• A Big Thank You - I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the parents that came to my computing workshop this morning. I hope you all gained in some way and I can’t wait to see you all next week (as long as the my baby hasn’t arrived by then) to look at some really important […]
  • Code Playground - Over the next few weeks, I will be adding video tutorials that will teach you to become MASTER CODERS!!! Each day you will learn new things and build upon the skills you have acquired. These tasks are mainly aimed at Years 4-6, but anyone can have a go and follow the step-by-step guides.
  • Comment on Digital Artists - Below are some examples of digital art by a selection of artists. They have used digital software to produce the images, but have used the same artistic skills as traditional artists have. Look through the artists and comment on your favourite. Why is it your favourite? Can you research some information about the artist? Bram […]
  • Controls on Shared Devices -
  • Fortnite Advice - It has come to our attention that lots of children in Broad Heath are playing the game Fortnite.This game is a 12+ and is not appropriate for any children in the school. There are many reasons why, which are listed in the poster below. Please read and think about the advice given. Please also visit […]
  • Free Apple coding, music & video sessions  - In-store activities aimed at kids aged 8-12yrs From time to time, Apple invites kids aged 8-12yrs to sign up for free workshops at its UK stores. Registration for 2018 opened on Mon 25 Jun, and spaces are limited (it’s first-come, first-served), so you may have to go quick. If you miss out, see 100+ other kids’ activities. You’ll […]
  • Getting your child an electronic device? - If you are thinking of getting or already have got your child an electronic device, test out your knowledge of how safe it is. There is also a chance to get a letter from SANTA! Nice Devise List
  • Help Children Stay Safe Online - If you are worried about keeping your children safe online during lockdown, please have a look at this website. There are activity packs for each primary age group. These will give you something to do that is meaningful.
  • How to scan Documents on Apple devices - If you want to scan your children’s work to upload it and you have an Apple device, you have a built in scanner. Here is a video explaining how and also a written explanation if needed. If you have an Android phone, you might find this app works in the same way for you.
  • ICT After School Club-Learning Journey - Have you signed up to ICT Club? Well continue reading to find out about the exciting opportunities you and other members of the club will face! Parents: Here is a brief summary of what your child will learn and gain from this club. Please check the blog weekly to see some evidence posted on the blogs […]

At Broad Heath, Computing skills are integrated into our enriching curriculum. Computing skills are used within lessons to support the learning and enable the children to make better progress. The skills the children develop through Computing lessons are then applied and used across the curriculum in a variety of ways. Press the link to see some examples of the work children across the school have done this year.

Cross curricular use of Computing skills