35 thoughts on “Year 2 Homework 08.07.22

  1. I played Slithering Heights on Education City and my score was 100%
    I played Apples and Pears on Education City and my score was 100%.

  2. Educational City I scored 89% for my first full slithery height.
    Education city I scored 70% apples and pears .
    I have completed my English homework and my maths homework.

  3. I have completed the games on Educational City. My score for Slithering Heights was 78% and for Apples and Pears it was 85%. I did Water Raiders again because I could not see my score and got 95%.

  4. Week 4 Home work
    I have completed the maths challenge on Ed City and scored 33%.
    I have completed the Apples and Pears challenge and scored 100%.

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