Mr Mahmood

Mr Mahmood

2B’s Moving Vehicles!

The children created their moving vehicles after looking at their designs. Fantastic effort everyone! If you could change some things about your creation, what would it be?

2Blue Plan a Sequel!

The children LOVED the book, Fantastic Mr Fox that they planned their very own sequel! Take a look at a snippet of the children’s excellence. What was your favourite part of the book? Why?

2Blue Make a Shelter!

After designing a warm, waterproof and strong shelter for Mr Fox, the children made them using a range of materials. What a fantastic effort everyone! If you could change something from your den, what would you change, why?

Y2 – PSHE – Our BH Community!

What a lovely afternoon Y2 have had! The children shared how they could possibly improve an already AMAZING school. Fantastic suggestions, Y2! CHALLENGE : If you could share an improvement for the school grounds for your school councillors, what would…

History – VE Day in 2Blue

This afternoon, the children loved learning about why we celebrate VE (Victory of Europe) Day. The children took part in baking carrot cookies, creating mini-bunting using triangles and answering questions! CHALLENGE: What is the name of the Prime Minister during…

2B Explore Historical Coventry!

2Blue launched their new History unit ‘History of Coventry’ with a trip around Historical Coventry. They explored the many famous landmarks we have and shared so much knowledge! Please see the video and answer the challenge below. CHALLENGE: Which landmark…

2B – Volume and Capacity!

What a brilliant week of maths 2Blue have had! The children LOVED exploring Capacity and Volume, enjoying the practical activities and challenges! What did you enjoy most and what have you learned?

2B – National Science Day!

Our Big Question: How does temperature affect us? What a thrilling day of Science we have had! Firstly, did you know that the children in 2Blue are such brilliant scientists? Watch the video to see what they got up to…

2B Make a DISGUSTING Sandwich!

2Blue followed verbal instructions to make their very own DISGUSTING sandwich! Take a look at what they created! CHALLENGE: What did your disgusting sandwich have on it? Use expanded noun phrases to describe it, please.

Well-Being Day in Y2!

What a FANTASTIC Well-Being Day we have had in Y2! Leave us a comment explaining what you enjoyed taking part in and what new skills you have gained today. With Mr Carter, the children enjoyed taking part in a Tanzii…

2Blue Make Banana Milkshake!

For English today, the children gave clear verbal instructions on how to make a banana milkshake. CHALLENGE: Can you tell me how your milkshake tasted using exciting adjectives and can you suggest any improvements to our recipe? STAR Spellers!

2Blue – World Book Day

Another brilliant day in 2Blue! Firstly, you all looked AMAZING in your costumes! Thank you parents for your ongoing support. The children thoroughly enjoyed the book ‘Pirate Pete’. They learned new vocabulary from the book using a dictionary to define…

2B Explore Plants!

CHALLENGEWhat does a flower need to grow healthily? Today, 2Blue were introduced to their new Science unit, Apprentice Gardener. In science, the children will learn all about plants! Today they explored different seeds and shared their thoughts on a number…

2Blue Give Verbal Instructions!

What a wonderful day we have had in 2Blue! The children delved into their new English unit, Instructions. To understand what instructions are, the children gave each other verbal instructions through ‘Simon Says’. We had SO much fun! Challenge: Why…

Y2 PSHE – Making Honest Choices

Y2 will learn to make good choices this half term. Ladybirds, Spiders and Bees answered two scenarios and explained if they were a poor or good choice. Butterflies and Caterpillars shared their answers through circle time. In the comments below,…

Performance Week in 2Blue!

This week for Performance Week, the children will be sharing their talents. Watch this space as there will be new videos throughout the week! From telling homophone jokes, creating art on toast, rapping nursery rhymes, drawing and improving a joke…

Y2 – PHSE – Our Favourite Things!

Y2 will learn to make good choices in Spring 2, so here is a sneak peek of what their favourite things are. In the comments below, share your favourite subject, sport, food and tv show. Explain why using the conjunction…

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