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Health Week 2018

Health Week @ Broad Heath What did you think of Health Week?Did you learn something new? If so, what was it?

Summer 2 2018 Brick Wall Reward

The reward or should I say rewards for Summer 2 are (drum roll please): Choice 1-A swim party Choice 2- The bouncy castle Choice 3- The bikes You can choose any one or more of the choices mentioned if you and your class win the Brick Wall.  Remember teamwork always pays dividends! Good Luck!

Thank You from Year 1!

A huge thank you to those of you who have already donated jewellery to Year 1! We have had lots of donations already.  Please keep them coming!!!   Remember you can donate any unwanted jewellery to Year 1 to help us get ready for the school Summer Fair. You can also donate any unwanted scarfs […]

Buenos Dias

Good Morning from Madrid! We’ve been on a bus this morning and travelled to Templo de Debod. We’re just having a drink in the cafe before our picnic and a visit to the Royal Palace. We’re also celebrating Lataya’s birthday today!!! We’ll post a video later and we can’t wait to see you all tomorrow. […]

Can you help Year 1?

Do you have any unwanted jewellery at home? Year 1 are running a jewellery stall for the school Summer Fair and we are after any unwanted jewellery you may have that we can reuse and potentially use to make new piece of jewellery. Please ask for permission before bringing anything into school!  Send any jewellery […]

Today in Madrid

Good evening We have had a wonderful day in Madrid. We visited Parque del Buen Retiro this morning. We had ice cream, a play, a picnic and a boat trip.   This afternoon we went to the Reina Sofia art gallery and saw some work by Picasso and Miro. This evening we walked to our restaurant […]

Health Week

This week we have been focusing on mental health and bullying. We started the week by labelling parts of the brain. We looked at the features and what the parts of the brain do.  We found that our brain has many happy chemicals and different ways in which we can promote them. What ways do […]

Year 5 Summer 2 Spellings

CROCODILES GROUP Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Silent/Unusual Letters Unstressed Vowels Suffixes(-cious/-tious) (-cial/-tial) Suffixes Revision seizure vegetable conscious hesitant pronunciation environment miserable fictitious hesitancy mischievous Wednesday geography ambitious hesitation necessary raspberry dictionary artificial transfer muscle column marvellous official transferring restaurant government medicine malicious transference prejudice handkerchief original confidential transferred parliament […]

Broad Heath Weekly – Summer 1

Broad Heath Weekly is where the children choose who deserves to be in the spotlight and explain their reasons why.

Science Club Skills Academy

Another fantastic Science Skills Academy group has come to an end. Here are some of the exciting things we got up to… What did you enjoy most about Science club? Tell me about your favourite investigation…