• Animation

    At Broad Heath, we give the children time to develop animation skills. When children are learning about the skills required to animate using physical and digital resources, they are also developing their communication, teamwork and concentration skills.

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  • Coding

    With it being so important for children’s future opportunities, we try to give children time to code and program. Children are encouraged to experiment with a range of coding languages and to debug errors themselves. We run a programming club alongside our curriculum to increase interest and awareness of an important 21st century skill. In Programming club, children are given fun and exciting ways to learn to code. Minecraft is extremely popular as you can see!

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  • Developing Speaking and Listening

    At Broad Heath, children use computing skills to enrich their learning and experiences in lots of different ways. By doing this, it not only gives the children a different experience, it also allows them to share their work with friends, family and peers to reinforce the learning. Below are some examples of the wonderful things the children have done.

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  • Computing @ Broad Heath Portfolio

    Click the picture below to access the Computing Portfolio:

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  • Today is Safer Internet Day, when we all work together for a safer internet experience! The internet is a fantastic tool which we use and rely on daily. However, if we don’t stay safe, it can become an unpleasant experience for some. Test your knowledge on staying happy and safe whilst using the internet, by taking part in our ‘Who wants to be a safer internet millionaire,’ game below! Stop the video when you see the pause sign so that you have time to carefully read the question. Have fun! How can you stay safe on the internet?

  • Today 4W were faced with given a challenge during their science lesson. Watch the video below to find out what it was. The children conducted an experiment to find out what was the best insulator for Mr Patel’s iced tea and Mrs Frankish’s coffee. Below are some of their findings: What is an insulator? What is a conductor? Why do you think the foil was the best insulator?

  • In this week’s computing lesson, we explored spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel. We started by inputting data and then created bra graphs and pie charts to represent the information. You did an amazing job year 4, well done! What is a spreadsheet and why might we use it? What are the rectangular boxes on the spreadsheet grid called? What cells are coloured in on the spreadsheet above?

At Broad Heath, Computing skills are integrated into our enriching curriculum. Computing skills are used within lessons to support the learning and enable the children to make better progress. The skills the children develop through Computing lessons are then applied and used across the curriculum in a variety of ways. Press the link to see some examples of the work children across the school have done this year.

Cross curricular use of Computing skills

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