5 Blue – Themes of the Hobbit

Today 5 Blue, have been identifying the themes of the Hobbit. Some themes may be more than others. Children have created posters to show this and explained why they think this is. Have a look at the video. What is a theme and which theme do you think is more related to ‘The Hobbit’?


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  1. A theme is a message or a few massages within a story.
    I think courage is the most related theme to ‘The Hobbit’ because although Bilbo was quite unadventurous he faced trolls, Gollum and a fierce dragon called Smaug so he showed courage.

  2. A theme is the message of the story. The theme in the hobbit is courage for bilbo baggins for leaving his hobbit hole or overcoming obstacles when dealing with dilemmas during their quest. The theme in the hobbit can be a range of themes but the 2 main ones are courage and overcoming obstacles.

  3. A theme is a message from the story.
    The themes which are related to the Hobbit are courage, heroism, perserverance, good vs evil , acceptance and journey.

  4. The theme most related to the Hobbit is courage because Bilbo has faced many different kinds of stuff like trolls and golems and faced them all.

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