Y1 Swimming WEDNESDAY- Updated

Hi Year 1, On Wednesday 20th, we will be going swimming. Please can children bring a bag with their towel and swimwear. Children with long hair must bring a swimming hat and have their hair tied back. These can remain in school till Wednesday. Additionally, please can you send in a plastic bag for the […]

Our Year in 1Blue 📽

I cannot believe the academic year is nearly over 1Blue! You are all incredible, amazing, talented, tenacious, creative, and hard working children. I have LOVED being your teacher this year, and I feel privileged to have taught you. I have created three videos for you all to view. We have experienced so many things together […]

1Blue Well-Being Day

1Blue have had a wonderful well-being day today. The children have worked as part of a team to complete the many puzzles at their tables. After that, the children shared what they were brilliant at and how resilience has helped them this year. They also created a ‘thank you’ card for someone who was special […]

1Blue Observe Plants!

1Blue are Certified Plant Experts! This half term, my super scientists have learnt all things plants! So much progress has been made this term in Science. I am incredibly proud! What have you enjoyed learning in Science?

1Blue Homework – Summer 2

Hello 1Blue. Here is your homework for Summer 2. Please make sure you complete 2 activities. Please can you send in homework books by Tuesday each week, so we can give your child personalised homework to ensure rapid progress. Education City link: https://go.educationcity.com Reading challenge Maths Challenge Do you want to be a superstar speller? […]

1Blue Are Safari MAD!

1Blue have had a GREAT day out! We visited West Midlands Safari Park! What an incredible day it was! Thank you Mrs Frankish, Miss Smith and Mrs Raja-Khan for arranging this day – we will remember it forever. Thank you to our lovely parent helpers, too! Can you retell the trip using time words?In the […]


Hi Parents. On Thursday 7th July we will be going on a trip to West Midlands Safari Park. We are very excited to get out and about! Lunches will be provided but please send an additional bottle of water. If you normally have a lunchbox, please bring your lunch in a plastic bag. We will […]

1Red Are Y2 Ready!

What a lovely day Miss Bhangu and I have had with you, 1Red! I can tell that you are definitely ready for Y2. We cannot wait to work with you all in September. What are you most looking forward to in Y2? Comment below.

1Blue Hunt For Trees!

1Blue are Certified Tree Hunters! This afternoon, my super scientists explored the grounds of our spectacular school to compare evergreen and deciduous trees! Who can remind me what these words mean? Can you sort these pictures into evergreen and deciduous? Comment your answer below :)

1Blue are Wild Plant Hunters!

1Blue are Certified Wild Plant Hunters! This afternoon, my super scientists explored the grounds of our spectacular school and found lots of wild plants! Do you have any wild flowers growing in your gardens? Have a look below and tick off what you see.


Y1 became Art Builders today! They have created artwork in the style of Japanese Artist, Yayoi Kusama. She is famous for her polka dot creations. The children used newspaper to create apples for our apple orchard display. After that, they added polka dots to them! In 1Blue, the children created polka dot leaves and a […]

1B Plant a Seed!

This afternoon, my superSTARS planted a seed! They used soil, a cup and some seeds. After following each step carefully, the children watered their seeds. We cannot wait to see what happens next! What does a plant need to grow healthily? Comment below to earn yourself a peg!

Y1 – We Need Your Help!

Hello, my Y1 superstars! We need your help. Next Friday is Art Day! To help us create wonderful pieces of Art, we need you to bring in some: cardboard boxes, kitchen/ toilet rolls, bottle caps, egg cartons, empty crisp packets, lots of old newspapers and some straws. Please bring these when you can during the […]

1Blue – Friday Poetry and Art

This half term, in English, the children will be learning to write a poem in the shape of a flower. The children read 5 different shape poems and then shared which ones they liked most. This half term, in Art, the children will be learning about the American Artist, Georgia O’Keeffe. This afternoon, the children […]

1Blue are Geographers!

This afternoon, the children started their new unit in Geography. It is called ’City and Country.’ Firstly, the children used a globe to locate the UK. After that, they used atlases to delve deeper and to gain more information about our country. Can you comment which four countries make up the UK?

1Blue are Plant Detectives!

This half term, 1Blue are ’Plant Detectives’. Today, the children propagated a bean, and over -time, they will see the changes! After that, they identified the different parts of a plant and were able to label these correctly. Challenge: Can you label these parts of a flower? Key words: Flower, Leaf, Stem, Root.

1Blue Visit a Church!

1Blue love visiting religious places! This year, the children have visited a Mosque, a Temple and now, a Church! How brilliant is that!? This afternoon, the children walked to St Elizabeth Church. Miss Ostick was simply brilliant at sharing her vast knowledge with us all – what a lovely experience! Please enjoy the video below. […]

1Blue – History Week

Firstly, welcome back 1Blue!This week, 1Blue will be learning about Queen Elizabeth. The children understood why Queen Elizabeth is a significant person. They also learned Her Majesty’s history by creating a timeline of events throughout her life. After that, to celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the children created a ‘Red Arrow’ jet by folding card […]

1B Celebrate Jubilee Day!

The Queen has devoted her life to public service for 70 years! Today, 1Blue celebrate The Queen for simply being the BEST! Today, 1Blue learned lots about Her Majesty, The Queen. Because my little superstars are brilliant artists, they used line and watercolours to draw and paint a portrait of The Queen. They would fit […]

1Blue Well-Being Day

1Blue have had a wonderful well-being day today. The children have developed an understanding of our school grounds and how to keep our area clean and beautiful. The children shared how to recycle and made a lovely booklet to show their creativity♻️. Mrs Janjua, you are simply the BEST! The children LOVED working with you. […]