Urgent – parents please read

Can the parents of the following children please make contact with the school office via email. Ibrahim RB. Sandra RR. Ebnezere RB. Umar K. RR. Musa RR. Faris RR. Ebeid RW. Mya RW. Hasan RW. Yusuf RR. Jegor RB. Safa RB. Sumaya RW Ramandeep 1R. Alina 1R. Rustam 1W. Aqsaa 1B. Myiesha 1W. Delilah […]

Online Safety Guides for Parents/Carers

In these strange times, your children might be spending more time online. This is proven to have a negative effect on their social skills, their motivation, attention and makes them prone to mood swings. I urge all parents/carers to limit the amount of screen time during school closures. However, you also need to be aware […]

Check and Collect!

Mrs Frankish has added several blogs and I am afraid we still have many, many belongings left in school. We have taken the step to show photographs of the bags in the hope that you will come and collect your children’s belongings. Rooms are being deep cleaned and the items will have to be disposed […]

BH in the Community!

As school is currently closed to pupils, BH has delivered food to The Hope Centre in Hillfields CV1 5LF as it is the hub for Coventry’s Foodbank at this time. The Foodbank at Hope will be open from 11.00am-2:00pm Monday to Friday. We will keep you updated regarding the Free School Meal vouchers as we […]

Foodbank Centres will remain open

After the government announcement last night, this is just to reassure you that the foodbank centres can remain open under government guidelines. Foodbank staff and volunteers have been recognised as being key workers. Find more information about the foodbanks here:

Broad Heath School is closed

Broad Heath Primary School is now closed until further notice.  If you have any requests or needs, please post these on the blog and a member of the team will get back to you. We will continue to support you in the best way we can during these difficult times. Stay safe.

Please, please take note.

You should only send your child to school on Monday if you have to, because your work is critical to our COVID-19 response. If you are able to keep your child at home, you should. #StayHomeSaveLives — Gavin Williamson (@GavinWilliamson) March 21, 2020

Pastoral and Safeguarding

As you all know we take the wellbeing of our children and parents extremely seriously. If you need to share any matters of a safeguarding or wellbeing nature please email: We will continue to do all we can to help The Broad Heath Team

Message from the school nurses

Dear parents with school aged children, You might be inclined to create a minute by minute schedule for your kids.  You have high hopes of hours of learning, including online activities, science experiments, and book reports.  You’ll limit technology until everything is done!  But here’s the thing… Our kids are just as scared as we […]

Children’s belongings – collection

UPDATED MESSAGE 23.3.20 THESE MUST BE COLLECTED BY THE END OF TODAY. IF THESE ARE NOT COLLECTED, THEY WILL BE DISPOSED OF. Dear Parent/Carers, There are many personal belongings that children have left behind in the past few days at school. We have collected all of the bags, coats, jumpers, inhalers etc and have placed […]

Coronavirus(COVID-19) help at BH

Examples of these key workers include: Health and social care Doctors, nurses, midwives, paramedics, social workers, care workers, and other frontline health and social care staff including volunteers. Education and childcare Nursery and teaching staff, social workers and those specialist education professionals. Key public services Those essential to the running of the justice system, journalists, […]

Key Workers and Vulnerable Children!

After schools shut their gates on Friday afternoon, they will remain closed until further notice except for children of key workers and vulnerable children, as part of the country’s ongoing response to coronavirus. Examples of these workers include NHS staff, police, supermarket delivery drivers and workers looking after the vulnerable and elderly who need to […]

Further Information

School is doing everything possible to ensure vulnerable children and families are supported. All children will have work to do. They do it in their homework books. Teachers will respond to queries about it. Please collect personal items you need and any medical things you need ASAP. All PE kits and swimming bags should be […]

Thursday 19 th

Morning all, School will remain open for KEY FAMILIES ONLY. Please  can you collect PE kits and any valuables,  coming via Hanford Close. Breakfast Club will be available for key children. Work will be posted for children to do. Reception children have work to be COLLECTED. Please see their blog. Take care…

Update-Free School Meals

Please contact school by 9:00am on Thursday and Friday if you are entitled to a Free School Meal and would like to collect it from school. If you are unable to telephone school then please leave a comment on the blog with your child’s name and class. The comment will be read but not posted.You […]

Free School Meals

Message for children entitled to a FREE SCHOOL MEAL. If your child is entitled to a FREE SCHOOL MEAL and is not at school, please contact the school so we can prepare a takeaway meal. Please contact the office before 9.00am if you require a meal to be prepared. We will keep you updated regarding […]

Send a message

Hi children,   It is natural to worry but share your fears and send me a message on here and I will respond. Keep on smiling, keep on gaining and keep on being positive. You lot are brilliant. Mrs Frankish xxx Kisses for all…

Wednesday 18 th

Morning, Daily update.  School remains open. We would ask that you stay at home now if possible. We remain open for frontline staff. My staff and I are working round the clock to support.If you need anything please email us. Take care. JF

School Under Review

The PM has still stated schools should stay open as of 17/03/20. I will reiterate, if you CHOOSE TO SELF ISOLATE, then please do so. Work will not be sent until we close. To support there are challenges on the website as well as various blogs. Parents  who choose to keep their children off school […]

BH Latest March 17th

Dear Parents,   Will reiterate again- WE HAVE HAD NO CONFIRMED CASES IN SCHOOL. To ease the pressure of absent staff I am taking the following decisions: Nursery- will close as from 17th March at 3;30 pm. Reception children- if you can keep at home this would ease the situation but they CAN come in […]

Government Advice

Please stay at home if you or any member of your family is unwell.  I will update daily . I just want you to phone in if absent. School will remain open BUT if you choose to self isolate then this is not a problem. I will post daily.

UPDATE 16 th March 2020

BREAKING: No school closures yet. Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance says: “It may be necessary to think about things like school closures, but these things again need to be done at the right time in the right way.” PLEASE NOTE THIS IS WHAT WE ARE TOLD TO DO AND NOT A BH DECISION.SHOULD YOU […]

Update re: School

Dear Parents, 1R is closed as we have staffing issues. THERE ARE NO CONFIRMED CASES IN THE SCHOOL.  School remains open to all pupils and staff and 1R will open again tomorrow. If parents choose not to send in- PLEASE PHONE THE SCHOOL.   Thanks

Corona Virus Update

Dear Parents, The Corona Virus epidemic worsens. School as instructed by the Government remains open. I would ask that you follow the following: 1- If you have a fever please DO NOT COME IN 2- If you feel unwell please DO NOT COME IN 3- If any member of your family is unwell PLEASE DO […]