3 Red learn about our Amazing Bodies!

Today 3 Red started their exciting Science learning journey about Amazing Bodies. All of the Year 3 teachers came in dressed as skeletons and the children guessed what we were learning about based on our outfits. 3 Red came up with some fantastic, curious questions about our bodies. We thought about what we would like to find out about our bones, organs and how different parts of our bodies work. Please watch the video below to see what we got up to.

What would you like to find out about our amazing bodies? Comment below with a question you would like to find the answer to?


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  1. I would like to find out why do we have🦴 in our body’s?
    I would like to find out how many legs does skeletons have?
    I would like to find out how long is our spine?
    I would like to know how many bones do we have in our feet and hand’s?
    I would also like to find out whe we have kidneys.