4 RED!

Hi 3J!
Today you experienced a day in 4 Red, your new classroom starting in September!
Here is a video to recap some of the fun from today.

Please answer the questions below:

1. What have you enjoyed today?
2. What is your new class mantra?

3. Have you overcome your fears about year4?
4. What is expected of you in year 4?
5. What do you need to during summer holidays to prepare yourself for year 4?


Both Miss Ahmed and Mrs Sharma have had a brilliant day learning more about you and we can’t wait to have you join 4Red after summer holidays!

20 thoughts on “4 RED!

  1. 1.I have enjoyed the handwriting practice and making the red apples
    3.yes i have.
    4.i am expectng the teachers to give us hard not easy challenges.
    5.i need to inprove my hand whether if my handwriting is neat not neat and learn more and revise.

  2. 1. I realy liked our handwriting practice and filling our red apples
    2. Ordinary into extraordinary
    3. Yes I have overcome my fears on homework
    4. Listen and behave and handwriting
    5. Learn my 12 times table practicing my handwriting

    I can’t wait to be 4 red after the summer holidays YAY!!!!!!!!!! Nadia and salma

  3. I Enjoyed the handwriting
    Transforming ordinary into extraordinary
    Yes I have overcome my fear because i thought the teacher was strict

  4. I love 4 reeeeeeeeeeeeeed it is the best class ever and I never want to change my teacher because my teacher is miss Ahmed. I predict…miss ahmed is the best teacher because her year four work is easy and I always get prizes for doing my work and having the best behaviour miss Ahmed go on I am learning i left you a message.

  5. 1.I enjoyed playing the ball game.
    3.YES I DID.
    4.The teachers to make the challenges easier.
    5.Practise my handwriting and learn my times tables up to 12.
    By Inaaya and Hamdia.

  6. I have enjoyed making the apples for 4 red.

    The class mantra is transforming ordinary into extraordinary!

    I have overcome my fear because I thought it was going to be challenging in 4 red but it was not hard at all!

    I think the teachers are expecting us to have good handwriting.

    We have to practise our handwriting and try to learn the rest of of the times tables that we don`t know.

  7. I am so glad you had a fun day and are feeling positive about joining 4 Red in Septemeber!
    Like Mr Mahmood has said you sure will be extraordinary :)
    Keep up the hard work, myself and Mrs Sharma look forward to experiencing new creative and enjoyable challenges with you ALL!

  8. I love this video soon to be Red 4! Your mantra is truly magical as you will be extraordinary with the help from 2 great Teachers: Miss Ahmed and Mrs Sharma.

  9. 1.I enjoyed making the stars.
    2.are new class mantra is transforming ordanairy into extrordanairy!!
    3.yes I have because we had so much fun that I forgot that I was even scared to be in year 4.
    4.we expect from the teachers that to give us harder challenges.
    5.I need to do neater and smaller handwriting and learn my times tables up to 12 but I know them up to 11.
    I HAD SOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cant wait to be 4RED!!

  10. My favourite thing I have done in year 4 is the circle time about yourself so teachers get to know you. Our mantra is
    Transforming ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY!

  11. 1.I liked filling our apples and I enjoyed hand writing.
    2 are class’s mantra is transforming ordinary into extraordinary.
    3. Yes I have overcome my fear because i Thought my teachers were strict.
    4.i think the teachers expect to have neat joined up hand writing

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