2R – It’s all about the Seaside!

Take a look at some of our learning this week. In English, it is based around the story, The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. We read half of the story together and then predicted what might happen next. We role played parts of the story to gain a better understanding of it. In geography, we are learning […]

Year 2 – Week 1 homework

Hello year 2 superstars. Below are your homework choices for this week. You can choose 2 out of the 3 activities to complete. Please upload any photos of any work to the link below. https://broadheathcoventrysch-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/liz_penavega_broadheath_coventry_sch_uk/Eu3xFJkkRkJEo_dKs5SZeoIBVYbnKNNl-j7vYnMVPCoURw We look forward to seeing your homework.

This is Me! 2 Red

What a great first day we had getting to know each other and finding out about ourselves. We have created some fantastic self portraits using our painting and collaging skills, matched our school values to the perfect Broad Heath Citizen and shared the story, The Ugly Duckling. We discussed what the word ‘moral’ means and […]

Football celebrations with 2 Red

What a great day! We all had a super time celebrating England reaching the finals. We practised our ball skills, played team games and enjoyed the weather. To finish our day off in style we held our very own celebration party. Thank you Mrs Frankish. It was wonderful. Good luck England! What did you enjoy […]

Hello 1 White

Mrs Browning and I are so excited about meeting you today. Because we are so looking forward to meeting you, we made a little video especially for you. Enjoy. We are going to have so much fun.

We are fantastic in 2Red!

We have all worked hard to learn the features of non chronological reports and have created one of our own. Yesterday, we worked together to edit and improve them. We read through our partner’s report and suggested ways in which they could improve them. Today, after practising hard to use intonation, we investigated the outside […]

Y2 Week 3 Homework

Hello y2 superstars. Below is your homework for this week. Remember, you can choose 2 out of the 3 choices. Please upload your homework to:https://broadheathcoventrysch-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/liz_penavega_broadheath_coventry_sch_uk/EjMT5zFD56VHglPuuGRDJyUBrJeVL1qzF7mC7eHQZVQ2Pg

24.06.21 Y2 English Home Learning

To plan a non chronological report Hello again Year 2. Today we are going to make progress by planning our very own chronological report. We are going to note down our title and then under each subheading, note down some key words and phrases that we will use in our report. You could decide what […]

2 Red Zoom calls on Friday

Hello 2 Red. I hope you are all well. Mrs Browning and myself would like to invite you to join a zoom call on Friday. It would be great to see you all. Caterpillars and butterflies 10 am on Friday. https://zoom.us/j/98931796914 Password – What we call our yellow coloured table in the classroom. NO CAPITAL […]

Year 2 phonics group 3

Hello group 3. Here is your phonics learning for today. Segment and blend the words below. I would like you to put each of the words into a sentence and say them to an adult. Choose 2 of your sentences and write them in the comments sections below please. hear ear near year fear rear

Year 2 Group 1 phonics

I would like you to practise segmenting and blending the words below. Then I would like you to put them into a sentence, say the sentence out load to your adult. Choose two of your sentences and write them in the comments below. see three been green seen keep need sleep feel

23.06.21 Year 2 English home learning

To write captions Hello again Year 2. In English, we are continuing to learn about non chronological reports. Today, we will make progress by learning how to write a caption for a picture. We will also need to use our art skills to draw some fantastic pictures and write our own captions for them. Please […]

Year 2 group 2 phonics

Hello Group 2. Take a look at the video below to find out about your phonics practise today. Here are some words I would like your to segment and blend, then please say them in a sentence to an adult. Please choose two to write in a sentence and put in the comments below. fair […]

22.06.2021 English Home Learning Y2

To use coordinating conjunctions Hello Year 2. Welcome to English. Today, we are learning to use coordinating conjunctions. This will help us to improve our sentences and also help us to write a brilliant non chronological report of our own! Send a copy of your work to https://broadheathcoventrysch-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/seb_carter_broadheath_coventry_sch_uk/EhL4h_YoD35KpoUkrPwK8FQB-FbKBhh-c1COYmYLaeZa3g Watch the video below to learn more. […]

Year 2 Homework. Summer 2 Week 1

Hello Year 2 superstars. Below is your homework for this week. Don’t forget, you can choose two out of the three tasks to complete. Please upload any photos of your work to this link. https://broadheathcoventrysch-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/liz_penavega_broadheath_coventry_sch_uk/EqUW6NBOMltJqWVu11yifiMB_nhcHwGRAG9UZ9bh8Z0K8w Please also remember to practise your spellings and read your reading book. If you have a challenge, please complete that […]

2 Red Coventrians Days

Our learning has been centred around David Moorcroft, the long distance runner from Coventry who took part in the Olympics. He even set a world record! Take a look below at some of our learning. Which school value did you write about? Why did we make torches?

Celebrating Prince Philip in 2 red.

What a fantastic start to a new half term! Today, we celebrated the life of Prince Philip. We learnt facts about him, created a time line of his life, folded newspaper hats, danced at our party, made Royal sandwiches, went orienteering to gain a taste of the Duke of Edinburgh Award and created a pop […]

All about fruit – 2 Red

As the theme of the day was healthy eating, we decided to create a healthy snack with fruit. First, we went to buy the fruit. The children were fantastic and the shopkeeper was so helpful. After that, we had a great time making kebabs and tasting fruit. We came up with some great adjectives to […]

2 Red National Numeracy Day

Because we were on our trip to the Botanical Gardens, we weren’t able to take part in National Numeracy Day with the rest of the school. We didn’t miss out though as we had our very own Numeracy day on Friday. Take a look below to see some of the wow learning we took part […]