The Memory Cage – Chapter 9

Hello Mrs Morris’s Memory Cage group. I hope you have all managed to read Chapter 10, as we discussed. Please complete the task below:

Compare Reverend Posselthwaite’s study (page 103 ‘The room … don’t I dear?’) and Grandad’s Den (page 60 ‘In one corner … was the train set.).
How are they similar or different?
What do their rooms reveal about their characters?

Please complete this work before our session on Wednesday 19th.

One thought on “The Memory Cage – Chapter 9

  1. Reverend posselthwaite room is more tidy and neat However The other room is all messy and has snacks (Tins of biscuits) clatterd around.This tells us that Reverned posselthwaite is more tidy then grandpa.

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