5 Blue’s Art Around The World Week

What a whirlwind of a week! Art, around the world week means children applied a range of history, geography, research and art skills to create a masterpiece!Year 5 children focused on an artist from Switzerland, Alberto Giacometti and used this as inspiration to create 2 life size sculptures and 30 miniature sculptures. Every member of […]

5 Blue notices

Hi everyone, just to reiterate some messages from today. Please can you make sure you bring your 50p in tomorrow morning. (This is for non-uniform day which is on Friday 23rd October) Please make sure you are reading 5 times this week, parent signature and challenges need to be updated also. Weekly spelling sentences need […]

Year 5 1960s Day

What a day! The whole year 5 team transported back in time and found ourselves in the groovy Sixties! The day consisted of all things ‘Sixties’ the children’s costumes were fantastic, we we’re so impressed with their effort and energy today! Below you can find videos and photos sharing what we did today! 1960’s Themed […]

Wk5 WOW homework.

This weeks homework is a whole year group competition. We are looking for the best 3D models/sculptors. Option 1: Create a model of the Apollo11 (some of you have already done this as part of your week 1 homework, if you have you can have a go at option 2) Option 2: Create a model […]

5 Blue Homework Overview (Due 15th October)

Happy weekend my little bloomers! As discussed I have made one blog outlining all of your homework tasks for this week. Spelling practice:In the comments below I would like to see you using your spelling word to write a sentence. (Sentence opener, punctuation, adjectives and adverbs) Reading Journals:Before Wednesday you should have read FOUR times […]

How do we contribute to 5Blue?

This morning, Mrs Habib and I received this very thoughtful, hand made card and sweet gift. The thought, time and effort showcased was what struck our heartstrings! Thank you so much to Saanvi and Saanvi’s parents for such a thoughtful card. There are so many of you who always give, you give your smiles, you […]

5B Class Novel (What do we know about Ted?)

We have been reading our class novel for a few weeks now and I came across this summary of Ted’s character. I thought it would be great for you all to read and create a character fact file about Ted using the key phrases and descriptions from the text below. I would love to display […]

1960s Day!

Hello Year Five! This half term you have all impressed us with your learning in our History and Art lessons! As a treat we are going to host a 1960s themed day! Travelling back in time on Wednesday 14th October. The day will consist of you dressing up in Sixties themed clothing and carrying out […]

5 Blue Homework overview

Happy weekend my little bloomers! As promised I have made one blog outlining all of your homework tasks for this week. Reading Journals:Before Wednesday you should have read FOUR times at home complete your reading challenge. (Pick a suitable one from below)*Define four new words*Create a character profile (using expanded noun phrases)*Find 3 examples of […]

Wk4 History Homework

Using your History skills please create a fact file outlining the ‘History of NASA’ You can present your fact file as a booklet or a microsoft word document! Your fact file MUST cover the following areas-What is NASA?-When was it founded?-Why was NASA formed?-Successes of NASA. Key vocabulary: scientific, technology, astronaut, Aeronautics, government, shuttle, international, […]

Super reading by Raees and Zulqurnain.

What a fantastic week, both boys were set with a reading task. Earlier this week as a Class we story mapped a science-fiction story. To make further progress both boys supported one another in reading and learning the model text. Please can can both boys continue to practise reading the text.

5B Sci-Fi 👽 🛸

Today, 5 Blue worked exceptionally hard and put a huge smile on my face! We introduced our new learning unit “Science-Fiction Stories” and the children were on board right away! Below is a video showcasing the introduction to our English writing unit. We read a sci-fi story, we created a story map and we performed […]

Wk3 WOW Homework (Science)

This weeks WOW homework is linked to our science learning this half term. You will need to complete BOTH tasks to ensure you have made progress when completing this homework. Task 1: What is ‘Gravity’?(Research and define Gravity and who discovered this) https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zf66fg8/articles/zqbm3k7 Task 2: Plan and conduct an experiment proving (or disproving) Gravity.The website […]

5 Blue, why does my shadow not stay still?

This week we conducted a science experiment, below is a video showcasing out learning. Please explain your findings. Why does our shadow not stay still? Challenge: Explain why our shadow was moving right throughout the day? Vocabulary: Orbit, axis, rotate, moon, sun, shadow, object, opaque, blocks, sun rays, east, west, sun rise, elongate, sun set.

Wk2 History/Art homework

This week your homework task is to design an outfit for a Sixties Band! Your band needs to have more than 2 members as this will help you showcase different styles of clothing. If you choose to sketch out the band and their outfits you must use a range of colouring techniques such as cross-hatching, […]

Wk1 Geography Homework

This weeks WOW homework is an opportunity for you to be creative and show off your skills. Task: Create a map (or a model) to show where famous rockets have been launched from across the world. Below are a few videos and useful websites for you to use so you can research famous rocket launches […]

Five Blue’s Weekly Blooming News🔍📇🗞

Below is a very detailed video sharing the most bizarre series of events we have uncovered this week at Broad Heath! We hope the video was informative about our task. We have lots to do in order to prepare ourselves to write a newspaper and share this with the school. Challenge:Think of a headline for […]

5B Book & Illustration Week

What a great start to the year! Hello and welcome 5 Blue parents and children! This week has been a whirlwind of meeting new children, I hope to see more parents over the next few weeks! All the children have been eager and excited this week, we have spent the week learning a new cultural […]

No P.E. on Friday

Hi 5 Blue, we have a short session for P.E. Tomorrow you do not NEED your P.E. Kits for this week. Year 5 P.E. is on a Monday. You need to wear your P.E. Kit to school on Monday’s starting next week) Thank you, see you tomorrow.

16/07-17/07 Goodbye Six Blue!

Six Blue, the group of children I will never forget. The kindest, funniest bunch of kids, I am sad the year ended the way it did so Mr Inman, Mrs Jones and myself have attempted to make a ‘comical sketch’ to celebrate the end of the year with you all and answer important questions you […]

Year 6- 15.07 Maths- Calculator fun

Good Morning Year 6! In preparation for year 7, we thought it is important for you to become familiar with your calculator. Below are a few challenges please complete TWO of the challenges and right your answers clearly. Also if you wish to carry out more activities like this use the following link: https://12262.stem.org.uk/level_4_5/downloads/pri_ma_calculator_nns930.pdf

10.07- PSHE ‘Knowledge is Power’

We often hear the statement, “knowledge is power” but what does this truly mean? Take the time to reflect on the metaphors above, what do they mean? Why do words have a greater impact than aggressive behaviour? During your time at BH did you ever make a difference using the power of your voice and […]

Zoom Zoom 6B- 08.07.20/ 12.10AM

Be there or be square! Excited to see you all and have a catch up with you all. Key discussion: Are we prepared for Secondary School? I will add the details for zoom access closer to the time, can’t wait to see you all! Meeting ID: 993 8169 3060Password: 6QDkRN

Year 6-07.07 PSHE-The true LEGO story

Good morning year 6! Growing up, ‘play’ is a huge part of our lives, we all have our favourite and most memborale toys from our childhood. Please take the time to watch and focus on this absolutely brilliant video! The truly inspiring story of LEGO. It is 17 minutes long and I was in awe […]

Yr6 03.07 English (5. IF Poem)

WOW what a week year 6, you’ve worked so hard unpicking and thinking of ways Rudyard’s poem still applies today. As you know, yesterday you were planning advice and tips that you as experienced Broad Heathers could share with children who are currently in year 5. Today, you need to put yourself in Rudyard’s writing […]

Yr6 01.07 English (3. IF Poem)

Below are examples of images created as a result of phrases from this poem. Meaningful imagery created- everyone sees things differently so your task is to pick 4 lines of your choice and create the image you see. Think about your experiences and scenarios you can embed within your images.

Yr6 30.06 English (2. IF Poem)

Hello Year Six! Well done for the work you completed yesterday, yes the Victorian era was different, the rise of industry, the clear class system and the value of education and the workforce increasing was the core of British culture. Today we will be looking at the what VALUES Rudyard (A middle class, well established […]