3 Red’s Well Being Day!

3 Red had a fantastic day filled with fun. To start the day we created shadows puppets inspired by the David Walliams’ story the Queen’s Orangutan, afterwards we used the puppets to retell the story. We took part in active Maths games to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes in the MUGA. After […]

3 Red Super Spellers

Well done to all of those who got 10/10 this week, we are super proud. Keep up the hard work everyone, hopefully we will have more 10/10 spellers next week. I hope everybody celebrating Eid has a fantastic time! We will see you all back in school on Wednesday, remember to read at home, complete […]

3 Red’s Super Spellers & Drumba Dancing

Well done to those children who got 10/10 on their spellings, hopefully we will have more 10/10s in the summer term! Carry on practising everyone! The children had so much fun dancing and drumming to music in our fantastic Drumba session today! They demonstrated excellent listening skills and tried their best to keep up! It […]

3 Red Rock Climbing!

Today 3 Red have had an exciting day! All the children bravely took on the wall and tried their best at rock climbing. The class showed tenacity, resilience and kindness today and afterwards the children had a healthy ice cream sundae with lots of fruit, which was prepared earlier in the day by the children. […]

3 Red’s Super Spellers!

Well done 3 Red you have broken our spelling record. 20 children got 10/10 this week and nearly everyone else got 9, what superb spellers you all are! You should be very proud of your efforts. Keep up the hard work and carrying on being excellent! Find as many words in the boggle as you […]

3 Red’s Gangsta Granny Performances!

Recently 3 Red have learnt about plays in English. This week the children used their knowledge of stage directions and dialogue, as well as their imagination to write their own play-script scene, inspired by Gangsta Granny. Today we used our drama skills to bring these play-scripts to life. Please watch the video to see our […]

3 Red’s Well Being Day!

We had a fun and relaxing Well Being Day, taking part in a range of activities. We expressed our creativity in the morning and were active in the afternoon! Please watch our blog to see what we got up to! Which activity did you enjoy most today? What Broad Heath Values have you used today […]

3 Red’s World Book Day!

We have had an exciting day, celebrating world book day! We solved a crime, created illustrations and a fact file of Granny. Please watch our video to see what we got up to! See our fabulous costumes in the gallery below: What did you enjoy today ? What is your favourite book and why?

3 Red’s Computing Week

This week 3 Red have learning lots of new skills computing skills. Not only did the children learn how to programme and fly a drone, but we also focused on the book ‘Once upon a time… online’ written by David Bedford, throughout the week. We understood how to be safe online and made animations on […]

3 Red’s Drone Workshop.

Today 3 Red started the day learning how to operate drones safely. They used teamwork and knowledge to programme and operate the drones. Some of 3 Red even managed to get their drones to flip! Watch the video to see how they got on. What did the drones enjoy most about the drone workshop?

Year 3’s Chinese New Year Assembly

Year 3 have worked super hard using their acting and singing skills to create an online assembly to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We have all thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Chinese Zodiac Story and using our creativity to bring the story to life. 2022 is the year of the Tiger, it is believed people […]

Year 3 Homework week 4

Hello Year 3! Please complete a minimum of 2 pieces of homework. Maths Complete the following reasoning problems on the blog. Find at least 4 different possible outcomes and show your working out. English Last week we were learning about mythical beasts in English. Your task is to write a description of your mythical beasts. […]

3 Red’s Super Spellers

Well done to the 10 children who got 10/10 on their spelling test (Muhammad Yaqoob included who isn’t in the picture). Carry on practising everyone! Remember to practise your times tables on TTRS, so 3 Red can win the competition. We can only win if we everyone puts in their best effort, lets work together […]

3 Red’s Super Spellers

Today we broke a record within 3 Red, because 22 children got 10/10 on their spellings. We are super proud of these scores, well done everyone. Carry on practising, let’s see if we can get even higher scores next week! Enjoy your weekend everyone.

3 Red’s Science Investigation

Today we asked questions in a groups about our amazing bodies. Does the length of your femur affect how far you can jump? Does the length of our arm impact how far we can throw a ball? Does the size of our feet influence our ability to balance? Each group came up with a question […]

Italy Day in 3 Red!

Today we have added to our extensive knowledge of Italy! We started the day by learning about how volcanic eruptions occur and learnt about the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD! We watched an animated film showing what happened to the city of Pompeii and used our observations from this to write newspaper reports, […]

10/10 Spellers!

Wow! We are so impressed with how well everyone did on this weeks spelling test, 16 children out of 3 Red got 10/10. Well done to those superstars who got 10/10 on their spellings and to everyone else who tried their best. Keep on practising everyone!

G7 Week- Canada

This week 3 Red have been learning about the G7 and the important political issues they discuss, including climate change. We focused on the country of Canada throughout the week, as Canada is a part of the G7 group. The children have used teamwork, communication and knowledge throughout the week to research and further their […]