Well- being day in 6 blue

Today, we have had a fantastic day in 6 Blue and we have completed lots of activities to enhance our well- being. Watch the video below to see some of the exciting activities we completed today. What activity did you enjoy the most? Which school values did you use today?

This is Me week- 6 blue’s incredible art

This week we have created artwork based on ourselves. First, we created line drawings using a continuous line on a background which depicted our emotions. After these we manipulated wire and string to recreate our line drawings using different mediums. We then looked at how symbols can represent information about us and created our own […]

Citizenship week in 4 Red

This week, 4 Red have been learning about citizenship, specifically British citizenship. We have learnt about what makes a good citizen as well as the British values and why they are important. We have also created our own pieces of artwork to symbolise British citizenship using different materials.

Year 4’s fantastic poetry

4 Red have worked really hard over the past couple of weeks with their poetry topic. We have been focusing on the ‘Michael Rosen rap’. During this topic, we have learnt the rap and performed it. We have also planned, written and performed our own version of the rap. What was your favourite part of […]

Transition day

Hello 5 white, Mr Inman and I are so excited to meet you all on our transition day. Please watch the video below to find out about a little bit about us and what year 6 will be like. Are there any questions you would like to ask us? What are you looking forward to […]

4 Red’s fantastic writing.

This week 4 Red have been writing a story based on a story that we have read from another culture. The children have used lots of imagination and features that we have discussed when analysing the text. Today we completed our texts by publishing our work. We have written some fantastic stories. Please see some […]

4 Red- Art day

Today, 4 Red have created their own pieces of art work inspired by William Morris. We began our day by researching William Morris and finding out lots of fun facts about him. We then looked at the nature around and created observational drawings of the trees and leaves. Finally we learnt how to block print […]

4 Red’s history week

This week we have been learning about Sir Francis Drake, we have researched information about him and discussed what skills he would need to be an explorer. We have also created timelines of his life as well as a piece of drama about life on a ship. We located the seas and countries he visited […]

4 Red visit Bosworth

What an amazing trip to Bosworth Battle Field we had today. 4 Red gained so much from the experience. We participated in a fascinating museum tour, battle re-enactment, and were able to visit the site where the battle of Bosworth took place, check out the video below to see our Bosworth Battle experience!

4 Red show their debating skills

This week in our history lessons, we have been looking at the marriage of Henry VIII to Catherine of Aragon. The children of 4 red have taken part in a debate to decide whether Henry VIII should be allowed to divorce Catherine of Aragon. Can you remember any reasons for and against Henry VIII and […]

4 Red’s new discoveries about Henry VIII

Today, we have discussed the Tudor family tree, looking at how we arrange a family tree and key information about the lives of some Tudor monarchs. We worked in groups to complete a Tudor and Stuart family tree including the key information that we had learnt. We then learnt about primary and secondary sources and […]

4 red are learning about the Tempest

This week in 4 Red, we have began our new topic in English. We are learning about play scripts using the story of the Tempest. We started the week by understanding the story of the Tempest and looking at the key themes represented. We then sequenced the story and answered the questions about the text. […]

4 Red practise their drumming skills

Today, 4 Red began by making their own news reports in which they described the events that happened in our commonwealth games yesterday. We the discussed loneliness and what it is and how we help to stop loneliness. We then got to learn some new drum skills by taking part in ‘druma’ which involved exercise […]

4 Red have their own Commonwealth games

Today, 4 Red have had a fantastic day completing lots of different activities learning lots of new skills. We began the day by playing some tag rugby in which we learnt how to tag one another and defend our own tags. We then looked at how we can play fairly and thought about the importance […]

4 Red design their own breakfast bar

Today we have worked in groups to design our own breakfast bar. We discussed how we could make sure that our creations were healthy and thought about the ingredients we would like to include. We then created an advert persuading people to buy our new product. We thought about what we would need to include […]

4 Red explore healthy eating

This week is our health week. Today, we have looked at healthy eating and how the food we eat can affect our body. We began by discussing some questions about healthy eating and learnt some new vocabulary such as calories and balanced diet. We then explored the question “Which breakfast is the best?” and created […]

Year 4 test their flood- proof houses

This half term, year 4 have designed and created their own flood- proof houses. They have worked in groups to test different materials for absorbency and strength and have used the best materials to create their own flood- proof houses. Here are some of the flood- proof houses that we created. 4 Red: 4 White: […]

Year 4 Homework- Spring 2 Week 4

Maths: Complete the ‘time flies’ activity on Education city. English: Complete the Pitch Perfect activity, set for you, on Education City. https://go.educationcity.com/ WOW work: Create a 3D rainforest model. This can be made using recycling materials such as paper, cardboard tubes and plastic bottles. Have fun!

4 Red great geography work

This week, the children have been learning about the people who live in the Amazon rainforest. They began by researching facts about the different tribes and they then delivered presentations about them. Here are a couple of the fantastic presentations.

PE kits

The children will be completing a discrimination workshop tomorrow afternoon. As part of this workshop they will be completing sports activities, so they can therefore wear their PE kits tomorrow.

4 Red- Exploring stories with dilemmas

This week 4 Red have begun exploring stories with dilemmas. We have discussed dilemmas characters face in stories that we know and what a dilemma is. We have begun looking at a new story called ‘The great Kapok tree’. This story is about a logger (someone who cuts down trees) who is spoken to by […]

4 Red- Presentation

4 Red have been working really hard on their handwriting all week. We have shown great improvements in our presentation. Here are some words that you can use to practice your handwriting at home. Write a line of each word on a piece of paper or in your homework book using your best handwriting.

4 Red are exploring fractions

Today we have explored what a fraction is and identified different fractions. We found out that fractions show equal parts of a whole. We used several resources to find fractions and explored different ways that we can represent each fraction. We also discussed how a fraction is represented and what each number in a fraction […]


Each half term we complete a big spelling test, this tests our knowledge of many different words. These words are called common exception words. This is because these spellings do not follow a spelling rule. Below are the spellings that we test over the term. They are split into two different tests. You have been […]

Narrative poetry

This week we have been beginning to look at narrative poetry. Narrative poems tell a story using a range of figurative language. The key features of a narrative poem are that it tells a story and includes carefully chosen vocabulary. Additionally, it should follow a rhyming pattern and is separated into stanzas. How are these […]