Class Blogs

Growing cress in 1 Red

1 Red have been planting cress and we are experimenting with different environments for the cress to grow in.  We will be watching the plants over time to see which cress plant grows best in the different environments. We will share the results at a later date. 1. Which environment will be the best for […]

Discussion Texts: Debate ‘Should animals be kept in zoos?’

This week we have been learning about discussion texts. We posted the classes the question:“Should animals be kept in zoos?”The children have read arguments for and against in guided reading, looked at the key features of a discussion text and produced their own balanced research with the arguments for and against.Using the information the children […]

Reception update

There will be some changes to the Reception classes from next week.  All changes have been put into place to ensure the children in Reception have had the opportunity to work with a range of experienced adults whilst in Reception.  The building of resilience from an early age has a continued impact throughout  ones life. […]

Year 5 Reading Comprehension homework

Write the answers to the comprehension in your homework books.“Get a blooming move on!”Dad’s voice echoed through the tiny flat, sending shockwaves resonating through Trick Hope’s body. The thirteen-year-old lay for a moment longer, thinking about the day ahead, before swinging his legs out from beneath the covers. He shambled to his feet, scratched and […]

Fractions in year 3

This week we have been learning about fractions of amounts. Today we used sweets and Marshmallows to work out fractions of amounts. Can you solve 1/5 of 30 and 3/5 of 30? If I had 20 sweets and Mrs Zaib had 3/4 of the bag, how many sweets are going to be left in the sweet […]

Year 6 Fiver Challenge

The first day of Year 6’s Fiver Challenge and what a success! Year 6: What did you learn about business? What did you learn about customer service? What went well? What would you change for next time? Customers: What did you think? What was your favourite stall? What would like us to change for next […]

2R Non-chronological reports

The Ladybirds were able to record an informative video explaining the features you’d expect to see in a non-chronological report. The Ladybirds worked well to name these features and pointed out evidence within the text. The Ladybirds had a brilliant time recording this video and I think you will enjoy it just as much as […]

Sports Day 2018

Early Years’ Sports Day Who was the winning team? The winning team was the Red Team! Key Stage 2’s Sports Day Who was the winning team? The winning team was the Green Team! Key Stage 1’s Sports Day Who was the winning team? The winning team was the Red Team! What was your favourite activity?What […]

Plant Detectives

This week in Science 1 White have been learning the name the parts of a plant and have found out the function of each part. They found plants around the school and used them to make a collage. Then they used their gardening skills to plant vegetables…we hope they grow! We are going to remember […]

1 Blue – Plant Detectives

This half term in Science we are learning all about Plants. We have been learning about what a plant needs to grow.   In 1 Blue we have set up an experiment to see whether cress seeds will grow as well in the dark as those that are exposed to light.    1. What do […]

Fiver Challenge – watch the adverts!

Year 6 have been working really hard this week, developing their businesses, shopping for products and creating marketing materials. Watch these adverts to see what will be on offer on Thursday and at break times next week! Don’t miss out!