2 Red – Investigating materials to create a model

How excited the children were! Today was the first day of Art Around the World Week. Throughout the week, we are learning about the artist, Luciano Polverigiani and his home country, Argentina. After creating a factfile, we explored his artwork and set about finding a suitable material to create a model or sculpture in the […]

Seaside Poem by 2 Red and more …

Taking the pattern from ‘Zoo’ poem, the children worked hard to create their own poem about the seaside. Can you spot alliteration? What other pattern can you spot? Continuing with our Seaside theme, the children have been investigating how the seaside has changed over time. We used art to record our findings. Take a look […]

Year 2 English Homework

This week, we have been exploring patterned poems. Below is a clip of the smart cookies in 2 Red’s Caterpillar group reciting and acting out the poem ‘Zoo Dreams’. You have all been star students in creating your own seaside poems using alliteration. Can you use alliteration to describe the seaside words below please?

A hygiene message from 2 Red

In science, we have been learning about the importance of hygiene. We carried out experiments to find out which was the best way to wash our hands. The children have also been discussing how to keep clean and healthy. Take a look at our video below. Do you think it is best to use soap […]

Year 2 30/09/20 English Home Learning

To write a recount Hello Year 2. You have verbally recounted your seaside day. Today, I would like you to write a recount of it. Caterpillars, I would like you to sort the sentences underneath and write them out please using your best writing. Remember, a capital letter goes at the beginning of your sentences […]

29/9/20 English Home Learning

To give a verbal recount Hello Year 2. Today I would like you to recount our seaside day! First of all though, what is a recount? Think back to your learning in Y1. Verbally means that we use speech instead of writing. Today, I would like you to create a video explaining what you did […]

Year 2 28.09.20 English Home Learning

Caterpillars, I would like you to say, hold and write some sentences about the seaside day please. Watch the video below and follow the instructions. If you are in Butterflies, Bees, Spiders or Ladybirds group, I would like you to write some exclamation sentences please. Remember. They are NOT questions. Watch the video below to […]

24/09/20 English Home Learning

To edit and improve sentences Thank you for all of your super work yesterday. Today I would like you to edit and improve some of my sentences for me please. Read through the information below which explains how you can improve or uplevel a sentence. Below, I have created a small video to help you […]

Year 2 23/09/20 English home learning

Hi Year 2. Today, I would like you to use the plans that you created yesterday to help you retell the ‘Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ story. Please use the fronted time adverbials (time openers) that you have on your plan to start your first sentence about each picture. Don’t worry if you haven’t got them, choose […]

Storytelling and roleplay in 2 Red

What budding young actors and actresses we have in 2 Red! Great storytellers too! Today, to gain a better understanding of the story, ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’, the children worked together to sequence, retell and act it out. Take a look at our morning below. Do you like or dislike the story? Explain your answer […]

2 Red Spelling Success!

Well done to the children below who scored full marks in their spellings today. You all have a great attitude to learning 2Red and we are very proud of you. The children below were so nearly there, scoring 9 out of 10!

Wellbeing 2 Red

Today, we practised team building skills. We were asked to give one positive comment, speaking clearly and trying hard to use intonation in our voices. We took turns and listened to our friends, waiting patiently for our turn to speak. Take a look at our video below. Such superstars and smart cookies! Well done. What […]

This week in 2 Red …

What an exciting week we have had! At the beginning of the week, we discovered that an envelope had been left on Mrs Penavega’s desk that was addressed to us. How exciting! We opened it and below is a photo of what we found inside. What could it be? We decided it was a clue […]

2 Red’s Art and Book Week

Well, where can I start? What a fantastic week we had! We shared the story ‘Hair Love’ and based all of our learning around it. Throughout the week, we designed our own hair styles, worked cooperatively to create a display, recalled and wrote the story, trying hard to use neat, cursive handwriting and paying attention […]

A fantastic first day in 2 Red

Mrs Browning and myself were truly delighted with the behaviour and attitude of the children in 2 Red today. They were sensible, helpful and tried hard at every task. Brilliant work 2 Red smart cookies. Each and everyone of you should be proud. Well done! Our learning this week, is based around the text, ‘Hair […]

Y2 17.07.20 Cash’s and Coventry

Two brothers, John and Joseph Cash started a silk weaving business in 1840. Today, the company is one of the best known silk weavers in the UK. Take a look at the video below to see how Cash’s have kept up with the times. Your task today is to practise your weaving skills. Have a […]

Y2 16.07.20 Watchmaking in Coventry

Did you know that Coventry was famous for making watches? We are going to make our own clock face, but before we do, read on to find out all about the history of watchmaking in Coventry. The first watch and clock maker in Coventry was Samuel Watson, who was sheriff of Coventry in the 1680s. […]

Y2 14.07.20 Coventry City Football Club

To interpret data Coventry City are League one champions! Next year they will be playing football games in the Championship league. Well done Coventry City Football Club! Below is a copy of the top of the League one table. Questions for Bees, Spiders and Ladybirds Challenge: 3 teams have 60 points each. How many did […]

Y2 13.07.20 Coventry City of Culture 2021

To promote Coventry How exciting! Coventry has won the City of Culture bid for 2021. What does this mean? You can expect to see performances of dance, poetry, music and theatre. In addition, we will celebrate our cultural diversity through art. A plan has even been put in place to create a 2 mile poem […]

Y2 – 10.07.20 – Art

To create a pattern in the style of African art In geography, we have been learning about Kenya which is a Country in the African continent. Today we are going to create some African patterned art. I would like you to create your own pattern however you choose! You can you paint, crayons, collage or […]

09.07.20 -Y2 – Geography

Wow, Year 2. We have learnt so much! We have learnt which continent Kenya is situated in, which countries surround it and we have named the oceans that are near it. We identified that the climate was much hotter in Kenya than in England because it is nearer the Equator. Today, we are going to […]