1 Red St John’s House Trip

A wonderful day had by all! Our very first trip was a huge success, 1Red. 
You were all fantastic BH citizens and made the school proud with your beautiful manners. 
A special thank you to our wonderful parent helpers – you are the best!

We travelled back in time and had a reading lesson set in the Victorian times. School was very different back then, we had to pay a fee and use slate chalk boards – It was also very strict and we had to address our Victorian teacher as ‘Ma’am’😱

Next, we learnt about two very different Victorian families: The Price Family and the Mayes Family. The Price family lived a life of luxury, they had a huge Victorian mansion and had butlers, maids and nanny’s for the children. The Mayes were a working family in the Victorian era, their house was very different to the Prices.

Challenge – Can you remember the names of Victorian household objects?

Then went back in time and turned into maids. Firstly, we had to use a pump for the water and put the clean hot water in the dolly. We also made soap powder from grating soap 🧼 we had to be very careful!

What did you learn from today’s visit? 
What was your favourite part of the trip, why?

8 responses to “1 Red St John’s House Trip”

  1. Adam A.

    Adam enjoyed this trip very much 😄❤️👍thank you

  2. Yusuf A.

    I learned about Victorian times and what they did differently to us. My favourite part was when we were did the school activity, I liked using the chalk. 📝

  3. Kayla P.

    I had lots of fun on the trip. We learned about old houses and school in the Victorian days. My favourite part was grating the soap, pumping the water and washing the clothes.

    Challenge – names of Victorian household objects:

    1. Chamber pot
    2. Mangle
    3. Dolly Posser and Dolly Tub

  4. Head Teacher

    Great photos- what wonderful memories and a great learning experience.

    1. Yusuf A.

      Yes it was amazing 👏

  5. Mrs A Patel

    What a lovely learning experience you all have had!
    Well done everyone for being the best BH citizens, you all behaved really well, you all took part in all the activities that was set for you. I am proud of you all.

  6. Mrs Raja-Khan

    Your look just super in your Victorian clothing and seem to be doing an wonderful job with the cleaning!

    1. Maryum N.

      l loved cleaning The Victorianans clothes and l loved washing The Things at Jones Museum

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