Science Club Autumn 2

Wow, this Science Club has been explosive. We have been answering many BIG questions. Here are some of our investigations and experiments. Which way is north? To experiment to create a compass. Are bubbles always round? To create bubbles using different solutions Can colours run? Using different liquids can colours change? Can gases be explosive? […]

Tightrope making in 6W!

This week the children were tasked with designing their own tightrope structures and working as a team to create a collaborative outcome. We learnt all about our centre of balance, gravity and what it takes for an object to balance well. When looking at shapes and objects we have to consider attributes such as weight. […]

1 Red Plant Hunt

In our plant unit, we have been learning what plants need to grow, the different parts of a plant and to identify some plants. This week we learnt the difference between wild plants and plants that we grow in our homes. We walked around school and identified several wild plants and applied our previous learning […]

1Blue Sort and Group Materials

1Blue are SUPER Scientists! Last week, they described the properties of materials! Today, they sorted objects and grouped them according to what material they are made from. So much progress made by all. Keep it up children 🥳 Now it’s time for you to complete the challenge below. Have a look in your home and […]

1B Animal Visit

BH welcomed so many different types of animals this afternoon. Y1 were the lucky few to experience this first hand! What a brilliant and engaging way to learn about animals! Thank you Mrs Frankish and Miss Smith for allowing such brilliant experiences! CHALLENGECan you remember any animals that you saw today? Which animal was your […]

1Blue – Autumnal Walk 🍂

Mr Mahmood really enjoyed today’s science lesson and the children did too! The children were fantastic at finding the signs of Autumn. Please watch the video and answer the challenge 🍂 Challenge! Read the text with your adult and have a go at answering the questions related to Autumn. 🍂

1Blue Science STARS!

1Blue are learning all about seasons in their science lessons and they have been very busy answering each week’s scientific question! Week 1 What are the four seasons? What sort of clothes would you wear for each season? Week 2 What is your favourite weather? Why?

1Blue- Science Week 5

Today was the day where we answered the final scientific question of our unit, Our Senses. What a fun way to end the unit! Today’s scientific question was; Is our sense of smell better when we cannot see? Well, my little scientists answered that question today! CHALLENGE! What can you smell around your home? Expand […]

1Blue – Science Week 4

This week’s scientific question : How does my tongue help me to taste? The children tasted a variety of different foods and then identified and classified the tastes into 3 categories: Sweet, Salty and Sour. CHALLENGE! What did you have for dinner? What did it taste like? Describe the taste using an adjective and please […]

1Blue – English and Science!

It has been a very busy day in 1Blue! The children showed off their fantastic acting, speaking and role-playing skills for English. They acted out the story, Alien School! Please watch the video below to see how brilliantly they did! For Science this week, the children explored 2 scientific questions! The first question was: How […]

1Blue – Science WK2

Today, the children carried out a test. Their scientific question was; Can sound travel along a piece of string? Let’s take a look and see how they got on! The children shared that this was the best day ever! I think they had fun! Using your sense of hearing, can you share what you can […]

1Blue – Science

1Blue LOVE Science! Our Science unit for this half term is called, ’Using Our Senses.’ The children learned the names of our body parts. They also delved into human organs! Watch this video to remind yourself. Can you share something interesting that you have learnt? Have a look at the slide show below to remind […]

1Red explore Maths and Science Week

1Red have delved into yet again, another FANTASTIC project week. Miss Smith had one BIG question for us…Which boat will hold the most golden underpants (cubes)? Miss Smith linked this week to another GREAT book, Pirates Love Underpants by Clare Freedman and Ben Cort. First, the children learned about 3D shapes. They shared their thoughts […]

1Red Science

1Red love Science! Last week, the children explored their sense of touch. Today, the children have enjoyed exploring their sense of smell. Lots of smiles and laughter was shared during this lesson. I hope you enjoy the video. Can you remember what was in the 4 boxes?

1Red Explore Their Sense of Touch!

1Red turned into mini-scientists today. The children explored their sense of touch. After touching the objects, they used adjectives to describe what they felt like. To do this, they went to the science pod – it was great fun! Take a look at the video. Can you describe what you enjoyed touching? Remember to use […]

1Red Senses

This week, 1Red were introduced to their Science topic, which is all about our 5 Senses. (Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste and Touch). Today, as part of our English lesson, they have been learning to write labels and captions. (This linked beautifully to our Science learning). The children worked on speaking clearly in full sentences as […]

5 Blue Camouflage Crazy!

Today, 5 Blue have been understanding the purpose behind ‘camouflage’ as part of their Diversity of the Rainforest topic in Science Week. To do this, they conducted an investigation into the effects of camouflage and had the opportunity to produce their own camouflage tshirts in school, using a variety of materials and resources. Below are […]