3Red Wellbeing Day!😍

Today Year 3 participated in a range of fun, thoughtful and relaxing activities. Take a look at the video below. What was your favourite activity? What Broad Heath Values did you use? What act of Kindness did you show to your friends and adults today?


Today a horrific crime was reported at Broad Heath. Caveman Stig has had his cave broken into by some unknown perpetrators, who have left the cave in a right mess. An URGENT appeal has been launched by a team of BH detectives asking you, the BH citizens, for any information in regards to this crime. […]

3 Red’s European Language Day!

Today 3 Red celebrated European Language Day by learning about a European country: Poland! We learnt how to introduce ourselves in Polish and how to count to 20 it was very fun learning how to speak a new language. On top of this we learnt about the country of Poland, we researched information about this […]

Year 3 Autumn 1 Spellings.

Hello year 3, here is your new spellings for Autumn 1. We will have the spelling test on Friday. Can you please make sure that you practiceΒ everyday at home.Β These spelling will help you with your reading and writing . Week 1 spellings were practised in school. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU START PRACTICING WEEK 2 SPELLINGS […]

2 Red’s Transition Day!

Hello 2 Red! It was wonderful getting to know you all! You are a funny and smart bunch of children and we cannot wait to have you in 3 Red everyday next year! We hope you had fun today making your dream jars, playing games and painting self portraits, all of your fantastic work will […]


Hi Year 3 please find your spellings for Summer 2 below and practice them for your spelling test . You should make sure you are practising these everyday . We want to see more children gaining and getting 10/10 πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘.

3 Red’s AMAZING Egyptian Day!

Today we had an amazingly fun day. We started off the day researching the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, we used our teamwork and creativity to create posters showcasing our knowledge. Afterwards we learnt about the Egyptian numeral system, we used this system to calculate a range of challenging subtraction and addition questions. In the afternoon […]

3 Red Super Spellers.

This week in 3 Red we managed to get 9 children who got 10/10 and 7 children who were so close to getting 10/10 but got 9 .Well done to those children. Myself and Miss Holland are very proud of you! Next week can even more children get 10/10? Please make sure you are practicing […]


3R would like to wish Happy Mothers/Grandmothers Day to all the lovely mothers out there. We also would like to wish Happy Mothers Day to all the AMAZING women who love with a mother’s heart. Hope you have a lovely day! What BH values will you use to show your love and appreciation today?


A big well done to these children for scoring 10/10 . Looking forward to next week to have more children achieving 10 out of 10. Well done everyone! πŸ‘πŸΌ Put your skills to the test to see if you can crack these emoji riddles. Look at the emoji and say what you see. 1st one […]


Well done to all of our Super Spellers who have been practicing their spellings this week and achieved 10/10πŸ‘πŸ» Mkeep up the good work!😊 Well done to all the other children who were so close to getting 10/10 keep on practicing everyday and who knows next week it could be you😍😊. Have a lovely weekend […]

Year 3 Fun Roman Craft

As you know we will be having a Roman Day on Thursday 3rd February. We are looking forward to children dressing up in school. Please watch the videos below as inspiration for your costume. These are easy craft activities you can do at home to add to your costume.

Year 3 Autumn 2 Portfolios.

This half term Year 3 have displayed a fantastic attitude towards learning, the children have been curious and focused learners. It has been a pleasure to see them make progress this half term and we are all very proud. In Maths Year 3 have been learning about multiplication and division, the children have enjoyed learning […]

3 Red- Instructions

Today we made progress in our instructions unit, by verbally giving instructions to one another. We completed 3 practical activities, practising how to give detailed instructions using imperative verbs. One of those activities was to give instructions to make a jam sandwich. Watch the video below and complete the challenge. Challenge: Comment below the necessary […]

Year 3 Computing

Today we had a great afternoon learning to debug and programme What is bug? Why do we need to debug? What are the names of the two types of bugs we have looked at? Give an example for each.

3 Red learn about our Amazing Bodies!

Today 3 Red started their exciting Science learning journey about Amazing Bodies. All of the Year 3 teachers came in dressed as skeletons and the children guessed what we were learning about based on our outfits. 3 Red came up with some fantastic, curious questions about our bodies. We thought about what we would like […]

3 Reds Fabulous Spellers!

Well done to the all the children who scored 10/10 in their spellings, Mrs Begum and MIss Holland are incredibly proud of you, well done. Can we please make sure we practice our spellings at home ,it will be absolutely amazing to see more children getting 10/10. Have a lovely weekend and see you all […]

3Red Explore the Stone Age

This afternoon 3 Red explored the Stone Age by taking part in a range of activities outside. We participated in tasks which the early settlers would have carried in their everyday life. We whittled weapons using stones, grinded wheat and barley and practiced drawing cave paintings to communicate to others. Please watch our video! How […]

Amazing spellers in 3R!😍

Well done to all of our Super Spellers who have been practicing their spellings this week and achieved 10/10πŸ‘πŸ» keep up the good work!😊 Well done to all the other children who were so close to getting 10/10 keep on practicing everyday and who knows next week it could be you😍😊. Have a lovely weekend […]

Super Spellers in 3R

Well done to this week’s super spellers who have worked hard and got 10 out of 10 for their spelling test πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ†πŸ˜€. Miss Holland and I hope you all have a lovely safe weekend. Remember to read at home and get your diaries signed . Don’t forgot to make a note of the page number […]

3Red Super Spellers.

Well done to all these Children for getting 10/ 10 for there spellings Miss Holland and I would also like to say a big WELL DONE to the rest of the class for their super effort πŸ‘πŸ». keep up the good work and practise, practise.😊 Here is a challenge for all you wonderful children to […]

Year 3 Summer 2 portfolios

The staff in year 3 would like to say a big Well Done πŸ‘πŸ»! to all the children in Year 3. We are so proud of you all for showing all the BH values in your home and school learning considering the circumstances. Every single one of you have been amazing and pleasure to teach. […]