5 Blue- DT Theatre Structures

This half term, 5 Blue have been working in teams to design and make a theatre in which they would have like to perform their Macbeth assembly.

They researched the features of a theatre and explored building strong shapes.

They then made a frame structure using lollipop sticks and art straws. Finally they added the cladding using a range of joining skills and weaving.

Here are our completed theatres:

8 responses to “5 Blue- DT Theatre Structures”

  1. Joel G.

    Wow these look really good when the are finished.
    ,y favourite part of our theatre structure is the cladding

  2. Brooke M.

    I had loads of fun making this and I learned a lot of differences about thearters now and thearters in the Shakespearean times.

  3. Aisha R.

    It was fun making theatre structures.

    1. Aisha R.

      All of them are fantastic

  4. Luxor A.

    Thank you for doing this because I have learnt a lot of skills.i had lots of fun.

  5. Azaan H.

    I had so much fun.
    I also learnt so much.

  6. Maryam G.


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