1Red Plant Seeds!

My little plant detectives enjoyed planting a seed today. They shared ways on how to care for it too! 🌱Can you tell me the step by step instructions on how to plant a seed? Remember, you will earn a peg if you comment! 🌱

Y1 WOW Homework – Week 1

Hi Year 1. Welcome to your WOW Homework blog!In our Science unit, we are learning all about Plants. Today, we would love for you to sketch a flower using a pencil. Once you have sketched your flower, please colour it in neatly.After that, label the parts of the flower. Here are some examples to help […]

Y1 Home Learning 18.06.21 – ENGLISH

Hi Year 1. Firstly, well done to all of you for completing your work yesterday. It was lovely to see so many of you writing cursively and taking care with presentation. Keep it up! Please write the date and title in your books. (Apologies for the wrong date in the video)Then, complete the work set […]

Y1 Home Learning 17.06.21 – ENGLISH

Hi Year 1. Firstly, well done to all of you for completing your work yesterday. It was lovely to see so many of you speaking beautifully. Keep it up! We are carrying on with our unit on Information Texts. Watch the video below to understand today’s lesson. Please write the date and title in your […]

1Red ZOOM – Friday 18th

Hi 1RedWe will have our Zoom call on Friday morning. I would like to see you ALL in this meeting with your big smiles. Mrs Mattu and I miss you all very much! (I know it has only been 3 days!) For this call, we will do a quick spelling test so please have a […]

Y1 Home Learning 16.06.21 – ENGLISH

Hi Year 1. You are all resilient learners and I’m sure that these next few days will be a breeze for you all. Show your parents how fantastic you are by completing your home learning. We are carrying on with our unit on Information Texts. Watch the video below to understand today’s lesson. Create a […]

1Red are Plant Detectives

1Red have begun a brand new unit in Science. The children became ‘Plant Detectives!’ Have a look at the video below to remind yourself and share something interesting you have learnt today! Remind yourself of the parts and functions of a plant.

1R Famous Coventrian Week – Day 2

Another fantastic day in 1Red. The children continued their learning on George Singer. This morning, the children enjoyed sketching and painted a portrait of George Singer and after that, they used their observational skills to draw a bike! Next, the children worked together to draw a map of Coventry. They drew roads and roundabouts for […]

1Red – Famous Coventrian Week

Another fun-filled day in 1Red! The children will be learning about George Singer who was famous for creating bicycles in the 1890’s. First, the children learnt about our wonderful city, Coventry. The children identified what country we live in and also shared which area we live in too. After that, in table teams, the children […]

1Red – Prince Philip Day

We have had a great day today! The children enjoyed learning the life of Prince Philip. They took part in so many activities that Prince Philip took part in when he was alive. Please take a look at the pictures and watch the videos to remind yourself of today’s learning. Comment what you enjoyed taking […]

Year 1 Green Group Research

Hi Green Group.You will find lots of information about Prince Philip on this blog page and links to help you with your research. https://kids.kiddle.co/Prince_Philip,_Duke_of_Edinburgh https://kids.britannica.com/students/article/Philip-duke-of-Edinburgh/333058 https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/22524608 We can’t wait to see your posters!

1Red Health Week

Mindful Monday The children shared their worries to the Worry Monster who ate them up! (Worry Monsters love eating up children’s worries!)Secondly, the children designed their very own Worry Monster and wrote a worry for it to eat. After that, the children took part in a fun PE session with Miss Shilton. Next, the children […]


Hi Year 1. This week is Health Week! Children need to wear their P.E kits EVERY day. We will be taking part in so many fun activities and one of those activities requires a small plastic bottle (empty). Please can each child bring in a small plastic bottle on Monday 24th May. It will be […]

Numeracy Day in 1Red

1Red LOVE Maths! Numeracy Day has been a great success in 1Red and the children were incredibly resilient and enjoyed taking part in so many activities. Please take a look at our gallery of videos that were recorded throughout the day. The children loved counting in 2s, 5s and 10s whilst throwing the ball to […]

1Red Marble Runs

1R you are officially mini-engineers! You tested, improved and fixed your very own ‘Marble Runs’ and you did such a great job working in your groups! It wasn’t easy but you persevered and showed real tenacity which means you didn’t give up! Now, like real engineers, it is time to evaluate your marble runs. CHALLENGE […]

Active Maths in 1Red

1Red enjoyed Active Maths this morning. The children have been learning to find 1/4 so we decided to do this actively outside!The children worked in groups and finally, the winners who completed their questions first were Group 3, Arjun’s Group; Rexford, Ebnezere, Safa, Tinuola and Imaad! Well done to you all 🌟 Show me how […]

Well-Being Day in 1Red

We have had a GREAT day today! First, we discussed the importance of having a growth mindset and shared which mindset we had during circle time. Next, we created dolly peg dolls using lots of different resources! It was so much fun travelling back to the Victorian times. Then, we went for a swim! The […]

1Red – Old Toys!

Today, as part of our new unit in Topic, the children enjoyed looking at old toys. Thank you Miss Smith for sharing your vast collection of amazing toys! The children discussed the differences between these old toys with their modern toys. Which toy did you enjoy exploring today, why?

1Red – Marvellous Maths!

1Red are budding mathematicians. They have delved into a new unit and have loved every lesson so far. The children have learned to make arrays and this week, they are learning to make equal groups. Have a look at the video below and comment what you have enjoyed so far. Please continue to practise counting […]

1Red – Toys, Toys and more Toys!

What a fun filled afternoon we have had! The superstars of 1Red bought in their favourite toy for everyone to see. They even described why their toy is their favourite. What is your favourite toy made from? What colour is it? How does it work/ move? Does it need batteries?

1Red – STEAM Week 1

What a great start to a new science unit! This half term the children will delve into a STEAM unit – looking at creating their very own marble run! The children took part in 3 experiments today. Using marbles, they explored different textures to roll them on, compared and rolled different sized marbles and finally, […]

Y1 Reading Challenge Summer 1

Hi Year 1. Welcome to your reading challenge.You will focus on the traditional tale, Jack and The Beanstalk. The best response will win a special prize! BRONZEDescribe the giant using adjectives. Write 5 sentences. You must remember your capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop. Use the wordbank.The Giant is____________. SILVERDescribe the Giant and […]

1Red Celebrate 🍦

What a fantastic 4 weeks it has been in 1Red! The children have made SO much progress – we are super proud of you all. We decided to celebrate their achievements this afternoon. Mrs Mattu very kindly bought the children some ice-cream. Have a look at the pictures below. What have you enjoyed learning and […]