke my dog as well, and he calms me down. And if none of those help reduce stress, I talk to my nephew and make him laugh. That makes me feel better all the time.

  7. How do you handle a high stressful situation?
    Me personally I don’t really get angry.If I do I don’t get that stressed out.But if I get angry I will calm down really quick I am not the type of person how gets angry over everthing.

  8. For me the best way to calm myself is probably to write everything down. Also doing some stretching, taking a nap or doodling works just as good.😁

  9. How do you handle a high stressful situation?
    I cry and scream my frustration out in a pillow and for some reason it makes me feel a lot better. Or I try doing smething I enjoy for example I sing myself sad songs.And if possible I take a lie down to help recharge my body.

  10. I handle my stress by trying to think calm or i eat something so i can be more interested in tye food instead of thinking stress. I also do some meditation or play with a stress ball or i just sleep.

  11. To handle a high stressful moment you can eat something such as chocolate or fruit to make your mood happier and calm down. You can also use a stress ball to just think and calm down.

    • What else could you do Mustafa instead of eating chocolate? Eating small quantities of chocolate is okay but what else could you do to help your well-being?

  12. I handle a stressful situation by taking a deep breath and just moving away so I can calm my mind and think about what I could do to calm the situation.

    • That’s fantastic Anya, does it help to reflect? Can you learn anything from that situation so if it happens again you can handle it better?

  13. I handle a stressful situation by moving a way from the situation and calming down by having a drink and breathing.I will sometimes talk to a trusted adult for advice on the situation or take my mind of it.

  14. I handle a stressful situation by taking deep breaths in and out which makes me able to clear my mind so that I can think about the situation in more detail and find the ideal solution.

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