Y6 Reading challenge (Autumn 1)

This half term you will experience the life of an adventurer when trekking mountains in the Peak District as part of your Geography learning. Therefore this challenge will be right up your valley – see what I did there? ;)

Below are several links all about a man, a man who broke world records at the age of 23, a man who has the skills to survive nearly anywhere in this world….you all know him by the name of ‘Bear Grylls’.


Silver challenge: Create a non-chronological report about Bear Grylls.
Who is Bear Grylls?
What did Bear Grylls achieve at the age of 23?
List three awards Bear Grylls has achieved.
Which other words have been used in the texts which mean the same as ‘Expedition’

Gold challenge: Create a mini book about Bear Grylls.
This must include an introduction, a biography and a glossary of news words. As well as this challenge yourself by including a timeline of his achievements and illustrations relevant to your writing.

Please state when you have completed your challenge in the comment box below.
(Bring all work into school)

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  1. An early role in the military as a Territorial Army Reservist for the SAS would give way to even greater things when, at the age of just 23, he became one of the youngest climbers ever to conquer Mount Everest.

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