The following children have signed up and are expected for Year 2 Saturday Club tomorrow. You need to be in school, arriving though the Webster Park gate ( by the all weather pitch) ready to start by 11:00am. You do not need to wear school uniform. We will finish at 12:00pm. Any issues please let me know.

FarisYes2 Blue
EbunYes2 Blue
TasneemYes2 Blue
ElizaYes2 Blue
EsaYes2 Blue
SamiYes2 Blue
Muhammed AbulYes2 Blue
Dean-JuniorYes2 Blue
MusaYes2 Blue
AbigailYes2 Red
JebrinYes2 Red
CharisYes2 Red
AbdelrahmanYes2 Red
MyaYes2 Red
YasiinYes2 Red
YegorYes2 White
HishaamYes2 White
EbenezerYes2 White
SafaYes2 White
RanjYes2 White
YasminYes2 White
AadamYes2 White
ArjunYes2 White
IbrahimYes2 White
RexfordYes2 White

4 responses to “Saturday Club Starts Tomorrow!”

  1. Kaif B.

    Thanks for information

  2. Afreen S.

    Thank u for the information

  3. Bolu

    thank you my sister will be there

  4. Esa A.

    i am excited.

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