4 Red – reading comprehension

Please read through the text on this link below and answer the following questions about the Tudors:- http://www.primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/Tudors.html When did the Tudor period start? How long did the Tudors rule for? Who was the 3rd King that ruled the Tudors and how long did they rule? What did the Tudors do for Britain? Who were […]

4 Red – Spelling

Hello 4 Red, This half term we haven’t had a good start to our spelling scores.  To help you out have a go at these games and keep on practising your spellings.  Spring 1 we managed to get 28 children get 10/10 for 4 weeks so lets see if we can get all 30 children […]

4 Red – Around the world transports

This half term year 4 looked at the story ‘Around the world in 80 days’.  In this story Philleas Fogg travels in different modes of transport to get around the world.  Have a look at the pictures below of the imaginary transport the children have created in art.  What modes of transport did Philleas Fogg […]

KS2 – Summer 1 ICT Club

In Summer 1, we have an ICT club for KS2-Years 4,5 and 6.  This is an opportunity for children to learn new skills on the computer, complete challenges on the blog, go on education city and purple mash.  The club will start on Wednesday 1st May 2019 from 3.15 – 4  for 4 weeks.  If […]

Spring 2 Week 6 Reading Challenge

CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK Who has written the Harry Potter books? What is the first Harry Potter book? Where did the author start writing the first book? Where is the Harry Potter Studios in the U.K? Who is Harry Potter played by in the film?

4 Red – Spelling games

4 Red,  I know you have become super spellers but we sometimes make some silly mistakes so to help you out become a super speller legend have a go at these spelling  games.  Let me know how you get on. https://spellingframe.co.uk/spelling-rule/8/1-Adding-suffixes-beginning-with-vowel-letters-to-words-of-more-than-one-syllable http://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/spookySpellings/index.html http://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/lcwc/index.html

4 Red – The water cycle

Today, we looked at the steps to how the water cycle works.  We used our knowledge to make an imovie to explain this.  Look at the image and watch the videos and put the following steps in order:- CONDENSATION PRECIPITATION EVAPOURATION TRANSPIRATION  

Year 4 – Spanish numbers

This half term we are learning the numbers in Spanish.  We will be moving on from knowing our dates of birth and other key information using numbers in Spanish.  Here is a video to help you learn the numbers in Spanish up to 15.

Year 4 Spring 2 spellings

Week 1 Re Prefix Week 2 Ous suffix Week 3 Dis and miss prefix Week 4 Homophones Week 5 Syllables Rewind Furious Distress Burry February Replay Poisonous Mistreat Berry Experience Rewrite Curious Misspell Heal Possibly Retype Jealous Misrepresent Heel January Retry Spacious Disprove He’ll Success Reapply Suspicious Disrespect Wheel Butterfly Remove Joyous Disqualify We’ll Bubble […]

Spring 2 Week 1 Reading Challenge

Each week you will be set a reading challenge.  The first person to complete the challenge correctly will win a prize.  So here’s this weeks challenge. CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK Who is the author for the Beast Quest books and how many are there? Please name all the Beast Quest books.

4 Red – Vera Lynn

This week we have been looking at a musician from the 1940s – Vera Lynn.  The children created a fact file about her and drew a portrait of her.  Please tell me 3 facts about Vera Lynn and her music?

4 Red Reading challenges

4 Red you are doing well with your reading and completing the challenges in your reading diary. I have therefore set some extra challenges for you to have a go. Some you can complete on the blog and some on paper.  Write down which challenge your doing and which book you are doing it for. […]

4 Red SPaG Challenges

Here are some SPaG challenges I have set up for you to improve your spellings, grammar and punctuation.  They are displayed in the classroom so scan the QR code and you can go through them.  Try to complete one a week on the blog and say which challenge you are doing.

4 Red – Spelling Challenges

Happy New Year 4 Red.  I hope you have had a great break and are ready for 2019. In 2019 we want you all to gain whether its in spellings, handwriting, maths, literacy, reading, P.E/swimming or anything else you do in school.  To start you off this half term I’ve put up these spelling challenge […]

4 Red’s Autumn achievements!

This term 4 Red have made Mrs Khan and Miss Farrell so proud. Every child in the class has made progress whether it’s in spellings, handwriting, maths/times tables test, Literacy, P.E or Swimming. As well as individually making progress you have built great teamwork skills and not just made us proud but yourselves. Watch the […]

4 Red – India landmarks

Our country this week is India and we have looked at two  famous landmarks.  The Himalayas and The Taj Mahal.  The children created fact files and as a challenge did some posters on Pic collage.  We then used water paint to sketch an image of the Himalayan mountains and used oil pastels and created a […]

Year 4 Spring 1 spellings

Spring 1 Spellings   Week 1 contractions Week 2 Relationships between words Week 3 Homophones and near homophones Week 4 Dictionary skills Week 5 Spelling patterns haven’t accident accept occasion believe I’ll accidently expect knowledge ceiling we’ll oppose break possession heist wouldn’t opposite brake naughty difficulties don’t benefactor groan breathe grateful we’ve benevolent grown century […]

4 Red – World War 2 silhouettes

Today, in Topic children created their own world war 2  silhouettes. They firstly used oil pastels to colour in the background and then created their silhouette on black paper. What techniques did you have to use when you coloured in the background?