Our Governors

The governors, and members of their immediate family have no financial or personal interests, such as a relationship with a local supplier, which could be perceived as an unfair influence on the decision making process relating to official school purchases
Please get in touch with the school for contact information.

Co-Opted Governors
NamePositionCommitteeTerm of OfficeBusiness / Financial InterestsGovernance Roles in other schoolsVoting Rights
Miss Emma EyrePerformance & Standards CommitteeJan 2019 – Jan 2023None
Mrs Marie McAreeResource Management Committee
Performance & Standards Committee
Jan 2019 – Jan 2023None
Mr Roger Medwell
Vice ChairResource Management Committee
Performance Management Committee
Jan 2019 – Jan 2023NoneYes
Miss Balgiisa Sheikh AhmedPerformance & Standards Committee May 2019 – May 2023
Head Teacher Governor
Mrs Jane FrankishResource Management Committee
Performance & Standards Committee
Pupil Discipline Committee
Local Authority Governors
Cllr Abdul Khan
ChairResource Management Committee – Chair 
Performance Management Committee
Oct 2014 –
Sep 2022
Mrs Tessa RoxburghPerformance & Standards CommitteeJan 2021 – Jan 2025None
Miss Laura DewarPerformance & Standards CommitteeNone
Parent Governors
Mrs Sajeda GadatiaResource Management CommitteeMar 2022 – Mar 2026None
Mrs Samina JahangirResource Management CommitteeJul 2018 – July 2022None
Mrs Kelly Mae SavillePerformance & Standards Committee
Pupil Discipline Committee
Jan 2022 – Jan 2026None
Mr Javid Iqbal HusseinResource Management Committee
Pupil Discipline Committee
Feb 2019 – Feb 2023
Staff Governor
Mr Mitesh PatelPerformance & Standards Committee –
Resource Management Committee
Sep 2019 – Sep 2023

Declaration of Business Interests

Meetings 2021-22

Wednesday 15th June 202214:0016:00Governing Board
Thursday 26th May 202214:0016:00Resources Management Committee
Thursday 6th April 202214:0016:00Governing Board
Thursday 17th Mar 202214:0016:00Quality & Standards Committee
Thursday 17th Feb 202213:0015:00Resource Management Committee
Thursday 6th Jan 202214:0016:00Governing Board
Thursday 11th Nov 202114:0016:00Performance & Standards Committee
Thursday 7th Oct 202113:0015:00Resource Management Committee
Thursday 16th Sept 202114:0016:00Governing Board

Meetings 2020-21

Thurs 10th Sept 202014:0016:00Governing Board
Thurs 8th Oct 202014:0016:00Resource Management Committee
Thurs 5th Nov 202014:0016:00Performance & Standards Committee
Thurs 10th Dec 202014:0016:00Governing Board
Thurs 25th Feb 202114:0016:00Resource Management Committee
Thurs 18th Mar 202114:0016:00Performance & Standards Committee
Thurs 1st Apr 202114:0016:00Governing Board
Thurs 22nd Apr 202114:0016:00Resource Management Committee
Thurs 13th May 202114:0016:00Governing Board

Meetings 2019-2020

Thurs May 21st 202015:0017:00Broad Heath Primary School – Performance & Standards Committee
Thurs May 7th 202010:0012:00Broad Heath Primary School – Resource Management Committee
Monday Mar 9th 202015:0017:00Broad Heath Primary School – Performance & Standards Committee
Thurs 5th March 202015:0017:00Broad Heath Primary School – Resource Management Committee

Older meetings: