Zoom meeting 8/7/2020

Hi 6 White!

On Wednesday at 12.15pm we will be hosting a zoom meeting! The link will be added on closer to the time! I hope to hear from you all :)


13 responses to “Zoom meeting 8/7/2020”

  1. Leeda D.

    Hello 👋✨👽✨❤

  2. Cosmina L.

    I wasn’t able to see the link till now and I kept trying to refresh the page until it finally appeared but now when I copy and paste the link on zoom it says the meeting link was invalid.

  3. Jack L.

    It was not allowing me to join sorry

  4. Anya D.

    The Code Doesn’t Work; It Says Invalid ID…

    1. Miss Vega

      Hi guys! No problem! I will try and fix this for next week!

  5. Hamza M.

    When are you going to send the link :)

  6. Laraib T.

    I am going to join hopefully.

  7. Sara B.

    Ok I will try and join

  8. Nargis B.

    Thanks for letting me know I might join.

  9. Ayesha G.

    Thank you so much miss, I will be sure to join.

  10. Leeda D.

    I’ll try and join.

  11. Anya D.

    Ok Miss, I can’t wait!!! :D

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