Welcome to Year 4

Greetings from the Year 4 staff! It is such a shame that we haven’t been able to meet you all in person on a transition day this year. We have been reassured that you are all amazing children and we are very excited to meet you and teach you in Year 4. Meet the Year […]

Year 3 Parent meeting information

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Year 3 meeting yesterday. The meeting was to share expectations and would have been very beneficial in understanding new challenges and systems in a new year group. Below is the Powerpoint that was shared. If you have any questions please speak to a member of the […]

Year 3 Peter Pan day 03.10.19

Year 3, we are going on an adventure! On Thursday 3rd October, we are off to Neverland! To enhance our literacy learning and unit of adventure stories, we would like to go on an adventure which we can then write about. As we will be reading Peter Pan, we would like you to dress up […]

Year 3 comics

Some children in Year 3 have been given comics. They were all very excited to receive these and wanted to thank Mrs Frankish. Here is a video of the children talking about them.

5 Red’s PE and wellbeing day

It has been a pleasure to teach in Year 5 today! The aim of today was to develop children’s overall health through a variety of physical activities. They have improved their teamwork and cooperation skills and developed their hand-eye coordination. We focused on positivity and how we can be positive through respect and empathy. We […]

5 White’s compliments

As part of their Health and Well-being day, the children in Year 5 have been asked to think about the value of kindness, and in particular, compliments. They have explored the positive effect compliments have on one another, and that their actions have an impact on other people’s feelings.We would like the children to share […]

Year 3 parent meeting 23.09.19

Dear Parents/Carers, There will be a meeting for all Year 3 parents on Monday 23rd September 2019. The purpose of this meeting is to share key messages regarding the school website, homework, reading, spellings, behaviour and  general school expectations. This meeting will be held in the school hall. Please enter through the school office and sign in. Please arrive at […]

Year 3 Library visit

On Thursday 5th September, Year 3 will be visiting Foleshill library. We will be visiting to read stories about the value ‘Courage’ which has been a Year 3 focus this week. If children have library cards please could they bring them into school. This will allow them to take out a book from the library […]

Welcome to 3 Blue!

In 3 Blue in September will be Mrs Khaliq and Mrs Patel.Mrs Khaliq is a new teacher to Broad Heath Primary School. She is very excited about joining the team. Both lovely adults are excited about meeting their amazing new class!

20.06.19- Year 3’s London trip

This week is Year 3’s trip to London! On Thursday 20th June 2019, Year 3 children need to come to school between 7am-7.15am where they will be given breakfast. Please come through Hanford Close.(Please do not be late!) We will leave promptly at 7:45am. Please ensure your child has comfortable clothes with their school jumper. If your child has school dinners, this meal will be […]

Year 3 Summer fair donation request.

Hi all, This year at the Summer fair, Year 3 will be responsible for the games stall and refreshments stall which we are very excited about. Year 3 will be designing and preparing games to be played this week during Entrepreneur week. Keep checking the blog to find out which games there will be! We […]

3 White- giving verbal instructions

This week we have been learning about instructions. Firstly we identified the key features of an instruction text. What are the key features of an instruction text? Today we followed instructions to make a pizza. We did this as a class. Afterwards, we gave our own verbal instructions to make a pizza and presented this […]

Y3 communities

This half term, in PSHE we are learning about communities. How could you help in your local community? What rights do you have in the school community? What roles do you have in the school community?

Year 3 Easter homework

Hi Year 3, you have all worked very hard this half term and deserve a good Easter break. Please have a break and have fun. So that you are still doing some learning during the break, please have a go at the two rising stars reading homework that you have been set. They are called […]

3 White- Making an Egyptian sarcophagus

In Design and technology this half term, 3 White were set the challenge of designing and constructing a sarcophagus in the style of the Ancient Egyptians. First we researched the features of an Egyptian sarcophagus and what they were used for. What is a sarcophagus? What were the features? We thought about suitable materials to […]

Year 3 Easter assembly

Hi all, Year 3 have been working extremely hard to prepare the Easter assembly. This will be held on Thursday 11th April 2019 at 2:30pm. We would like to invite the Year 3 parents along to our performance. Please arrive before 2:30pm at the Hanford Close entrance. We look forward to seeing you!

3 White’s Egyptian day

Today 3 White had Egyptian day! We are so impressed with the effort that every single child made to dress up, you all looked amazing! Today we designed an Egyptian sarcophagus which we will start creating tomorrow! We explored Egyptian hieroglyphics and had a mummy wrapping competition. We tasted food which would have been eaten […]

3 White- Individual liberty

Today we looked at a picture of ‘Freedom park’. We used our inference skills to identify how the children in the park had ‘individual liberties’ What are individual liberties? Who has them? Challenge: Identify how these children have individual liberties. Does having individual liberties mean you can do whatever you want? Explain why. How do […]

3 White- Science week

This week has been a ‘Masterpiece’! In Year 3 we have been learning about the journey of light. We have explored light sources and electrical circuits. We have made torches and researched different light inventions. We used the VR headsets to learn more about the great scientist Galileo. Throughout the week we have carried out […]

Year 3 are having an Egyptian day!

On Thursday 21st March 2019, Year 3 will be having an Egyptian day! We are having this to help the children to develop an understanding of how the ancient Egyptians lived and what life was like. If possible, we would like all children to dress up as an Egyptian for the day! They will come […]

3 White- Individuality and personal choice

Today 3 White have been discussing individuality. What is individuality? Why is it important? We read a story called ‘The Hueys in the new jumper. ‘ The Hueys are all the same. Imagine what life would be like if everyone was exactly the same. How would this make you feel? 2. Look at the facial […]

3 White- World book day!

What a fantastic day! All of the children made a great effort and wore such creative costumes! For today, we focused on the book called Flotsam. We retold the story thinking about fluency and created a stop motion animation to accompany this. We draw and build our own 3D nets to make treasure chests and […]