📚Zoom story time📚

Hello reception red! On Tuesday 2nd March at 2pm we will have a live story time. Please use the link below with our usual password (our class name in capital letters) to join us – this is an expectation, not an option.


7 responses to “📚Zoom story time📚”

  1. Emraan A.

    The password is not working.😔😔

  2. Evie T.

    We are trying to log on, password is not working

    Will keep trying

  3. Noah M.

    The password doesn’t open.

  4. Iqra A.

    Hello Mrs Carter this password in not working.

    1. Liyana M.

      We’ve also tried logging on but couldn’t.

    2. Mrs Carter

      Please try again, as there was an unknown issue with the link.

  5. Noah M.

    Noah is looking forward for listening to the story.
    Thank you Mrs Carter and Mrs Hameed.

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