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A message from Miss Ramsell

Some of you may be aware of my health situation, for a long time now I have been battling cancer and having intensive treatment which has been quite relentless. However, now, my excellent medical team have advised me that it’s time to stop treatment as it is of no benefit. This means my life will now be limited.

So, I am staying comfortable and looked after for as long as I can and doing all the lovely things I want to do. 

All of you at Broad Heath are in my heart and my thoughts as I always love to stay updated with what is happening through the blogs.

I have really enjoyed my time at Broad Heath and teaching here has been an absolute pleasure. It has been fantastic to meet so many wonderful families and be part of your journey.

Children you are amazing, keep pursuing your dreams and ambitions and most of all keep gaining.

Love and best wishes 

Miss Ramsell 


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  1. Hi Miss Ramsell,
    Hope and pray that you are having good days surrounded by your loved ones and doing what you desire. You have been a great help for Broad Heath. Being your student, I have lots of good memories which I will cherish in my life. You may no longer be my teacher but I will remember everything you taught us all.
    I will always remember you . God bless you.
    Thanks for being one of Ali’s best teacher’s and making Ali’s childhood memorable.
    (From Ali’s parent’s)

    • Thank you so much for this kind message
      I will always remember you too Ali and your wonderful smile! 🥰
      Thank you mum and dad too it is lovely to hear that 😊🌟

  2. Miss Ramsell,
    we were sad to hear the news. Your dedication and care have made a lasting impact on our kid lives. Your presence is greatly missed, but your legacy will live on in the hearts of our lives. Wishing you the best health and love ,Take care.

    • Thank you, so kind of you to say and it is lovely to hear I made an impact
      I know Shreya will continue to gain 🥰
      Take care ☺️🌟

  3. I’m so sad to hear this .
    May I say this that some people’s limit is not always true .
    I’ll never forget you you helped me .
    I remember that 4 years ago when I was in year 1 you held a club (after school) and you always used to put the duck song with lemonade.
    So when my little sister plays it to my little baby brother I will always remember you .
    Miss Ramsell , if you go the whole world will change .
    Miss I’ll never forget you , you enlighten me with knowledge and kindness.
    By Tipian

    • Oh Tipian what a beautiful, thoughtful message thank you for your kind words.
      What a fantastic memory I remember too 🥰 great to hear you are sharing it with your brother now
      Never stop being kind, it means a lot to people
      Take care ☺️🌟

  4. Miss Ramsell
    We are so sad to hear your news you are and always will be my prayers. Thank you everything you have done at Broadheath for staff and children. Take care thinking of you.

  5. My sister Amaal (one of your students before you left) is devastated to hear you won’t be able to return. May you have a great time with close friends and family while you can Miss Ramsell.

    • Thank you for your message
      I am having a lovely time with those I love while I can, that is important
      Enjoy the summer break now ☺️🌟

  6. Dear Miss Ramsell,
    We are so sad that you are not here at Broad Heath with us. We hope that you continue to smile and enjoy every minute doing the things you enjoy. We are sending you lots of love, kisses and hugs. Love from 2Blue x