1Blue – Incredible Noah!

1Blue have 30 superstars, but this week, Noah (Dolinson) has gone above and beyond with his AMAZING wow homework! No-No created a diorama of the countryside. You are one in a million, Noah. I am SO proud of you!

7 responses to “1Blue – Incredible Noah!”

  1. Noah M.

    Thank you Duaa 🌼.

  2. Duaa A.

    Fantastic 👏

  3. Noah M.

    Thank you Mr Mahmood.I try my best to be incredible even in sports. 😃

  4. Mrs Sharif

    You put a lot of effort into your homework, and it shows. Keep up the good work Noah !

    1. Noah M.

      Thank you Mrs Sharif.

  5. Mrs A Patel

    What a beautiful homework, I am proud of you superstar Noah!

    1. Noah M.

      Thank you Mrs Patel.

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