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Health Week 2018

Health Week @ Broad Heath What did you think of Health Week?Did you learn something new? If so, what was it?

Summer 2 2018 Brick Wall Reward

The reward or should I say rewards for Summer 2 are (drum roll please): Choice 1-A swim party Choice 2- The bouncy castle Choice 3- The bikes You can choose any one or more of the choices mentioned if you and your class win the Brick Wall.  Remember teamwork always pays dividends! Good Luck!

Year 3 Summer 2 Reading challenge

Hi Year 3, your reading challenge this half term is to read the following poem and have a go at the challenges.  The School Kid’s Rap by John Foster Miss was at the blackboard writing with her chalk When suddenly she stopgped in the middle of her talk She snapped her fingers, snap! snap! snap! […]

Thank You from Year 1!

A huge thank you to those of you who have already donated jewellery to Year 1! We have had lots of donations already.  Please keep them coming!!!   Remember you can donate any unwanted jewellery to Year 1 to help us get ready for the school Summer Fair. You can also donate any unwanted scarfs […]

3 White- Health Week

What a fantastic week we have had! We have learnt all about smoking and why it is extremely bad for our bodies! Explain why smoking is bad for you. List 3 effects it has on your body. What have you learnt about the lungs? How does physical exercise effect our lungs? What have you enjoyed […]

3 White’s smoking investigation

As a class, we carried out a science experiment to help us to understand the effects of smoking Please watch our video:  We all agree that smoking is a bad habit that we do not want to do.Can you explain what we found out from our experiment?What did the bottle represent?What are the effects of […]

Can you help Year 1?

Do you have any unwanted jewellery at home? Year 1 are running a jewellery stall for the school Summer Fair and we are after any unwanted jewellery you may have that we can reuse and potentially use to make new piece of jewellery. Please ask for permission before bringing anything into school!  Send any jewellery […]

School Nurse Visit

This morning, year 3 had a visit from a team of school nurses. They spoke to us about daily sugar intake, different types of sugar and how much sugar breakfast cereal contains. Watch the video below to find out more! CHALLENGE How many cubes of sugar should we have a day? Is there more sugar […]

Yr 3/4 Quad Kids

On Friday 11th May 15 pupils from year 4 were selected to represent the school in an athletics event called Quad Kids. Pupils were competing for points and strived to achieve their PB (Personal Best), in 4 events. 400m Long Jump 60m Sprint Javelin Please watch the video to see how we did…

3 White Smoking playscripts

The children have worked in teams to create a short play script about smoking. After writing their group script, they rehearsed and filmed their own mini plays. Orange group Blue group Yellow group Green group Red group What can you learn from these videos? What have the children done well? How could they be improved?

Broad Heath Weekly – Summer 1

Broad Heath Weekly is where the children choose who deserves to be in the spotlight and explain their reasons why.

Science Club Skills Academy

Another fantastic Science Skills Academy group has come to an end. Here are some of the exciting things we got up to… What did you enjoy most about Science club? Tell me about your favourite investigation…

SUMMER 2 – After School Clubs

Summer 2 clubs will run from 11th June – 12th July. Remember there are two sports clubs after school, one delivered by Coventry Blaze and the other Delivered by Mr Elliott. Please ask your teacher for a Coventry Blaze club letter.   The Coventry Blaze Clubs for the Summer 2 term are as follows: MONDAYS – […]

FIFA World Cup – Sweepstake

Today the school took part in a FIFA World Cup Sweeptstake. The 32 teams have been picked out of a hat and if your team win the World Cup your class will win a prize. Remember, there will be a special prize for the pupil who can produce the best piece of homework with the […]

Multiplication and Division

This week in Maths we have been looking at division. We have also been using our multiplication facts to help us solve a range of division problems. I have set a 3, 4 and 8 multiplication and division game on Purple Mash to help us further in our learning. CHALLENGE 48÷8=          […]

Animation Club Films

Here are some examples of animations that the children completed during their skills academy clubs. Tell us what you think of them.

Charity results!

Firstly we want to say a massive thank-you from everyone in 3 Red to all of the children who helped support our charity collection this week. We couldn’t have done it without you and together we managed to raise a whopping £53.90 so well done! Now to finally announce your winners (drum roll please), well […]

Broad Heath Citizens of the Week – Summer 1 Week 5

Citizen of the Week for Summer 1 Week 5

3 White’s Roman day!

What a fantastic day we have had in 3 White! We have been so impressed at the effort everybody put into dressing up as a Roman so well done! Today we have been extremely busy making mosaics, researching the Romans, solving problems with Roman numerals, performing in a gladiator fight, tasting Roman foods and empathising […]

Glass Guardians Competition

Do you have a recycling bin at home? Where does the recycling go? Why do we collect it? Do you think you could recycle more? What can be recycled? ALL of these things can be recycled.  They are all used for packaging. We need packaging to keep things clean, to transport them efficiently and stop […]