1Red – How To Make A Diva 🪔

Today for English, the children began their new learning journey for Autumn 2. To start off, the children had to follow verbal instructions to make a diva lamp. The children were fantastic at following these instructions and made some lovely divas. They will be decorating these later in the week so watch this space! Can […]

1Red explore Maths and Science Week

1Red have delved into yet again, another FANTASTIC project week. Miss Smith had one BIG question for us…Which boat will hold the most golden underpants (cubes)? Miss Smith linked this week to another GREAT book, Pirates Love Underpants by Clare Freedman and Ben Cort. First, the children learned about 3D shapes. They shared their thoughts […]

1Red India Week!

Art Around The World Week Nek Chand. What an amazing man he was! The children have loved learning about this very talented sculptor. Nek Chand created ‘The Rock Gardens of Chandigarh, India.’ Please see his creations below. The children themselves became mini designers and sculptors. The children produced lots of wonderful work! Please share what […]

1Red Art Around The World Week!

Today has been a great start to a rather interesting week. This week, we are learning about a super sculptor called Nek Chand. Nek created ‘The Rock Gardens’ in Chandigarh, India. For Geography, the children enjoyed learning and naming the 7 continents. They even located India and England on the world map! How super are […]

Year 1R Well-Being Day

What a great day! The children have loved taking part in today’s activities and even shared a few thoughts…“I love well-being day.” “Today is the best day ever!”What did you love doing today? Share a comment below. Creating Picasso inspired portraits using natural items in the forest area and going on a ‘Go Find It’ […]

1Red are Mini- Mathematicians!

Today the children have enjoyed using lots of concrete resources to support their learning in Maths. The children found lots of different ways to add using: beads, tens trains, counters, iPads and cubes. They are becoming very confident adding two numbers together using the + symbol. Keep up the great work, children!

1Red are Maths Crazy!

1Red LOVE maths! The children have loved using a range of resources in their maths lessons to support their learning. They are becoming confident using these resources and are able to explain what they are doing. You are making me so proud, 1Red. Keep up the GREAT work! What have you enjoyed learning or indeed […]

1R Star Spellers Week 5

1Red are just FANTASTIC! Today we celebrate 19 star spellers. Ranj achieved a score of 9 and Ebnezere scored 8. Such fantastic scores!Next week is the last week for spelling so keep practising. Can we get more star spellers next week?

1Red are Data Collectors!

Our Topic is all about, Our Spectacular School! This week, the Aliens sent another question! Alien Question 5 – Are there any trees we can tie our spaceships to? The children estimated how many trees they thought we had around our school. After estimating, they enjoyed walking around the school grounds to count the amount […]

1Red Homework Gallery

1Red are not only superstars in school, they are super learners at home too! Look at the fantastic examples of homework completed by my superstars. I hope to see more pictures from you all, 1Red.

1R Blue Group Role-Play

This morning, our Brilliant Blue’s role-played a story they have been learning during their guided reading sessions. I think they were brilliant! What do you think? What did Black Hat Bob use to catch the fish? How do you think he felt when he caught a smelly, wet sock?

Year 1 Alien Day

BH turned into Alien School today! We had 90 mini-aliens join us in Year 1. What an extraterrestrial experience we had! We had so much fun – take a look at the videos and pictures. We made Playdoh Aliens with Mrs Hameed! What did you love about Alien Day? Comment your answer in a full […]

1Red verbally re-tell ‘Alien School’

Mrs Mattu and I are incredibly proud of 1Red. In only 3 weeks, the children have made SO much progress! Today, for English, they verbally re-told the story, ‘Welcome to Alien School.’ Please watch the video and share what your favourite part of the story was.

1Red Science

1Red love Science! Last week, the children explored their sense of touch. Today, the children have enjoyed exploring their sense of smell. Lots of smiles and laughter was shared during this lesson. I hope you enjoy the video. Can you remember what was in the 4 boxes?

1Red Role-Play

In English, the children have started a new learning journey. For the next 3 weeks, they will focus on a story from a fantasy world. What’s better than to link our book from our Geography topic with English? They have enjoyed role playing the book, Alien School. They had so much fun and gained a […]

1Red Explore Their Sense of Touch!

1Red turned into mini-scientists today. The children explored their sense of touch. After touching the objects, they used adjectives to describe what they felt like. To do this, they went to the science pod – it was great fun! Take a look at the video. Can you describe what you enjoyed touching? Remember to use […]

1Red Homework Week 1

Hi 1Red. When you send me pictures of your super homework, I will upload the pictures to this blog page. Here are some examples of homework I have already received. Remember to complete your homework if you haven’t already. (Thank you parents for your support). Well done to Tinuola, Aadam, Hamida, Ibrahim, Hishaam, Haroon, Rexford, […]

Well-Being time in 1R

Circle time is very important. It gives everyone the opportunity to share their thoughts without being spoken over. To make things fair, the children could only speak if they were holding Teddy. The children showed their classmates respect – well done, I am very proud! What did you enjoy taking part in this week? Comment […]

1Red Our Spectacular School (Topic)

Our Spectacular School is our Geography topic for this half term. I had the pleasure of reading a great book called, Alien School. The children found lots of differences between the two schools. The children saw some CCTV footage of an Alien Spaceship hovering over Broad Heath. We had to find out why they visited. […]

1Red Senses

This week, 1Red were introduced to their Science topic, which is all about our 5 Senses. (Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste and Touch). Today, as part of our English lesson, they have been learning to write labels and captions. (This linked beautifully to our Science learning). The children worked on speaking clearly in full sentences as […]

Art & Book Week in 1Red!

Hi 1Red. I hope you have had a great first week back to school after a very long 6 months! I definitely have. This week was very special. Not only did you meet your friends, you also took part in Art and Book Week. Our special book was called, Look Up! Written by Nathan Bryon […]

Reception – Coventry Week – Maths 16/07/20

Hi Reception! I hope you are enjoying this week’s learning. Today, you will be learning how to record data using a tally chart. I have uploaded a flip chart below, discuss what you see with your amazing parent/ adult. After that, complete the task 😁 For your task, I would like you to observe the […]