Hello Nursery and Reception. I have heard that you have all been visiting the Library recently and enjoying it. This makes me very happy. We can all learn so much from books.

Would you like the chance to win a book of your own? We are having a competition for Nursery and Reception children this half term.

YOUR TASK: Draw a picture of your favourite character. Some examples could be: The Gruffalo, Little Red Riding Hood, Angelina Ballerina – If you’re struggling, ask your teacher for help.
CHALLENGE: For those of you wanting a challenge, write a simple sentence telling me why they are your favourite.

Please give your entry to your teacher and I will collect it. Good luck.

6 responses to “Library Competition Nursery and Reception”

  1. Kai D.

    kai has done is week 4 homework. homework uploaded on website.
    kai has done sk1 phonics tent tricks score 100%, seven seas score 100% ,ant attack score 100%, park play score 100% also read his book and practicing sound.

  2. Oscar R.

    Oscar has drew his favourite characters and wrote sentences about why he likes this book and will bring it tomorrow

  3. Adam K.

    Adam has drew his favourite character and wrote a sentence.. He will bring it in school

    1. Mrs Morris

      Wonderful! If he gives it to his teacher, I will collect it from her.

      1. Adam K.

        Okay I handed it today to his teacher

  4. Dyari-Larson F.

    I would like you draw a picture of my favourite character thanks. 😊

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