Bosworth trip

  On Thursday 27th May 2021, ALL children in 4Red will be going on the trip and the remaining children from 4Blue. The coach will be leaving promptly at 9am so children need to be in school by 8:30am ready. We will return to school before home time so normal pick up at 3:15pm. Children need to wear comfy clothes, school jumpers […]

4 Blue’s trip to Bosworth Part 1

Today half of 4 Blue visited Bosworth Battlefield. It has been a lovely day even if it was a bit wet! The children met a ‘Bosworth soldier’, learnt about the types of weapons that may have been used and took part in a battle drill. They looked around the exhibition and learnt more about life […]

Year 4- 20.05.21 trip to Bosworth

On Thursday 20th May 2021, half of Year 4 will be going on a trip to Bosworth Battlefields.  On Thursday 20th May 2021, ALL children in 4White will be going on the trip and the following children from 4Blue:  Hammad, Sadiq, Arafath, Rishi, Safah, Kai, Bilal, Abdurrahman, Fatimah, Ismaeel, Moosa, Kaila, Nihit,  Sana, Samanta, Joni All other children will attend the trip on Thursday 27th May 2021. The coach will be leaving promptly […]

Year 4 Multiplication tables check

Dear parents, Please find attached information about the Multiplication Tables Check that Year 4 pupils will be taking next half term.Children will be having a go at some of the ‘try it out’ practises at school over the next few weeks. At home, please can you encourage you children to continue practising their multiplication facts […]

Year 4-Active maths

This morning, Year 4 have been learning how to compare decimal numbers. They have had to identified the value of each digit to know which number is larger. They then took part in Active maths activities to help consolidate this learning. Order, Order! Children worked together in teams. They were each given a set of […]

Year 4 Bosworth trip

We are very excited to share that Year 4 have a trip arranged for later this half term!  As we are currently learning about the Tudors in our history lessons, we are going to visit Bosworth Battlefield to learn about how Henry Tudor became King Henry VII! We will explore the battle grounds and learn […]

Year 4-Wizard of Oz day

On Tuesday 11th May 2021, Year 4 will be having a ‘Wizard of Oz day’. As we are learning about Playscripts in English and writing our own versions, we thought this would be a brilliant opportunity for the children to dress up as a character from the story and perform . Through doing this they […]

Mrs Street’s English group-Playscript

This half term, we are looking at play scripts in English. This week we have identified the features of a play script and annotated them using coloured crayons. We took part in a guided reading session to ensure we understand what was happening in the play script. We answered questions about the text. Today, we […]

Year multiplication treasure hunt

Year 4 have been developing their understanding of multiplication through learning the formal written method. After our lesson, we applied our new skills by participating in a multiplication treasure hunt. In teams, the children found questions on the school grounds and used the formal written method for multiplication to solve the word problems and collect […]

Year 4 Memory Magic

This half term Mrs Street’s Memory magic group have been working on the magic trick of ‘Focus’. To develop their focus they took part in memory games such as bingo, snap, spot the difference, dot to dot and ‘listen and colour’. within this session the children have also developed skills such as turn taking, respect […]

4Blue D&T

This half term, we have challenged the children make gliders in the style of World War 2 spitfire planes. to do this the children have had to research the features of the plane and observe and sketch the shape. They had to measure the size of the parts accurately and ensure the body and the […]

Year 4 Divergent Drama visit

We are excited to inform you that Divergent Drama will be visiting school on Thursday 25th March 2021. This is a drama workshop focusing on oceans and continents which links in brilliantly to our Geography learning this half term. Children paid towards this workshop last year when they were in Year 3 although due to […]

4 Blue show kindness

This week in 4Blue we have been thinking about different ways in which we have and could show kindness. We created kindness clouds to express how we are kind. 4Blue, share on this blog….. * How you have shown kindness *How you plan to show kindness in the future. Why is kindness such an important […]

4 Blue- we are proud of you!

Wow! What a super first week back to school! It has been so wonderful to see all of your happy faces and seeing the progress you have made during your home learning. We were so impressed that you have settled back into routines and risen to challenges and the high expectations as if lockdown hadn’t […]

*Year 4- WBD Reading comprehension*

Good morning Year 4! Happy World Book day! As a year group we will be focusing on the wonderful book ‘The lion and the unicorn’ by Shirley Hughes. Make sure you have listened to the story on the video and think about the questions. As we are reading, have a go at answering the questions […]

Year 4 Last week of remote learning!

Dear Parents, As the children will be returning to school on Monday 8th March 2021, this will be our final week of online learning. Well done to you all for supporting your child during these unfortunate times and we are very impressed with the learning and progress we can see your child has made.For our […]

Year 4 Blue Zoom links

4 Blue you are doing so well with the home learning- KEEP IT UP! Please find the links to next week’s Zooms below. Daily registration Monday-Wednesday at 9:15am Wednesday 3rd March 2021 at 10am- Tongue twister lesson Thursday 4th March 2021 at 9:30am(UPDATED TIME)- World Book Day class Zoom All of your […]

4 Blue Zooms

The passwords are the same as registration! Please join one of these this morning. We need to speak to you. 9am Group A: Zoom – click here 10am Group B: Zoom – click here

4Blue Music week timetable and Zoom calls

Well done to everyone who joined our registration calls last week. I’d like to see more children joining in Music week. Find the details below! Registration 9:15am every morning (same link) Registration Zoom: Meeting ID: 945 2912 7593 Password is the same as last week. The name of the country we studied in Autumn […]

Year 4- Reliability of online sources

Happy Safer internet Day! It is extremely important that you are staying safe whilst learning online. List 3 ways you can ensure you are safe online. Today we are looking at the reliability of websites and information that you read and see online. Make sure you watch my video and take the challenges set. Once […]

Year 4 Times tables

Firstly, Well done Year 4! What a great team. We have all worked together to ensure that we are the TTRS champions! Make sure you continue to practise on TTRS to ensure you are fluent in all of your times tables up to 12×12. For today, we are going to recall our 9 x table […]

Year 4 retrieval skills

Today for reading, we are revisiting a history topic we did in Autumn 1. This LbQ text is about the Anglo Saxons. To answer these questions you will be using your retrieval skills. You will have to pick out information from the text to answer the questions.

Year 4- 7 x table practise

Happy Friday Year 4! Here is your times tables session. Please watch the video and pause when you are asked to, ensuring you are completing the task in your homework book. Join in with the counting stick activity and answer my questions- the more you say these facts the more you will remember them! Also […]

4 Blue Zoom calls

Hi 4 Blue! Mrs Elkin has spoken with half of the class already this week. If this applies to you, you do not need to join my meetings tomorrow. If you missed Mrs Elkin’s meeting, please join one of mine. The following children need to attend tomorrow. Group C- 10am Meeting ID: 955 6971 […]