Tag Maths challenge spring 2 2017

Year 5 Maths Challenge

Hi Year 5, This half term we are looking at our local area, I have asked you some mathematical questions based around knowledge of our local area. Bronze: How far away from Coventry is Stratford Upon Avon? If I went…

Year 3 Maths Challenge Spring 2

Bronze: If James’ peach doubles in size every 30 seconds, how big will his 8cm peach be in 4 minutes? Silver: If a Wonka chocolate bar costs 20p, how many Wonka bars can be bought with £20.00? Gold: Estimate how…

Year 4 maths challenge – Spring 2

Bronze – Write the co-ordinates for each of the images on the grid. Silver – Create the grid above and then plot each of the shapes (join as you draw). Gold – Complete the silver challenge and then state the…

Reception Maths Challenge

Gold: Write and solve as many adding and take away sums you can by using the numbers 1-15. Silver: How many different ways can you make 10. Write on paper and bring in. Bronze: Write and solve the sums below.

Year 1 Spring 2 Maths Challenge

Hi Year 1 your Spring 2 Maths challenges are as follows: Red: What is 1 more than 9? What is 1 more than 7? What is 1 more than 5? Yellow and Orange: What is 1 less than 8? What…

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