Year 5 Wellbeing day

On Thursday 17th November 2022, Year 5 will have a Wellbeing day. Please ensure you have your PE kit on and trainers for this day. Year 5 will have PE and Swimming as normal this week so will also need PE kit on these days too. Many thanks

Eco club request for Plastic bottle lids!

Most plastic bottle tops are made from a plastic that can be recycled, but the vast majority of local authorities do not have the equipment or facilities to process them, particularly small bottle tops. This is often because the bottle tops are too small to go through the machinery, and can cause a problem in […]

5 Blue- Ghanaian art

5 Blue have enjoyed creating Ghanaian art this week. We researched the Ashanti tribe in Ghana and learnt the features and their significance. Why and when are they worn? What are their features? We used mod rock to mold an African mask in teams. We pained our Ghanaian masks and they are now on display. […]

5Blue- Warhol style art prints

This half term we have learnt about Warhol and his famous art work. We researched his life and his art. We chose everyday objects to photograph thinking about different perspectives. Afterwards we developed our observational skills when completing still life sketches. We looked at colour pairing and mixing colours which we then use to create […]

5 Blue visit the Space centre! 🚀

This half term, in Science we have been learning all about Space. As part of our learning, we have been very lucky to visit The National Space Centre! We had an ‘out of this world’ experience exploring the many exhibits and learning lots of new information that we could also link to our 1960’s unit […]

5Blue- eye witness drama

As part of our newspapers unit, we have been looking at the importance of direct and reported speech. What is the difference between direct and reported speech? We worked in pairs to act out eye witness accounts of an alien sighting. We then attempted to share this account using reported speech. Challenge: Write your own […]

Year 5 Art and Design

In Art and Design this half term, we are exploring the works of Andy Warhol, linking with our 1960’s History unit. As part of this, we will be studying everyday objects that we can transform into works of Art. To create our own individual pieces, we would like to invite the children to bring in […]

5 Blue visited the big top!

5 Blue had a fabulous time watching the circus performance this afternoon. Afterwards they got to take part in a workshop to learn how to hula hoop and spin plates. It was so much fun! What values have you devleoped during these sessions? What has been your favourite part of the sessions?

5 Blue- citizenship week

As part of citizenship week, the children learn more about basic first aid. We discussed how to deal with minor injuries such as minor burns, insect stings and nosebleeds. We also learnt what to do if we ever required emergency services. What have you learnt? We then created posters to teach others.

5 Blue- To showcase expectations for Year 5

5 Blue have created and shared presentations with Year 4 this afternoon. These presentations were created using Imovie or Microsoft PowerPoint. Children collated information that they felt was important to share with the Year 4 children in order to prepare them for Year 5. Here are their presentations:

Year 5- learning about Year 6

Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with Year 6 this afternoon.  The Year 5 children gathered together some questions they had about Year 6 and then had the opportunity to ask them this afternoon.  The Children have had some fantastic conversations which have been extremely valuable for them and has relieved any worries the […]

Welcome to 5Blue!

We are excited to meet you all tomorrow and to welcome you to 5 Blue! Here is a video to share some information about us and we would love to learn more about you! Challenge: Tell us 3 things you would like us to know about you. Do you have any questions about Year 5? […]

Year 5- junk/ cardboard request

Hi all, Later this week, we will be making our bridges in Science. Please bring in as much as you can to make your bridge. We will need bottles, cardboard, pringles pot, cartons, cardboard boxes etc. Please can you bring anything you have in by Thursday 7th July 2022 Thank you!

5 Blue’s Greek Day

Today was Ancient Greek day in Year 5 and we were so impressed with all the effort the children made to dress up. Look at our wonderful costumes…. Today we created our Greek sculptures out of clay. The children researched life in Ancient Greece and what was invented during this period. They also tried Greek […]

5 Blue-Art day

Today was art day and as a school we are looking at ’Global orchards’. In Year 5, we are looking specifically at ’Olive orchards’. To learn the importance and symbolism of a olive branch The children researched and created a pic collage as part of a group. To use food colouring to dye egg shells […]

Year5 Ancient Greek dress up

On Friday 1st July, Year 5 will be having an Ancient Greek day. We would love to see the year 5 children come in dressed up. Below are some photos of potential costumes. An easy and simple costume would be a long white t-shirt and a coloured sash. Long pale dresses with a coloured sash […]

Macbeth costumes- 21.6.22

Year 5,  In preparation for our assembly on Thursday. Please can you bring in the following costumes. Narrators- Red clothing Lords- Blue clothing Ladies- smart dress Banquo- white clothing Witches- black outfit Everyone else- Black Please bring your clothes for the assembly into school tomorrow in a named plastic bag.

5B- balanced arguments

As part of our discussion texts, we had a debate within the class to discuss two key questions: Should school uniform be abolished? Should SATs be abolished? What reasons are there for and against? What would you conclude?

5 Blue- History week- Lady Jane Grey

This week, 5 Blue have learnt more about the short and tragic life of Lady Jane Grey. To make enquiries. To begin the learning, the children had a video shared with them including clues. Only one child in our class was able to work out who we were learning about using sing these clues alone. […]

Year 5 Macbeth Assembly

Year 5 have been working hard to prepare an assembly based on our English learning in Summer 1. We would love the Year 5 parents to join us on Thursday 23rd June to watch our performance of ‘Macbeth’. Please arrive through the Hanford Close/ Office entrance by 2:10pm to ensure you are seated and ready […]

5 Blue- DT Theatre Structures

This half term, 5 Blue have been working in teams to design and make a theatre in which they would have like to perform their Macbeth assembly. They researched the features of a theatre and explored building strong shapes. They then made a frame structure using lollipop sticks and art straws. Finally they added the […]

5 Blue Jubilee Day

5 Blue have had a super Jubilee day. We have learnt about the Queen’s life and key events during her reign. We have enjoyed playing royal games and enjoyed eating cake on the field. What have you enjoyed most? Tell me three things you have learnt about the Queen and her life. How are you […]

Year 5 wellbeing day

Active Maths In active maths, we have been practising a range of skills. We have practised telling the time on an analogue clock. After that, we identified the types of angles made by the hands on the clock and estimated how many degrees the angles were. Finally we use protractors to measure the angles. Value […]

Eco skills academy

Well done to all the super stars in Mrs Street’s Eco skills academy club. On Friday, we looked at the litter outside the Webster Park gate and were shocked by the amount of rubbish. As a team, we used our skills academy time to litter pick to improve the environment. What else could we do […]