Y6 Science: Building a roller coaster ride

Rise and shine its building time!!!

Last week you collected items around your house, garden and from your daily walks, items you could use to build a roller coaster model. You also designed a plan. Well, today is the day you will implement your plans from last weeks to actually build your ROLLER COASTER!

Your roller coaster must include:
*Twists & Turns
*A minimum of one tunnel
*A minimum of one loop

You have till Thursday to complete this challenge.

Below are a range of videos to give you ideas on how to build your roller coaster models.
You do need to apply maths skills, fine motor skills and the ability to think in a systematic order.

All photos of your models and one short video showing your roller coaster in action MUST be sent to y6upload@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk

63 thoughts on “Y6 Science: Building a roller coaster ride

    • I am sure your mum may have a few cupboard boxes from cereals, breakfast bars etc which you could use to design your own roller coaster. Watch the videos on this blog to give you some inspiration Mario. Good luck.

  1. Last week i gathered all the materials that i will use for the roller coaster and i have started to work on the roller coaster it is quite tricky for the loop but i am starting to make progress!

    • Hello Humaira, it’s so lovely to hear from you. Yes please have a go at building your roller coaster and send us in a photo of your finished product.

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