Year 4 Blue Zoom links

4 Blue you are doing so well with the home learning- KEEP IT UP! Please find the links to next week’s Zooms below. Daily registration Monday-Wednesday at 9:15am Wednesday 3rd March 2021 at 10am- Tongue twister lesson Thursday 4th March 2021 at 9:30am(UPDATED TIME)- World Book Day class Zoom All of your […]

4 Blue Zooms

The passwords are the same as registration! Please join one of these this morning. We need to speak to you. 9am Group A: Zoom – click here 10am Group B: Zoom – click here

4Blue Music week timetable and Zoom calls

Well done to everyone who joined our registration calls last week. I’d like to see more children joining in Music week. Find the details below! Registration 9:15am every morning (same link) Registration Zoom: Meeting ID: 945 2912 7593 Password is the same as last week. The name of the country we studied in Autumn […]

Year 4- Reliability of online sources

Happy Safer internet Day! It is extremely important that you are staying safe whilst learning online. List 3 ways you can ensure you are safe online. Today we are looking at the reliability of websites and information that you read and see online. Make sure you watch my video and take the challenges set. Once […]

Year 4 Times tables

Firstly, Well done Year 4! What a great team. We have all worked together to ensure that we are the TTRS champions! Make sure you continue to practise on TTRS to ensure you are fluent in all of your times tables up to 12×12. For today, we are going to recall our 9 x table […]

Year 4 retrieval skills

Today for reading, we are revisiting a history topic we did in Autumn 1. This LbQ text is about the Anglo Saxons. To answer these questions you will be using your retrieval skills. You will have to pick out information from the text to answer the questions.

Year 4- 7 x table practise

Happy Friday Year 4! Here is your times tables session. Please watch the video and pause when you are asked to, ensuring you are completing the task in your homework book. Join in with the counting stick activity and answer my questions- the more you say these facts the more you will remember them! Also […]

4 Blue Zoom calls

Hi 4 Blue! Mrs Elkin has spoken with half of the class already this week. If this applies to you, you do not need to join my meetings tomorrow. If you missed Mrs Elkin’s meeting, please join one of mine. The following children need to attend tomorrow. Group C- 10am Meeting ID: 955 6971 […]

4B Feedback Friday Zooms

Hi 4 Blue, I’m looking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow and talking with you about your learning. I have a few reminders for you…. Please use the same link you used last week to enter the Zoom waiting room. Your Zoom link will work from 10am or 11am |(Depending which group you are […]

Year 4’s Citizens of the week!

Well done to everyone who is continuing to try their best and make progress through their home learning. We know this is difficult but we must remain focused and resilient. This week these three children have impressed the Year 4 team and we would like to celebrate this as a year group. Well done! Kai […]

Y4 6 x table

Good day Year 4! Learning your times tables is a key focus especially in Year 4 so you will have a timetables post to complete each Friday. This week we are learning…. To rapidly recall multiplication facts for the 6 x table Use the link below to practise your 6 x table facts! Now […]

4Blue Zoom calls

Good afternoon 4Blue, I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for Zoom calls. Please ask your parents to check their emails as I have sent invites (these will be the same for next week also!). Any problems please email the Y4upload. Some of you have had a Zoom call today with Mrs Elkin and […]

Year 4 Citizen’s of the week!

Good afternoon Year 4! Well done on a successful first week of remote learning! Let’s see who has impressed us and achieved Citizen of the week…. Safa has proved her work at school and home is the same! Showing she gives her best in all situations and learning. Well Done Safa, your work this week […]

4 Blue Zoom calls

Hello 4 Blue, I hope you are all safe and well. We would love to meet with you this morning on Zoom! You parents should have received a Zoom invite to their email address yesterday. If you have not received an email, this is because I am missing some parent emails from my records or […]

Y4 Remote learning

Good afternoon Year 4! For those of you who are working from home I wanted to share some expectations we have for you whilst you are learning remotely. There will be at least 3 daily blogs which will be uploaded by 8:30am each morning. Please ensure you have done this by 3:30pm if possible to […]

Y4 English home learning- 05.01.21

Happy New Year everyone! In English, this half term, we will be learning about ‘Stories set during World War 2’ Your learning objective for today is: To read and comprehend a text. Read through the extract below. Or listen to the link. Answer the following questions in full sentences on this post. Freezing wind howled, […]

Year 4 Home learning

Good morning Year 4, I look forward to seeing those of you who are coming into school this morning and hope you have all had a restful break and are ready to learn. For those of you who have opted to stay at home, for today we would like you to practise your times tables […]

4 Blue’s Anglo Saxon day!

Today was Anglo Saxon day! Well done for the super costumes and home made weapons, you all looked great! Today we learnt about Saxon settlement and what they had. We thought about reasons behind these features. What did an Anglo Saxon village include? Can you suggest why? We designed our own villages and made a […]

Year 4 visit to Coventry Cathedral

We are very excited to have booked a trip for Year 4 for After Christmas!As we are learning about the Coventry Blitz, we will be visiting Coventry Cathedral to help us to understand about the effects of World War II on our city.School will subsidize some of the cost of this trip although we require […]

Mrs Street’s English group

I have had the pleasure of working with these fantastic children over the last few weeks. We have been developing our sentence writing skills to create an information text about the Anglo Saxons. See their writing! How have you made progress? To develop our speaking and listening skills, we have used our knowledge of Anglo […]

Year 4- Anglo Saxon Day information

Hi Year 4, On Friday 4th December 2020, Year 4 will be having an Anglo Saxon day. We will be learning about what life was like during the Saxon times and helping the children to understand how it was different to life today. We would like the children to dress up for this day. This […]

Year 4 homework upload Week 1

Hi Year 4, Please find below your link to upload you homework to for Week 1. We had a practise at this today in class so you should feel confident to do this. Please let your teacher know on Monday if there are any problems. 4 White 4 Blue 4 Red Have […]

Year 4 Week 1 homework

We have been learning how to add and subtract wih exchanges. To help us to solve these problems we have used PV counters , Pictures and the written column method. Use your homework book to help you to set out and solve these problems using these methods. Comment on this blog your answers to questions […]