Next term there will be an after school athletics. This is in preparation for the Year 3/4 virtual tournament which will take place next half term. We have selected a group of students and would like them all to attend. The dates of the club are Thursday 28th April, 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th May. The club will run until 3:55 and pickup will be at Webster Park gate. Any questions please ask.

4 Red -Ebenezer, Awais, Maryam, Kanishka, Noah

4 White – Redir, Muhammed I, Najma

4 Blue – Kitan, Jamaal, Elham, Hasbia

3 Red -Aiza

3 White – Amelia

3 Blue – Zoe, Alima

Please can all these students complete the form as soon as possible.

14 responses to “Year 3/4 Afterschool Athletics Club – Thursdays”

  1. Sumaya S.

    Can I come I will fill in the form

  2. Sumaya S.

    can i come i will do the form

  3. Bakary C.

    I’m allowed

  4. Amelia A.

    My mum said I can’t go

  5. Kanishka P.

    I have done the form

  6. Alima S.

    Can I go please?

  7. Zaynab M.

    Aw I want to go.

  8. Umar S.

    I filled in the form

  9. Aryan M.

    Why is there one for year 3 but 3 for year four.😡

  10. Hanfaa N.

    Can anyone else c9me if they want to?

    1. Hanfaa N.

      Sorry I meant come

  11. Zoe E.

    Okay im so exited

  12. Elham S.

    I have completed the form for the after school clubs on thursdays!

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