This week in 2Red

What a great way to end this term. We have had sunshine and happy children who have been enthusiastic in their learning. You all have fantastic attitudes and always try your best. I know I have stated this before, but again, Mrs Browning and myself are so, so proud of you all. This week, our […]

2 Red make fraction pizzas and more!

Mrs Browning and myself couldn’t be more proud of the children in 2 Red. What a fantastic week! To complete our fractions unit, the children followed instructions to make their own fraction pizzas. Take a look at some of their creations below. Our learning in art is centred around ‘Mother Nature’. Take a look at […]

Year 2 Week 5 Homework

Hello Year 2. I hope you have had a great week! Below is a copy of this week’s homework. Please comment below to inform us if you have completed a challenge. It would be great if you could send a photo of your island to

2 Red Celebrations

Well done to Keaton for his TTRS success. Keep up the good work. We are very proud of you! Congratulations to our super spellers this week. 24 children got full marks in spelling this week. Keep up the good work 2 Red. You are certainly smart cookies!

Year 2 Homework Week 4

Hello Year 2. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Please don’t forget to complete your homework and send it to the link below.

Year 2 Homework

Hello Year 2. Thank you all for a lovely week. Don’t forget to complete your homework! This week is week 3 on the planner. Please upload your work to

Year 2 Mother Nature Artwork

This term in Year 2, art is focussed around the natural environment. After exploring a variety of artists and their outdoor artwork, we went outside, collected materials and created our own masterpieces. Think carefully about your artwork. What did you like best about it?

What a great week in 2 Red!

Mrs Browning and myself remain so, so proud of all the super cookies in 2 Red. Congratulations on a super attitude and being brilliant! You have all displayed many Broad Heath Values this week, including kindness, perseverance and teamwork. Keep up good work. Below, take a look at just some of the things we have […]

Thursday Zoom 10 am – World Book Day – 2R

📚How exciting! It’s world book day!📚 Hello Year 2. Time to get together and show our costumes to each other. This will be our last zoom meeting before we return to school. We would love you all to join us! Meeting id: 928 6913 9118 Link Passcode as before. Yellow table name, no capitals, […]

Y2 Home Learning – Art. 01.03.21

To create a blossom tree or branch Hello Year 2. Today to kick start our new art unit, Mother Nature, I thought we could all use our imagination and have some fun while we create our very own blossom masterpiece! Watch the video below to find out more please. Choose one of the ideas below […]

Y2 Maths Home Learning. 25.02.21

Hi Year 2. To warm up today, let’s revisit shape. Log into Education City and play, ‘On the face of it’. Record your score in the comments below. To construct a block diagram Today we are going to use our knowledge of tallying and tally charts to construct a block diagram. Watch the video below […]

2R Zoom Calls. Friday.

On Friday, we will be having a zoom call. It will be fantastic to see you all again! Caterpillars, Butterflies and Bees at 10 am Friday Password – name of yellow table with no capital letters. Meeting id 975 2620 8683 link Spiders and Ladybirds at 10.30 am Friday Password – name of yellow […]

Y2 Maths Home Learning. 24.02.21

Hello again Year 2. First, I would like you to log into Education City and play the game ‘Hit a Puck’. You will find it in the Homework Section. Record your score in the comments section below please. To draw and interpret pictograms Please watch the learning video below. Complete the total column in the […]

Y2 Maths Home Learning. 23.02.21

Hi Year 2. To warm up today, I would like you to find the total of 2 amounts. Choose 2 numbers and add them together using jottings please. I would like you to complete 4 calculations. Feel free to complete more if you’d like to. Watch the video below first please. To construct and interpret […]

Y2 Maths Home Learning 22.02.21

Let’s warm up by counting in 5’s. Join in with the video and count the petals on the flowers. Follow the link please. Today, we are starting a new maths unit, statistics. Take a moment to look at the learning journey and then watch the video below. To explore tally charts Please send your […]

2 Red. Theatrical Thursday.

Hello super cookies. Mrs Browning and myself are super proud of you all. You have all worked fantastically hard throughout. Give yourselves a big pat on the back, sit down, relax and take time to watch our Moana video. What has been your favourite part of music week? Have a super half term. You all […]

Year 2 – Theatrical Thursday Videos

Hello Year 2. Thank you to the children who have sent in videos. They are amazing. Please visit Mr Carter’s blog to find out more and choose your word if you haven’t done so already. Please upload your completed videos to

10.02.21 Y2 Home Learning – Art

To decorate a musical instrument using our previous art learning Please complete this after you have created your musical instrument. How exciting! We are going to decorate our musical instruments, using the patterns from our tattoos. Watch the video below to find out more. Please send your work to here or to the Y2 upload.

Y2 Home Learning. Art 09.02.21

To develop ideas from a starting point Hello Year 2. Welcome to another art lesson in Music Week! Today we are going to use our learning from yesterday to make progress and design our own tattoo. I would like you to put on your artistic hats and think about creating your own tattoo design in […]

Y2 Art. 08.02.21

To use line and tone to create a pattern Hello Year 2. Have you ever looked closely at the Maui’s tattoos? Every Polynesian tattoo tells a story, a story that is unique to the person who has it. I would like you to recreate a Polynesian tattoo. Tomorrow, you will design your own. Watch the […]

2 Red Zoom Calls every Friday

Don’t forget – same as last week Hello 2 Red Superstars. I have set Zoom calls on a recurring schedule. Please can your child join the Zoom call for their group every Friday at the same time. If your child sits on the Caterpillars or Butterflies table for English work (ask them they should know), […]

Y2 Maths Home Learning. 04.02.21

Counting in 2’s – Warm up To create a 3D object using shapes Today, you are going to use your plan to create your 3D space shape object. Please watch the video below before you start your creation. Please send a phot of your fantastic creation to or to the y2 emai. Please comment […]

Y2 Maths Home Learning. 03.02.21

Hello Year 2. Today, I would like you to warm up by completing the addition calculations below in your books. Remember to show your jottings. Watch the video below first please. To identify the shapes used to create a shape model Please send your work to the sharepoint or to the Y2 upload. You […]

Y2 Maths Home Learning. 02.02.21

Hello Year 2. To get our brains working today, I would like your to complete the following calculations in your homework books. Watch the video below first please. To identify shapes in a story Please send your work to or email to Y2 upload. Please watch the video below. Challenge 1. Look carefully at […]

Y2 Maths Home Learning. 01.02.21

Click on the link to watch the video on the properties of 3D shapes and how to fill in your table. What are the properties of 3D shapes? – BBC Bitesize please send your work to or by email to Y2 upload To make patterns with 3D shapes bronze – Create your own repeating […]