2R Book and Performance Week

Our week has started off fantastically. We have shared and acted out our book again to refresh our memories, created questions to ask the therapy dog owner, learned new vocabulary, tested our sense of smell and even became illustrators! The story is below for you to share at home. Who is the author of Detective […]

2 Red spelling

Congratulations to the children below who got full marks in their spellings this week. All of 2 Red try hard and practise. We are so proud of each and everyone one of toy of you⭐️

A recount of our trip to Weston

The children in 2 Red have been very productive in English this week and we are super proud of them. Using discussion and role play to help them, they have written some fantastic recounts of their trip to Weston. They have tried hard to make their work interesting by incorporating descriptive language and adverbials of […]

Hygiene in 2 Red

As part of our science topic, keeping healthy, 2 Red have been learning about the importance of hygiene. Ladybird group created an information video. Take a look below. How often do you need to brush your teeth? Why? Why is it important to wash our hands before eating?

Billy Bob Buttons

This morning, Billy Bob Buttons the author came to visit us. He gave us some ‘tips’ to use in our writing and shared a couple of his books. We also had the opportunity to purchase a signed copy of our chosen book. Can you remember the ‘tip’ he gave us to help us describe a […]

Author visit on Wednesday 2nd October

How exciting! We are having the author, Billy Bob Buttons visit us next Wednesday morning. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to purchase a book signed by him. Below is a price list. If you would like to buy a copy of one of the books, please bring in the correct amount in a labelled […]

2 Red visit the Seaside

Our visit to the seaside was spectacular. The children had great fun playing in the sand and learned about seaside features. Their behaviour was outstanding. Thank you to the parents who came and helped us to truly have a day to remember! What treasures did we find on the beach? How did the wet sand […]

Today in 2 Red

The children were brilliant today at discussing and acting out different scenarios in groups. They used their detective skills to understand how others might be feeling. We made good use of the brilliant weather and took our learning outside to put ourselves in the shoes of the main characters from the book we are sharing, […]

2 Red Art Week

What great start to a new school year! 2 Red have had great fun learning about the artist, Claude Monet. Mrs Browning and myself are so proud of the children. They have settled into Year 2 brilliantly and have created some fantastic work. We are going to have a wonderful year! We discussed the school […]

Friday in 2 Red

On Friday, we created our own tongue twisters, showcased our riddles and asked our classmates to solve them. In the afternoon, to complete our topic work on Countries around the World, we designed and made headdresses to wear in our very own Brazilian carnival procession. Which Country did you enjoy learning about? What did you […]

Australian Art

As part of our ‘Around the World’ topic, we are learning about Australia. We have identified Australia on a map, researched Koala bears and written non-chronological reports about them. Today we learned about the Sidney Opera Theatre and Aboriginal art. Below are some of our art masterpieces.

Problem solving in 2 Red

Today we solved our problem practically outside and then went back into the classroom to record our answers. 3 birds laid 19 eggs altogether. They laid odd numbers each. How many different ways can you share 19 between the 3 nests using odd numbers?

A taste of 2 Red

Today, 1 Red visited their new class for the day. What superstars! We introduced ourselves and had fun playing a game outside before it got too hot and sunny. The children took photos of parts of the classroom that interested them and created pic collages. Below are some examples. We worked together in groups to […]

Entrepreneur week in 2 Red

We have had busy but fun few days. Take a look below at just some of our learning. Can you help me? I have 90p and I want to buy 3 bars of chocolate that cost 20p each. I also want to buy a smaller one that costs 15p. Have I got enough money? Will […]

How is chocolate made?

It All Starts at the Cacao Tree Cocoa pods on the cacao tree get picked when they are a burgundy brown colour–this is when they are ripe. Did You Know? Some Cocoa pods are as big as a rugby ball. Inside the cocoa pod are between 20-50 seeds–this is what we know as cocoa beans, […]

Engineers in 2 Red

2 Red have been fantastic engineers today. We wore clothes that engineers might wear and as part of our topic on Coventry, we have investigated watchmaking, the car industry and weaving. Today we became engineers. We designed and made our own cars, learned about Cash’s and had a go at weaving and even made our […]