Year Group Overviews

All home learning for summer 1 will be made available on class blogs. For the majority of school days, there will be 3 daily learning blogs based on English, maths and topic/science. There will also be additional  blogs based on foundation subjects such as: PE, PSHE, Spanish etc. This will continue throughout the COVID 19 Isolation period. All work posted will be responded to by teachers and LSAs

Summer 1
Homework PlannersCurriculum Overviews
ReceptionSummer 1 PlannerReceptionSummer 1 Overview
Year 1Summer 1 PlannerYear 1Summer 1 Overview
Year 2Summer 1 PlannerYear 2Summer 1 Overview
Year 3Summer 1 PlannerYear 3Summer 1 Overview
Year 4Summer 1 PlannerYear 4Summer 1 Overview
Year 5Summer 1 PlannerYear 5Summer 1 Overview
Year 6Summer 1 PlannerYear 6Summer 1 Overview

Summer 2
Homework PlannersCurriculum Overviews
ReceptionSummer 2 PlannerReceptionSummer 2 Overview
Year 1Summer 2 PlannerYear 1Summer 2 Overview
Year 2Summer 2 PlannerYear 2Summer 2 Overview
Year 3Summer 2 PlannerYear 3Summer 2 Overview
Year 4Summer 2 PlannerYear 4Summer 2 Overview
Year 5Summer 2 PlannerYear 5Summer 2 Overview
Year 6Summer 2 PlannerYear 6Summer 2 Overview