Yr6 Councillors trip to “the welcome centre”


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  2. It was amazing.We met loads of other school councillors and heard their opinions on bullying and ideas for their debate.They were awesome😎It was really funny when the tall kid was against their opinions and was talking about what that said wrong😂What I enjoyed most about the trip to the welcome centre was when we had to do the debate and met other school councillors and even the head of education!!!Thank you Miss Frankish and Graham for giving us an amazing opportunity😀

  3. Thank you Daniel for being brilliant. You are a future film director in the making. You were great today and your attitude is always positive.
    Fatima it is difficult being surrounded by all boys and you held your own. You always smile, you always give and today you were superb!
    Mihir you are super, see above!

  4. I thought going to the “welcome centre” was really fun and more importantly educational as we got to observe and listen to other schools’ opinions. I especially liked the debates. Before, my perception was that the debates would be serious and formal, however it was actually really funny and I found it very amusing. I thought that the video I, Daniel and Fatimah made was absolutely brilliant. Overall, I liked all the parts of the journey. What we did at the “welcome centre” is posted on the video above.
    Thank you Graham and Mrs Frankish for providing all the YR 6 councillors with this amazing opportunity!

    • Mihir, you are a credit to the school. I am proud that you represented BH and beam when I think of hoyou have grown in confidence. You are a brilliant BH Year 6 pupil!

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