Skills academy: Mini Golf ⛳️

Over the last few sessions we have been learning the name of equipment, we have developed a range of skills and most important of all, every child has showed resilience and teamwork skills. Well done everyone! Developing our independent golf skills Gallery of our final skills academy Golf Vocabulary Golfer golf club golf ball putting […]

Who is ready for BH Glastonbury???

You have all worked incredibly hard this year, long hours of learning and revision at home. Your results last week were a reflection of the efforts you put in! Well done! Now it is time to celebrate, to spend time with your friends and make your final memories at BH- a place which celebrates all […]

Chapter 7: Kensuke’s Kingdom

Comprehension 1) How did Kensuke teach Michael to paint? 2) What did Kensuke want to learn? 3) Why do you think Michael no longer misses his parents? 4) How do Michael and Kensuke learn to trust each other? 5) Why is the word “silence” repeated? 6) Why does the chapter start with a memory? 7) […]

Y6 End of Year Play!

Children of Broad Heath are you ready to see the best leavers play of all time? The Year Six children have been working very hard to create a performance which will leave you smiling!Every child has brought out their creativity this half term to learn a range of songs, dances, art and performance skills. Monday […]

Chapter 6: Kensuke Kingdom

Comprehension chapter 6- Abundai! 1) What does Michael keep in his pocket? 2) What does Kensuke do with Michael’s fire-glass? 3) Why does Michael feel like defying Kensuke? 4) How does anger help Michael make a plan to escape? 5) How does tension build up in this chapter? 6) How does Michael describe missing home? […]

Y5/Y6 Colonial Legacies and Reconciliation conference

TWELVE lucky children have the opportunity to represent our school next Tuesday 12th July at the Coventry Cathedral. This will be the first international All Schools conference in support of the United Nations Outreach Programme on the Transatlantic Slave Trade and Slavery. The aim of this conference is to build a relationship between Coventry schools […]

Chapter 5: Kensuke’s Kingdom

Comprehension: 1) How does Stella react to Kensuke? 2) What is Michael’s “recurring nightmare”? 3) Why does Michael feel “betrayed” by Stella? 4) Why does Michael decide to accept Kensuke’s terms? 5) Who is the most powerful character at this point? 6) Is “dejected” a good word to describe Michael’s feelings? Why? 7) Do you […]

Y6 GO Parks (Memorial Park- 8.6.22)

Every child in Y6 will be visiting Memorial Park on Friday 8th Jul 2022.Please can I also remind parents you are welcome to attend the Sports Festival at 1.30pm tomorrow. Must be in by 8.30AMAayan S/ Saira/ Saffiyah/ Aayan M/ Bilawal/ Meghana/ Umar/ Xavier/ Rahaniya/ Ravi/ Ibrahim/ Harroop/ StevenBolu/ Yahya/ Hajrah/ Praise/ Aisha/ Alexis/ IqraLeyad/ […]

Chapter 4: Kensuke Kingdom

Chapter four comprehension 1) What does Michael mistake for Stella? 2) What sends you mad if you drink it? 3) How do you think Michael feels as he waits to be rescued? 4) What does Michael worry about as he explores the island? 5) How does Michael Morpurgo use language to show Michael’s terror in […]

Y6 Transition day information

Sidney Stringer Year 7 Induction Our 3-day induction takes place on Wednesday 6th July, Thursday 7th July and Friday 8th July. Students should come to the Sidney Stringer Academy reception [not go to their primary school first] between 8.30 – 8.40 am wearing their normal primary uniform. Halal food and drink will be provided for the students free on these Induction Days. Students will be free to leave by […]

Welcome to the Y6 Market

As the children are aware in school- due to the countless advertising done by the Y6 children, our famous market will go ahead on Monday 4th July (PM in the MUGA).Here you can except to see a range of hand-made products, jewellery, ice-cream, slushies and lots of sweets! All children will have the chance to […]

Six Red Fiver Challenge Gallery

Wise words from young entrepreneur himself- Kennedy (Skint2Mint) From the many wise words of wisdom that Kennedy shared- what resonated with you? Business groups To work collaboratively to create a business idea.To create a business plan.To carry out market research. Group 1: Ice-Cream Wonderland“We will allow children design their own ice-cream at our ice-cream parlour” […]

Lesson 2: Social Geography of Japan

So far you have learnt about the Geography of Japan; now it is time to learn about its culture. Culture can be defined as “the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, encompassing language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.” With this in mind, today we will be focussing on the different […]

Lesson 1: Social Geography of Japan

Today we will be looking at the Geography of Japan; specifically, we will be recapping prior skills and looking at the human and physical attributes of the country. Task 1 Your first task for today is to watch the video below and to use what you learn to answer the following question. In geography, what […]

A rollercoaster of a day at Drayton Manor!

Morning preparationsHow do you feel this morning? What a fantastic day at Drayton Manor! Lots of fun, excitement and it was wonderful to see everyone facing new fears, conquering new heights and cork-screwing their way through the park! The children’s faces were truly a picture!This was a very memorable experience for all, and the perfect […]

Drayton Manor 🎢🐯🍭

Date: Tuesday 28th JuneTime: 8.30am- 5.30pm Important messages:-P.E. school top (leggings, shorts or waterproof trackies- no jeans or woolly bottoms) -Backpack (to hold your water bottle, lunch and jacket) -If your child receives school dinner a packed lunch will be provided. (No pocket-money needed) TRAVEL SICKNESS-Please ensure you have taken the appropriate actions! HAYFEVER- Take […]

Six Red Art Builders Day

Introduction video ( created by Sabah and Harroop) Art Day Gallery How have you prepared for the day? Throughout the morning what challenges did you and your team have to overcome? What BH values did you apply this afternoon? Give examples.

6R orienteering in Coombe Abbey

Teamwork, respect and enthusiasm was floating in the air today! Six Red had the opportunity to work in small groups and compete in an orienteering task. We walked over 3KM today and came second place against other schools. WELL DONE! Super quotes of the day:”Its not about winning, we want to do a good job […]

Y6 Summer 2 Homework

Prepare for your weekly spelling test(These no longer need to be recorded in your homework book- learn these as you wish independently) Week 1-5Grid Homework: Please complete one task from the grid each week.Return by Wednesday! Blog commentsAs part of your citizenship please comment on different blogs around school. Celebrating others learning and encouraging your […]

Y6 Body Changes

Dear Parents/Carers, Next Thursday 30th June, Year 6 will be taking part in a workshop about body changes and growing up. We are using age-appropriate NHS resources (These have been shared via email with adults/ carers). If you have any concerns or questions about this please feel free to speak to any of the Year […]

Chapter 3: Kensuke’s Kingdom

Comprehension: 1) On what date did Michael first see Africa? 2) What does Michael learn about basking sharks? 3) Why wasn’t Michael allowed to keep watch on days 1 and 2? 4) How do Michael’s feelings change during the chapter? 5) Michael describes his family as “mad as hatters”. What does he mean? 6) What […]

Chapter 2: Kensuke’s Kingdom

Comprehension: 1) What does Michael have to do for “English”? Which of the crew members was allowed to be idle? 2) Which part of the sailing do you think Michael most/least enjoyed? 3) Why can Michael no longer argue with his mother? 4) Why do you think the chapter is called “Water, Water Everywhere”? 5) […]

6R Magistrates workshop

What an informative session today for Year Six! Today, we learnt about the Magistrates court. We looked at different types of crimes, courts and what you can be convicted for. Some children did some art from the perspective of the courtroom and had a go at sketching the Coat of Arms logo. Other children got […]

Y6 Orienteering day at Coombe Abbey

We have organised an orienteering day for Year 6 on Thursday 23rd June. It will be an exciting day as you will be using your orienteering skills to compete against other schools in our Aspire network. Children should wear:– Sturdy shoes/trainers for walking-School trousers/ dark shorts/ dark leggings-BH P.E. t-shirts-Check the weather and wear appropriate […]

Chapter 1: Kensuke’s Kingdom

Comprehension 1) How does Gran describe the plan? 2) What effect does redundancy have on this family? 3) How do you think Michael and his mother feel when father reveals his plan? 4) Why does his father keep the plan “deliberately mysterious?” 5) Is “tyrant” a good word to describe mother? 6) What effect does […]

Six Red History Week Gallery

With us learning about the social Geography of Japan this half term, it felt appropriate to study the a small part of the rich History of Japan this week. We will be studying life during Edo Japan and a famous artist named Katsushika Hokusai. We will learn about his surroundings, passions and his famous art […]