Reading Snaps 📷

Hello Six Blue, below are photos from some of our current super readers. The aim of your photo is to share your passion and love for reading. Where do you enjoy reading? Who do you read with/to? What do you enjoy reading? We will be displaying these in our class reading corner.(Those of you who […]

Year Six Cinema Trip

Today, year 6 had an exciting enrichment opportunity, we visited the cinema to watch ‘The boy who would be king.’ Below is a video showcasing our thoughts on the film. Please share your views on how the film reflected our BH values? What did you enjoy about the film the most?

Six Blue…One year…One hundred books…Let’s do this!

Six Blue Birds your challenge for the year, a tricky one but I know you can do it!In our class we have set ourselves the challenge to read the top 100 books handpicked for children our age. All of you have already read at least 10 of these books, one of the books is […]

Fertiliser investigation in 6B

This half term our science unit is “The Nature Library” to kick start our learning we are invetisgating the effect of fertilisers on the growth of radish seeds. We worked in teams to plan our investigation and prepare our radish seeds. We will evaluate weekly and write our conclusions in 4 weeks time. Please share […]

6B Maths & Investigation Week

What a fun filled week of problem solving and applying our maths skills to creating a water bottle holder, a board game, climbing a mountain and celebrating a day of Rugby in honour of England making the finals. (Dovedale blog and Rugby day blogs are separate) Which task did you find the most challenging and […]

England Flag Pizza Party🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏉 🍕

What an exciting opportunity for our country, in celebration of England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 making the finals. Today we made pizzas for our celebratory party! We applied our maths skills to weigh, measure and create a symmetrical flag on our pizzas. Please share a comment in regards to the skills you’ve used and how your pizza tasted.

6B Dovedale Adventure

Below is a great video showcasing the challenges and values you developed during your Dovedale trek today. Please share the BH values you developed today. We will be furthering our learning during geography, art and English this half term. Key vocabulary; peak, valley, summit, altitidue, thermal, erosion, stream, overflow and expedition.

6B Drama Performances

When reading how Cassie was treated during her time in the shop, we felt really hurt. Cassie was treated unfairly by Mr Barnett. We created three still images to represent her feelings compared to Mr Barnet’s feelings. Please explain how racism was portrayed within these scenes. Vocabulary: superior, subservient, equality, respect, intimidating, devastated, humiliated.

Poetry Performances

This week we have been exploring a range of poems. We created poems about subjects close to our hearts at this moment in time. During PSHE lessons we have been looking at Greta Thunberg and Climate Change protests in the news- using this as a stimulus we wrote and performed our own poems in the […]

Black History Month Challenge

Throughout history, people have been treated differently because of the colour of their skin. Black people were not seen as equal and were not treated in the same way as white people. For example, they had to sit in different seats on a bus or public places like the cinema. Lots of people knew that […]

Wk 4 Guided Reading

Linking to our ‘recounts’ unit of learning below is a link for a news report from ‘The Times’ newspaper. Challenge: Who can identify which teacher from Broad Heath has been mentioned in the paper. Reflect on the structure of the newspaper. (5W’s, chronology, journalistic vocabulary)What is the purpose of this article and who is the […]

Bake Sale – 02.10.19

As a school we continue to receive amazing support and opportunities, it is now our time to give back. Give back to those who are struggling. This half term in PSHE, year 6 have been putting their heads together identifying their talents and thinking of ways to support our community. Children in year 6 have […]

Mildred D. Taylor

October 1st is the start of “Black History Month” a month where we celebrate diversity but also a time to remember a vital period in history. This month we will be studying more about Black History and the social change. We will do this through reading a story of courage, love and pride. This book […]

Guided Reading: Climate Change

This week we are discussing current news! Thousands of children protest across the UK! In guided reading we have looked at the above news article sharing recent events about protests taking place in the UK. Please share your views and opinions on the cause. When responding use the following vocabulary:Resilience, Empathy, Respect, Teamwork, AmbitionsMy opinion, […]

6Blue’s Health & Wellbeing

Today we’ve had a brilliant opportunity to take a break from maths and literacy, and focus on our health and wellbeing! Below is a video showcasing what a fantastic day we’ve had and what wonderful skills we have developed. Mrs Jones and I have been watching closely to identify children who have gone above and […]

Can you eat a rainbow?

Give examples of different coloured fruit and vegetables, sharing the benefit of each food. Jeremy wants to recover from his cold, what fruit or vegetables could he eat to help him with his immune system? Sam has a urine infection, what drinks would you recommend? Reflect on your diet? Do you think you have enough […]

Art week in 6B

What a great start to what feels like an awesome year ahead! We kicked off our term with Art week, our focus was to represent RESILIENCE. This week was led by what the children wanted to represent and create. Below are images of their ‘WONDERful’ pieces of artwork-created after an inspirational visit to the Herbert […]

Resilience in the city of Coventry

We had a brilliant time exploring the city of Coventry and seeing different forms of art work, architecture and historic stories which represent resilience in our city. Reflect on what you saw, heard and experienced at the gallery, think about your time in the cathedral and share two ways in which resilience was represented in […]

Self reflection & Evaluation

Coming to the end of an era, you’ve worked really hard as a class to raise the standards, you’ve shown resilience within your learning and you’ve all as individuals grown in confidence. Some children have developed skills of communication and others listening skills. Some of you have learned to show respect and some of you […]

Year 6 Citizenship

Well done to all the brilliant year 6 citizens who have contributed and supported children and teachers around the school this morning. Please share what you’ve gained from citizenship?

Brick Wall Winners

Six Blue and Six Red we’re beaming with pride this afternoon whilst celebrating a successful joint win! Below are some fantastic photos of children having a great time at their well deserved ‘Picnic & Play’ Also a big shout out to the kitchen staff for some delicious sandwiches!

Welcome to 6 Blue 2019-2020

Hello and welcome 5W, Miss Ahmed, Mrs Jones and Mr Inman are really excited to meet their new Blue Birds! Birds of a feather flock together! The video below shares some highlights of year 6, be prepared for difficult challenges but lots of fun rewards! We look forward to a day of getting to know […]