Charity Collection-For the less fortunate.

Huge thank you and well done to all the children and families who have donated such a variety of items and money towards our Cyrenians collection. Below are a few picture of our helpers- thank you once again. Deadline: Wednesday 12th December. Socks, scarves, gloves, hand creams, hand sanitizers, baby wipes, toothbrush and paste, shampoo, […]

Mould Alert!

Year 6 have conducted an experiment to investigate the growth of micro-organisms.  In what conditions would bread mould the fastest? We began with placing three slices of bread in three different areas and observed the changes over two weeks. Please complete the following questions. What was your prediciton? (In which conditions did you think the […]

Charity Carol Singing

‘Tis the season to be jolly’ Year 6 have been invited to the Coventry City Centre to perform a selection of festive songs in hope to raise money for charity. We will be raising money for ‘Coventry Haven Women’s Aid’- these women and their children have suffered many hardships and we would like to donate […]

Coventry Cyrenians Charity

Being such caring and thoughtful children, year six’s next charity project needs all of the BH team together to help those who are less fortunate. Some of the year six children have created a video showcasing our aims. Coventry Cyrenians mission statement: Coventry Cyrenians provide individualised support to promote and enhance the life chances of people […]

Year Six’s Cinema Experience

Personally I absolutely loved this film! I have grown up watching all of the movies and this was just as amazing. The suspense, the emotional rollercoaster, the drama and the brilliant effects made the whole experience perfect!What were your thoughts about the movie? Debate: Do you think the Dinosaurs should have been fairly rescued and […]

Talking Turkeys

Below are videos showcasing mood boards children created and they used intonation to read their poems aloud. Please share your favourite line from the poem and explain the meaning and why Benjamin wrote this?

6 Blue- Dovedale adventure

Six Blue had an adventure of a lifetime climbing the Thorpe Cloud mountain. Below is a video showcasing what a great day we had. We learnt lots and we enjoyed taking part in this super Geographic experience! Please write a detailed diary entry, showcasing your thoughts and feelings of the day.

6 Blue Art Week

This week we have been exploring both past Swahili art and contemporary art by Aboudia. Below is a video showcasing all of our learning this week. What skills have you developed? What did you find challenging but overcame?


Year six have been learning about Sikhism this half term. Aryan and friends have created a video showcasing some of the learning and Aryan’s Grandma very kindly made us a sweet treat called ‘parshad’ we all got to taste. Please share a comment about what new learning you’ve learnt and please let Aryan’s Grandma know […]

6 Blue ‘The Blues’

This half term our music unit is to explore the ‘Blues’ some of us thought this would be slow music however we were pleasantly surprised. Below are some songs we listened to.  6 Blue- what are your thoughts on this style of music and the use of instruments? Which song did you enjoy most and […]

Unbelievable cures for the Black Death

This afternoon we have researched and identified the gruesome symptoms of the Bubonic plague. (Please share some of these symptoms) Below are images of some of the Medieval cures used to help people heal. You have had a chance to look and smell some of the remedies during the lesson.  1. What were the cures? […]

Heart dissection in 6 Blue

Why on earth are we slicing up hearts? A few children from 6 Blue have created a video explaining why we are exploring our heart in so much detail. What have you learnt about the heart so far?Why is the heart such an important organ?

6Blue’s weekly reflections

What a hectic hurricane of a week this has been. We have tried our hardest in 6 Blue and below is a video put together by Aliyah, Rayhaan and Michelle to share our learning journey for this week. Please share a comment about what you’ve most enjoyed this week or even found challenging!Looking forward to […]

6 Blue’s Reflections

Below is a video showcasing our fantastic learning and reflections on our our year six journey so far. What have you enjoyed?What are you looking forward to achieving?What has been a challenge so far?How will you rise to the challenge and become even better? Thank you to Saniya, Sophia and Matthew for creating this weeks […]

Eid Assembly

We can’t wait for tomorrow afternoon, we will be performing our first assembly as a year 6 cohort.  The assembly begins at 2.30pm (Parents and Adults arrive through the school office from 2.20pm onwards) Year 6 please make sure you’ve confidently rehearsed your lines, practiced your super singing and packed your best party wear so […]

6 Blue Book Week

What a fantastic start to year 6! Below are a few pictures showcasing your adventure through David Wiesners classic Tuesday story. Please share a few sentences about your week and your learning. 

T U E S D A Y (David Wiesner)

Below are a few images from our story. Please use your inference skills to answer the questions in full sentences. At what point in the day is it? How do you know How does the turtle appear to be reacting? Why might this be? Write a dialogue between the Turtle and the Frog? What vocabulary […]

5B STEAM Bridge project

Today’s challenged required us to create our own bridge. To do this we needed to start with researching the purpose and structure of bridges as well as famous architects. We then used this knowledge to create a design and create our bridges in groups. We then tested our designs, some were able to hold the […]

5 Blue Growth Mindset

Today we learnt about two mindsets. One which will always hold us back and another which will help us to persevere and become resilient. Do you remember the correct psychological terms for these two mindsets? Below are images of some of the activities we undertook today to help grow our mindsets. Challenge one: Create an […]

5 Blue’s Film Narratives

Below are a few videos showcasing videos children have planned and created to portray a range of emotions.Share your comments about what you think the plot of the story is, I am sure the actors and directors of each movie will tell you whether you are right or wrong.

Shapes and angles within our adventure playground.

Using our knowledge of 3D and 2D shapes we applied our learning to our outdoor area. We challenged ourselves to identify features of 3D shapes and angles within our adventure playground.  Challenge: Identify the feature of the shapes and angles highlighted in the image below; Below are images of children’s work from today.

Identify and compare 2D and 3D shapes

Today we used 3D and 2D shapes to identify features. Please share features of the shapes you learnt and answer some of the questions below. 1. I have 1 face, 1 edge and 0 vertices, what shape am I? 2. I have 5 faces, 9 edges and 6 vertices, what shape am I? 3. I […]

Nappies Needed

Yep! You read it write, year 5 need nappies! For our super exciting project week next week, we need to test a range of nappy brands, different materials and toilet roll. Please could anyone find it in their soft hearts to provide us with some loose materials, unused nappies and unused toilet/tissue rolls. Much appreciated. […]

Year 5 National Space Centre Visit

Year 5 National Space Centre visit What a wonderful experience we have had at the National space centre. A place where we brought our learning to life, a place where we developed our Science, ICT, History and D&T skills. We arrived with curiosity and left with sore legs, can anyone tell us why? Below are […]