3 Red’s Art Day!

Today 3 Red had a creative and inventive art day! We created a collaborative piece of 3D art using recycled materials, inspired by nature. Throughout the day we all expressed our creativity in a variety of ways. In the morning we went outside to do an observational drawing of trees, we collected leaves for our leaf rubbings. After break we painted using watercolours inspired by Van Gogh’s ‘Cherry Blossom’ painting. In the afternoon we researched our key inspiration for the day, the Queen’s Green Canopy Project.

What was your favourite activity? What skills do you use today? Comment below.

20 thoughts on “3 Red’s Art Day!

  1. Our skills were tenacity and concentration .
    My favourite thing on art day was making a tree’s with miss Begum and miss walker.
    Yunus favourite thing is drawing and decorating

  2. Aryan-My favourite part was drawing the blossom trees. The skills I used were drawing and painting
    Amina-My favourite part was trying to drawing the tree and posted.

  3. My favourite activity was painting the marvellous flowers and branches. My Skills is to use brilliance because I want to try my best to work hard on this😄😄😄😄😁😁.

  4. My favourite activity was making blossom trees out of water colours and putting tissue paper as the insanely beautiful blossom’s. The skills I used were painting and pulling not to mention drawing

  5. My favourite part was when painting the pictures and making them better as I realized that our teacher told us it may look bad when you draw the outline but when you add the paint it looks way better than before.

  6. My favourite activity is the painting inspired by Van Gogh I think I used Teamwork because the poster that we made I helped Rehyan do he information and he done the pictures.

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