6B Science Week 2019

What a brilliant week of science in 6 Blue, below is a video showcasing some of our learning. We have created and commented on lots of blogs throughout the week so pop over and have a look at our awesome learning. Please share some highlights of your week.


During science week, we did a SOLE challenge linked to our polar region learning. Our challenge question was: Despite global warming, will another ice age occur? Here is some of our work. Our fellow friends, what are your suggestions on the subject, do you think another ice age could occur?❄️ Blog by: Aryan, Saniya, Faheem, […]

Year 6 Skydome visit

Year 6 had an exciting opportunity to watch the Coventry Blaze hockey team in action today. Below is a video showcasing our learning. Challenge questions:The stadium had no windows- why might this be?What is the temperature in the Skydome? (How do they keep it so cool in the stadium?)Why doesn’t the ice melt?  How fast […]

Ice experiment

Today we were experimenting with ice. We were provided with a large lump of frozen ice which had some items frozen within it. Our task was to explore the impact of ice melting naturally. The only option we had was to increase the surface area. Based on the picture Ms Kaur has taken each hour […]

Challenge: Create an Igloo

Today year 6 had a challenge, using a range of materials children planned, designed and created an igloo model. Please evaluate your groups model. What went well? What did you find challenging? What could you have done differently? Key vocabulary: materials, density, collapse, gravity, temperature

Year 6 VR experience

Today we emerged ourselves in virtual reality and transported ourselves into the polar regions. Please share a comment about how you and your partner felt when exploring the icy polar regions. Key words: tundra, climate, weather, tempetrure, arctic, Antarctica, polar bears, habitats, adapted, camouflage

World Book Day in 6B

What a fun world book day in 6B. Well done to all the children who dressed up and took part in showcasing their love for reading. Below are pictures of children throughout the day. Please share your favourite author, books and what you love about reading. Most inspiring comments will be added to our book […]

6B swimming

Miral created a class video today showcasing some elements of our swimming lesson. Watch the video below. Please share what you enjoy about swimming at BH? And why swimming is an essential life skill?

6 Blue Shape Week

What a challenging yet fun week! Watch the video below showcasing our learning. From going on angle hunts, murder mysteries, decorating pancakes, fundraising and creating 3D structures we have had a blast! Please share your comments below.Share your highlights and new learning.

Year 6 Fundraising

This week year 6 are fundraising for their prom. Children have completed research, carried out a survey and been shopping to buy some tasty treats. When: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday play time. (Both KS1 and KS2 playtime) Where: Playground (Year 6 doors) Prices:10p plain biscuit20p for an iced/chocolate biscuit30p for a plain cupcake40p for an […]

6B back to the 80s

Year 6 had an amazing opportunity to travel back to the 1980s! Below are images of some of the children dressed up, children at the rock concert and the BEST video showcasing 6Blue having lots of fun whilst singing and dancing to some of our favourite 80s hits!

Balanced Argument Debate

This week we have been reflecting on our cinema trip when we watched Jurassic world. We are using the film as a stimulus for our balanced argument writing. Below is a video showcasing some of the for and against points argued by some children in our class. Please use P.E.E. to write your balanced argument.

Shere Khan seeking revenge…

Children used Shere Khan as a stimulus and created their own villainous character. They used drama to portray emotions and feelings of anger and rage. The video below showcases some amazing reading by Nadal and dramatic video created by a group of children.

6B plant investigation

Today we took part in an investigation looking at the growth of plants in two different locations: Webster Street car park and the Broad Heath pathway. The purpose of this was to see the effects of environmental and physical conditions on the growth of plants. Challenge questions: How many different ways did you observe environmental […]

Magistrates’ Court

Today we had a really exciting and informative visit from the Magistrates’ court. We had the opportunity to learn greater detail about illegal activities such as knife crime, drug abuse, violence, drink driving and cyber crime. We reflected on the importance of following rules at home and school and how this helps us to make […]

Jungle Animals

Today we spent time reading and researching the features of animals. We were intrigued to find out about their habitats, strengths, diet,daily routines and how they spend the majority of their time. Below is a video showcasing some of the facts we have gathered. Please share a few facts about animals you have researched. Challenge: […]

Spring 1: Jungle Book

In English this term we will be reading, discussing and writing elements of the classical novel ‘The Jungle Book’ by Rudyard Kipling.We will be examining the relationships between the main character Mowgli, the antagonist Shere Khan and Mowgli’s mentors Bagheera and Baloo. Jungle Book Story Synopsis An epic adventure about Mowgli, a man-cub who’s been raised […]


This year for around the world week, 6 Blue explored the beautiful country of Finland. Below is a video showcasing some of the learning taken place. Share facts you’ve learnt about Finland. 

Charity Collection-For the less fortunate.

Huge thank you and well done to all the children and families who have donated such a variety of items and money towards our Cyrenians collection. Below are a few picture of our helpers- thank you once again. Deadline: Wednesday 12th December. Socks, scarves, gloves, hand creams, hand sanitizers, baby wipes, toothbrush and paste, shampoo, […]

Mould Alert!

Year 6 have conducted an experiment to investigate the growth of micro-organisms.  In what conditions would bread mould the fastest? We began with placing three slices of bread in three different areas and observed the changes over two weeks. Please complete the following questions. What was your prediciton? (In which conditions did you think the […]

Charity Carol Singing

‘Tis the season to be jolly’ Year 6 have been invited to the Coventry City Centre to perform a selection of festive songs in hope to raise money for charity. We will be raising money for ‘Coventry Haven Women’s Aid’- these women and their children have suffered many hardships and we would like to donate […]

Coventry Cyrenians Charity

Being such caring and thoughtful children, year six’s next charity project needs all of the BH team together to help those who are less fortunate. Some of the year six children have created a video showcasing our aims. Coventry Cyrenians mission statement: Coventry Cyrenians provide individualised support to promote and enhance the life chances of people […]

Year Six’s Cinema Experience

Personally I absolutely loved this film! I have grown up watching all of the movies and this was just as amazing. The suspense, the emotional rollercoaster, the drama and the brilliant effects made the whole experience perfect!What were your thoughts about the movie? Debate: Do you think the Dinosaurs should have been fairly rescued and […]

Talking Turkeys

Below are videos showcasing mood boards children created and they used intonation to read their poems aloud. Please share your favourite line from the poem and explain the meaning and why Benjamin wrote this?

6 Blue- Dovedale adventure

Six Blue had an adventure of a lifetime climbing the Thorpe Cloud mountain. Below is a video showcasing what a great day we had. We learnt lots and we enjoyed taking part in this super Geographic experience! Please write a detailed diary entry, showcasing your thoughts and feelings of the day.

6 Blue Art Week

This week we have been exploring both past Swahili art and contemporary art by Aboudia. Below is a video showcasing all of our learning this week. What skills have you developed? What did you find challenging but overcame?