Y6 Homework (Due 20.10.21)

Week 5 Homework Checklist Daily reading and updating my reading journal. VIPER task and author, illustrator and sketch box (at the bottom of the page in your reading journal) Practising my spellings and putting these into sentences. Completing one task from the homework overview. 3 Mathletics tasks on addition and subtraction *Completing homework set on […]

Y6 Dovedale Trip (14.10.21)

It is with great excitement, I would like to announce that our annual visit to Dovedale will be taking place this year! Thursday 14th October 2021Arrive to school at 7.45amCollect from school at 4.30pm(Hanford Close) What do I wear?SENSIBLE FOOTWEAR: (Walking boots or trainers with strong grip and ankle support)Waterproof jacket: It will be windy […]

Day 4: Miniature Wolves have escaped!

A BING BONG announcement: “I have a message for year six staff! The staff room has been left in a horrible way! Crumbs and litter scattered across the floor. I am very disappointed, in this school we care for our environment. Teachers should be role models! I will be speaking to staff this afternoon!” We […]

Day 3: Bee Evacuation

After the horrific morning we had yesterday, we didn’t think this would happen today… Evacuated from our class, we had to stand in the cold whilst our school caretaker attempted to remove a bees nest from our classes! Bees? In October? How bizarre was this morning? Please let your parents know that everything is okay […]

Day 2: Disaster struck!

Disaster struck! We arrived to school with the outside area being barricaded. The map we had was left outside class of 6 blue had been ruined! All the colourful illustration of the cities, villages and the colourful roads had faded. The miniature wolves disappeared , having left a trail of miniature wolves footprints. The walls […]

Day1: An unusual game

Monday, I woke up, had my regular breakfast and rushed eagerly to school. We all started the day as usual, got our stationary out, completed our challenges etc etc. Whilst waiting for the English date and title we overheard Mrs Sharma and Mrs Ahmed bickering about some random box. In Six Red, you learn one […]

Year 6 Homework Tasks (Due 29/09/21)

Week 2 Homework checklist:*Daily reading and updating my reading journal.*Practising my spellings and putting these into sentences.*Completing one task from the homework overview.*Completing homework set on ‘Mathletics‘ (Rounding, numbers to digits and place value to a million)*Completing homework set on ‘SPaG.com‘ (Terminology A)*Comment on the Norway blog Homework overview(Please select ONE task to complete from […]

European Languages Day- Norway

Velkommen til Europadagen i år 6! Barna har hatt noen fantastiske opplevelser med å bake norske delikatesser, studere History and Geography of Scandinavia og til og med ta del i litt språk og tradisjonell dans! Jeg håper du liker vårt galleri med aktiviteter nedenfor! Welcome to Year 6’s European Day! The children have had some […]

Year 6 Class Novel (Autumn 1)

This half term we are reading ‘Skellig’ a book written by David Almond. PDF copy to use when reading together in class. https://booksvooks.com/scrolablehtml/skellig-pdf-david-almond.html End of week 1:What are we beginning to learn about the main character?(Create a poster which can be shared in class)

6 Red Week 1 Homework

What a great week! Below is your homework outline (which has been explained to you in school also) Autumn 1 Homework Overview Pick ONE task from the first column and complete to the best of your ability. Complete ONE challenge- Reading or Maths Challenge Look at the blog and showcase your work creatively.(Maths needs to […]

Evolution & Inheritance (Lesson 1)

We began this half terms science unit exploring the term ‘inheritance‘. We then explored our own inherited characteristics VS acquired characteristics. We learnt some super scientific vocabulary to further develop our learning such as nucleus/ DNA and chromosomes (chrom o somes) Science experiment:Extracting Strawberry 🍓 DNA 🧬 Bronze challenge: Which characteristics have you inherited from […]

6Red Intervention & Club reminders

Monday 8.30 AM Reading: Harroop/ Ravi/ Sabah8. 30 AM Mrs Sharma’s Maths: Safwan/ Zughina/ Mishal/ Laura Tuesday (P.E. Day) 8.30 AM Reading: Harroop/ Ravi/ Sabah8. 30 AM Mrs Sharma’s Maths: Safwan/ Zughina/ Mishal/ Laura Wednesday 8.30 AM Maths: Ridwan/Sabah/ Afsana8.30 AM Reading gladiators: Saira/Aayan M After school: Skint2Mint: Esha/ Lisa/ Mishal/Marley Thursday 8.30AM Laura/ Lisa […]

Secondary School Open Evenings

I will upload any new information I receive in regards to open days. Sidney Stringer -22/09/21 Sidney Stringer Academy invites you to an Open Evening. Wednesday 22nd September at 5.30pm. Please visit if you would like to meet staff, students, take a tour of the facilities and see live lessons. If your parents have any […]

Year 6’s Roaring Dino Day

Normally I would say WOW! But today I am going to say ROAR! We are super impressed with the efforts and levels of creativity that the children produced for Dino Day! Children came in their wonderful homemade costumes and produced outstanding home learning about The Cretaceous Period. The aim of today was to engage children […]

Dino Day! Monday 13th September

To kick start our English and Science learning this half term we have organised a ‘Dinosaur theme day’ for all children! Costume ideas(We would like you to apply the BH value of ‘Creativity’ to design and make a costume using recycled items) Homework– Due on Monday Everyone is expected to create a Dinosaur project of […]

Six Red-This is me!

This week has been a wonderful insight to how every child in Six Red is an individual and how together we make a creative, fun, honest team! Video sharing the highlights of the week! Gallery of all the super work!(Children have chose their best piece of work to celebrate and share with you) Reflections*What do […]

Year Six Notices

What a brilliant start to the school year! Year Six have definitely made their mark. Please can all children arrive to school by 8.30 as they all are placed in a range of interventions to support their learning. Monday (Swimming kits due) All swimming kits should be in school on Monday (ready for swimming on […]

Year Six Autumn 1 Spellings

As well as a paper copy, your spellings are attached below.These spellings are a combination of the Y5/6 spelling list and subject specific vocabulary for our units of learning. Good luck, you will be tested every Friday. Meerkats Sharks Crocodiles Spelling Tips:

Welcome to Six Red!

What a great start to the week! The sun is shining and the children are beaming! We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow! How does our class mantra represent us? “We are mad…We are bonkers! We are completely off our heads! But guess what? All the best people are in Six Red” Important notices:*If […]

6R’s Week of inspirational Maths

Every morning, we will start our day with a creative Maths challenge, in order to develop our maths knowledge and fuel our growth mindset. Session 1 : Building shapes What tips did we learn? Which school value did you need during this learning? Session 2 : Toothpick challenge (Identifying patterns) What was the rule you […]

5B exploring Stratford-Upon-Avon

What an exceptional day. We visited a beautiful town known for its rich medieval and Shakespearian history! All children were extremely well behaved, polite and inquisitive- many locals stopped to have a chat and share their love for the town. We even met an ex-mayor! Exploring the rich History of Stratford Upon Avon Geography of […]

Year 5 Euro 2021 Celebrations

Today we are celebrating the epic success of the England Football Team!A football fan or not this moment is huge for our country and Wednesday night came with floods of celebrations across the nation! FIFTY-FIVE YEARS since we have played in the final!Today those who are in school and those who are isolating will work […]

Y5 Home Learning 08.07.21

Good morning everyone who is isolating! I hope you are well, please complete the two sessions below in best! English-SPAGIdentify Different Tenses of the Perfect Verb Form MathsDivision Word Problems Zain- LBQ MATHS (Task 2)Lisa/Raees- LBQ MATHS (Education City) Bronze Silver Gold Greater Depth Layout:R/U: Write the question (Highlight key words)C: Draw a bar modelS: […]

5 Blue Zoom (Isolation)

Hello Five Blue!It is unfortunate we are having to isolate but your safety is the most important!Please can I ask all children and parents to keep an eye out for any symptoms and ensure LFT tests are being completed regularly. This week we be speaking with you every morning!EVERY child must join zoom at 9.00 […]

Y5 Home learning (07.07.21)

This morning you completed transition morning learning. The afternoon’s work is shared below: Maths- To divide with remainders(Please upload on Sharepoint) WATCH and PAUSE the video to complete the tasks set. – All work in books. LBQ practise: Practise Dividing a 3-Digit Number by a 1-Digit Number With Remainders (Short Division) LBQ code: TTJY History- […]

5 Blue transitioning to 6 Red

5 Blue Transition MorningWelcome Zoom at 9.20Meeting ID: 946 9575 5178 We would have been having our transition morning today. Your transition morning task is to write a letter to your new teachers. (Obviously this is me, HOWEVER, with each year you and I learn new things, we grow and develop and therefore Mrs Sharma […]

5 Blue Zoom Details

Hello Five Blue!This week we be speaking with you every morning!EVERY child must join zoom at 9.10 to 9.20 to be a part of our class register.We will begin the day sharing expectations and helping you to organise yourself. Zoom Conduct:*Password: Lower case/ Colour of our class Giraffe (_ _ _ _).*Microphone and camera ON […]

Y5 English (Medusa) Home Learning 24.06.21

Starter:What features can you see below? Comment on the blog Main task:Create a wanted poster all about Medusa! Who is she?Why is she wanted?Was she always evil?How would you describe her? ResearchKiddle ResearchBritannica- MedusaBBC Bitesize- Medusa Vocabulary hideous revenge vengeful evil stone statues a glare snakes hissing spiteful manipulative admiring self-absorbed gloating boastful Please upload […]