Victorian Day in 2Blue

2Blue were transported back in time to the Victorian Days! We have had a great time – memories have been made for life! Please enjoy the video below and answer the questions below to test your understanding. 1) We learnt about the famous Author who wrote Oliver Twist. What is his name?2) A poor child […]

2Blue STAR Spellers!

Well done to these STAR Spellers who achieved a grand score of 10! Not as many as I hoped for, so let’s all practise Week 4 spellings, please.Additionally, please remember that Thursday 1st December is Victorian Day. Please see Mr Carter’s blog post. Thank you and have a lovely weekend.

2Blue are Engineers!

Isambard Kingdom Brunel would be proud of 2Blue! They became Engineers by working together to create a suspension bridge. They did amazingly well! How did Brunel’s engineering help people? What did he make?

2Blue Investigate Materials!

Mummy Bear had a very stressful day because Goldilocks entered her home without permission. Mummy Bear wanted to make a cup of delicious, hot tea to relax but she did not have any teabags! In her kitchen, she found some; foil, grease-proof paper, toilet paper and a kitchen towel so the children tested these materials […]

Maths Week in 2Blue!

Four Zones, 29 children…can they win the crystals?Zones: Greece, Egypt, India and China.Challenges: Physical, Practical, Mystery, Skill.Let’s unfold the week…   Tuesday – Greece Wednesday – Egypt Thursday – India Friday- China What have you learned this week?

2Blue – Art Around The World Week

Monday Today, the children delved into all things India! Initially, they located India on a globe, then they labelled the seven continents on a map, and located India and England. After a while, the children explored the ‘Dhol’. They even had a go at playing a drum too. In the afternoon, the children enjoyed creating […]

2Blue – Making a Healthy Sandwich!

As part of Design Technology, the children followed their designs to make a healthy, delicious sandwich. The children followed instructions to make it and they also LOVED eating their creations. What a great day! If you made another sandwich, what filling would you use and why?

2Blue Learn About Hygiene!

What a fantastic science afternoon 2Blue have had! The children delved into all things hygiene and bacteria! They loved experimenting how easily germs are transferred and what we can do to avoid becoming ill. They took part in a potato investigation too, we cannot wait to see the changes to them next week! The Ladybirds […]

Y2 PSHE – Rules and Emotions

As part of PSHE, this afternoon, the children showed a good understanding of our school rules. We then focused on Rule #1 – Stop, Look and Listen please. The children drew a picture of what that rule means to them. After that, the children discussed emotions, focussing on anger. The children shared different strategies to […]

2Blue Exercise!

This afternoon, 2Blue worked very hard to gather and record data. They then explained the effects of exercise on our bodies. Have a read of the information below to recap your new learning. Why should we exercise?

Year 2 Holland Day!

Hallo!Today we have been learning about Holland, The Netherlands as part of European Day of Languages!After a discussion at the start of the day, it was clear that we had limited knowledge of Holland so we have made lots of progress today! To start the day off, the children introduced themselves in Dutch! The children […]

2Blue Role-Play

This morning, 2Blue role-played the story, The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. They all did a magnificent job! In a sentence, how would you feel if the pesky, greedy seagulls ate your lunch? Why?

2Blue visit Weston!

What a glorious day! 2Blue LOVED their day out at the seaside. Weston-Super-Mare, thank you for the memories! What did you enjoy most about today? Can you remember any human and physical features that you saw?

Y2 PSHE – Welcoming Others

As part of PSHE, this afternoon, the children shared how to make others feel welcome in a new situation. They shared that they could play a game, say hello, ask questions, but most importantly, to smile (which they did very well!) The children then shared how they say hello in their very own language. What […]