RW travel to Mars! 🚀

Mars to BH…RW have safely reached this amazing, red planet named Mars. There’s not much here but there are lots of weird looking beings called Martians?? This week has truly been ‘Out of this world!’ The children have enjoyed another amazing book called, ‘Marshmallows for Martians.’ How did George fly to Mars? What did he […]

Is there ‘Room on the Broom’ for RW?

RW have had so much fun this week! ‘Room on the Broom’ was our book of the week! What is the name of the Author and Illustator? Did you enjoy this book? If so, what was your favourite part? This week was full of magic and wonder…have a look and see for yourself. Remember, you […]

A great first week back for RW!

Well, what can I say? It has truly been a magnificent week. One which the children have shown great teamwork and resilience. When the children made a mistake, they didn’t give up. They worked even harder! This week we have been learning about, ‘The Gruffalo!’ A truly fascinating book! Can you tell me the name […]

RW – Christmas in the UK 🇬🇧

RW have been so busy this week. As it’s project week, having fun was natural! RW learned all about Christmas in the UK. We started the week of by discussing what Christmas is. Then we located the UK on a world map! After our amazing assembly, it was natural to bring back the wonderful memories! […]

RW-Green and Blue Group share some knowledge!

This week is Project Week! We are focussing on Christmas in the UK. Today, the children looked at the world map and worked as a group to locate the UK. They then discussed which other countries celebrate Christmas and even had a go at locating those countries! What stars! 🌟 Blue Group share some knowledge […]

Reception Shoebox Appeal

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This year, Reception are hoping to donate a shoebox full of necessities to the homeless in time for Christmas.🎄 Join our appeal and give however you can. If you do, please consider the following: hats, gloves, socks, toiletries, chocolate, sweets or biscuits. Please give your items to […]

❄️ An Enchanting Week in RW ❄️

What a great week we have had! RW have delved into their learning and have made me very proud 😀 Lets not forget….The Nativity assembly! You were all FANTASTIC!! Have a look at the collages below and comment on what you enjoyed learning this week. First of all, a BIG thank you goes to Mrs […]

📖 Reading in RW 📖

Reading is so important! To help your child/ children, please read with them everyday. If you do, please write in their reading diary. This will help them make amazing progress, not only in their reading but their writing aswell. The children in RW love their new reading display. The purpose for this display includes the […]

RW – WOW Homework!

I am seeing so much progress, not only in your school books but in your homework books! You have made me VERY proud! Take a look below and see the wonderful examples of homework you completed. Brilliant Bhavdeep! Super Sumayyah Incredible Ilyas Amazing Yasiin Superstar Rayan Amazing Havin Superb Hamza Wonderful Aiza We missed Aiza […]

An eventful week in RW 🏆

This week in RW, the children have enjoyed learning all about our new book, ‘Aliens Love Underpants.’ Because you are superstars, can you re-tell the story to your parents/grown up? We had lots of fun decorating our own pants, using construction to create aliens, creating space art for our new display and lots of maths! […]

RW’s visit to Santa 🎅

What a great day RW have had! We met Santa and his elves 🧝‍♀️ Take a look at the collages and iMovie below and share what you enjoyed most on this truly magical day. Thank you for being wonderful Broad Heath Citizens! I am so proud of you all 😀

An Extraordinary Week in RW!

RW, you amaze me day by day with your progress. You have all reached new heights this week. Have a look below to see for yourself. Remember to leave a comment. If you do, you will receive a peg 👍🏻 What did you enjoy learning this week?

Independent Ilyas!

I am so proud of Ilyas because he continued his learning from school at home. After making a dark den with Mrs Raja-Khan, Ilyas worked with his mum and sister to create a den at home! How wonderful is that! This is amazing work! Well done 😁

What a week in RW!

I’ve had a GREAT week, how about you RW? This week, we delved into another GREAT book called, ‘The Little White Owl.’ This book linked in beautifully with our BH values; Kindness, Teamwork and Respect. RW retold the story in their own words during our Guided Reading session on Friday. I was blown away by […]

Another week of challenges for Reception!

Hello Reception, I hope you enjoy watching these videos. These are to help you with your English and Maths work so please have a look and comment 😁 CVC words! Watch the video below, have a go at segmenting and blending the sounds together to make the word. Tricky Words! At Broad Heath, we teach […]

Another GREAT week in RW!

This week, the children have enjoyed learning about the story, ‘A Dark, Dark Tale.’ This tied in perfectly with our Topic, ‘Fantastic Lights.’ In response to the book, the children took part in so many fun learning activities. One being, creating a dark den with Mrs Raja-Khan in the outdoor area! What great fun! (Thank […]

Reception please practise these at home.

Hi parents and children. Please watch the videos below with your child/children to familiarise yourself with phonics. The other videos include; CVC word reading, numbers and shapes. I hope you find these useful. Please share a comment if you enjoyed these videos. Thank you! Phonics CVC words Number songs Shape songs (This will help you […]

A week of wonder in RW

RW, you always blow me away! This week, you have all GAINED and progressed in SO many ways. I am a proud teacher! This week, the children have been introduced to their new topic, ‘Fantastic Lights.’ We have kicked this week off by discussing the wonderful bonfire/ firework display at BH and we discussed the […]

🏉 Rugby Day in RW 🏉

We have had a great day learning all about Rugby in celebration for England reaching the finals. Look at the collages and videos below and comment on what you enjoyed doing the most! To finish the day off, we had a ‘Rugby Party,’ thanks to Mrs Frankish.

RW challenges!

Hello RW! I hope you are enjoying your half term break. I have included some challenges below for you to do. Literacy What is the initial sound? Maths Fill in the missing numbers. As an extra challenge, can you write numbers past 10? After that, discuss the properties of the 2D shapes with your grown […]

RW Book and Performance Week

What a great start to the week! I cannot begin to tell you how amazing the children were at re-telling and role-playing our book, ‘The Bear in the Balloon flies around the world.’ Have a look at the video below and share what you enjoyed doing today.

A Fun Week In RW

Wow, what a week it has been! The wonderful children showed great teamwork this week by taking turns when making repeating patterns. The children showed great artistic skill when making their picnic hats. Finally, we enjoyed a GREAT picnic with our wonderful parents during Stay and Play! Have a look at the collages below and […]

RW had so much fun!

This week in RW, the children focused on the book, ‘Handa’s Surprise.’ We discussed what makes a healthy meal and shared ideas on what fruit we liked or disliked. The children enjoyed taking part in so many fun activities which linked nicely with our chosen book. Comment below on what you enjoyed doing this week.