Y5/Y6 Joint Wellbeing

Year 5 and Year 6 enjoyed working collaboratievly this afternoon as part of wellbeing day. Take notice: Eco-Councillors Litter Picking Competition Keep learning: Phun Phonics intervention Give: Clearing up the biodome Year 5 and 6 pupils worked as a team to clear out the biodome to get it ready for some new planting projects. Give: […]

Y6 Well-being day 27.01.22

It is that time of the half term where we can focus on our mental, physical and social wellbeing! Date: Thursday 27th January 2022 Please wear school P.E. kits! Please share your highlights from last half term and which skills do you think we will be building upon this half term.

Science: Classification of plants 🌱 🍃 🌳

This half term we have been learning about Carl Linnaeus scientific discovery of taxonomy. Taking on the role of a confectionary story!We were tasked to sort some of our favourite sweets using a dichotomous key.🍬 Taking on the role of a botanist!We used this knowledge to explore our local area and use the process of […]

Year 6 Homework (Due date: 19.01.22)

Non-negotiable children:Homework is due on Wednesday or before.All online homework must be completed and home work books returned to school. Week 2 WOW homeworkOption 1: Create a model of a building which could survive an Earthquake. (Label the infrastructure explaining how this design will survive) Option 2: Fractions challenge below (please complete in homework books) […]

A message for children who are absent.

Good morning to the children, who are currently not in due to Covid or absent when feeling poorly. We hope you feel better soon! It will be a great shame for you to miss out on key learning, so if you’re up for it please complete the Maths and Basic Skills via google classroom app. […]

A journey to the centre of the Earth!🌎 🌋

What a way to start the new year! Today we watched the film and gained an insight to the emotions felt by characters and the spectacular settings! PDF book ‘Journey to the centre of the Earth’– read for pleasure. (Author: Jules Verne) Challenge: Create a piece of art representing your favourite scene from the story […]

Year 6 Reading Challenge (Spring 1 2022)

In Spring 1, your Geography unit will be ‘Natural Disasters’. For your Reading Challenge, we would like you to watch the following clips, read the web links and conduct your own research on HURRICANES, TORNADOES, TYPHOONS AND CYCLONES. Please complete in your homework books. https://www.weatherwizkids.com/weather-hurricane.htm https://www.ducksters.com/science/earth_science/hurricanes.php Bronze Challenge – Create a fact file on hurricanes […]

DAaRT Programme 07.01.22

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are all well and feeling as eager as we are to return to school tomorrow. Starting this Friday, Year 6 children will take part in a 10 week course delivered by an education programme called DAaRT. The aim of the programme is to educate children about making healthy […]

Y6 Christmas Holiday Revision

Well done for a successful start to Year 6!We hope you all have a restful break, revision homework is listed below. Please complete in preparation for Spring term. Mathletics Teachers have set you revision tasks based on what you need. SPaG.com Teachers have set you revision tasks based on what you need. Reading journal Daily […]

Y6 Festive Performance

After not being allowed to sing in school for nearly a year! Today 90 wonderful, brave children took to the stage to entertain! Children have spent weeks attempting to master singing and choreography which would make the audience smile. For those of you who attended please share your highlight and favourite song? For those of […]

£1 Hot Chocolate!

Hello everyone, Year 6 are fundraising for the end of year prom. We will be selling a delicious Hot Chocolate with halal marshmallows for £1 So please bring in a £1 coin, so you can enjoy this lovely treat before the holiday season begins! Wednesday 15th December *Year 1*Year 4*Year 2*Reception*Nursery Thursday 16th December (Morning)*Year […]

6R Brick Wall Winners!

Wahoo to 6 Red for working incredibly hard to earn bricks from a variety of staff resulting in winning the Brick wall competition! Today we celebrated our win by having a delicious hot chocolate and marshmallows, whilst watching a Christmas film during our break time! What values led to us being the winners this half […]

6R- Black Death Day

What horror and gore has taken over our lives today! Applying our values of perseverance when sewing our Plague Doctor masks. Peasants revolt! We will attach a video of our revolt once it has been edited!

6 Red’s Winter theme sonnets

Blog by Steven and Abdullah An:Over the last few weeks, we have been inspired by the British forecast and decided to write our own winter theme sonnets. Below are selection of videos not from regular six red children but poets of six red! Key skills we have developed over this unit of learning: *The rhyming […]

Year 6 Wellbeing Day

Connecting with one another through baking bread!(What is Yeast and why is it used to bake bread?) Taking notice through Poetry(Children had the opportunity to read and perform poetry) Be active through Street Dance(The children who performed at the Albany Theatre led the way for Y6) Keep learning through Active Maths! Giving through our science […]

Poetry. Poetry. Everywhere!

We could have spent the whole day looking at poetry today! We loved your enthusiasm, check out some of the poems below and complete the challenges! Ode Poetry Please write an ode poem of your choice! Fun poems What is this poem about? Did you enjoy it? We read the start of Highwayman- what happened […]

Week 3 Homework (Deadline 01/12/13)

Autumn 2 Overview – Week 3 This Week’s Homework 6W – please complete your checklist for week 3! 6 Red Jemisons(2 tasks from each section via Education City) Mathletics(3 tasks set on Mathletics.) SPAG.com Week 3 Grid Maths Challenge Game(Use this to create a learning poster in your homework books) Reading journal and challenges completed […]

Festive Carol Singing

Year group: Rocking around the Christmas Tree! Year group: Merry Christmas Everyone 6 Red: Deck the Halls 6 Red: We wish you a Merry Christmas 6 Red Santa Clause is coming to town 6 White: Winter Wonderland / Here Comes Santa Claus 6 White: Jingle Bell Rock 6 White: Like it’s Christmas 6 Blue

Y6 CGP revision books

Hello parents and guardians of our fellow Year 6 children. CGP has offered an excellent discount price for revision books for your children. 3 books for £5 Book bundle includes: *Year 6 comprehension book*Year 6 SPaG book*Year 6 Maths book How can I purchase this excellent bundle? £5 in an envelope:*Child’s Name*Class*CGP Book bundle Deadline: […]

Year 6 Children In Need Day

A fantastic effort made by the children in Year 6 today in aid of a special day for billions of children around the world! Well done to all the children who participated and thank you to everyone for making their heartfelt donations! On route to school, some of us were attack3d by the crazy hair […]

Japanese sports!

To end G7 week, Year 6 played Japanese sports based on the past and present! Challenge: What was our key value to take part in the sports today and how did you show this? Relay Race – Tokyo 2020 Olympics 2002 Japan world cup – Football dribbling Traditional Sumo Fencing: Archery: What is the difference […]

UK Parliament Week #UKPW 2021

This is an annual week-long celebration across the UK! Each day we will post a blog and complete activities which will enrich our learning about democracy and British Parliament. Starter Challenge Main Activity:What is Parliament? How did Parliament begin?How UK Parliament works today is very different from how it worked when it first began. Hundreds […]

Y6 P.E. Kits -Monday

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a wonderful half term break. Tomorrow, year 6 will take part in a dance workshop and will require P.E. kits. (Broad Heath P.E. t-shirt, school jumper and dark coloured bottoms with sensible P.E. shoes) Thank you, see you tomorrow!

Six Red’s Art Around the World Week!

Every child has gained this week! At 9am on Monday, we didn’t know what Aboriginal meant but now we can tell you all about who they are? Where they live? Their traditions and stories and much much more! Watch the video showcasing some of our key learning! (Produced by the children, for the children) Share […]