5 Blue Spelling Strategies

5 Blue, here are some spelling methods for you to have a go at. There maybe more than 1 way. Have a go at them and let me know what works for you. Let’s see those spelling scores rise next week. REMEMBER PRACTICES MAKES PROGRESS

Year 5 Spellings – Autumn 1

YEAR 5 : MONKEYS GROUP Autumn 1 Spellings Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 ough word silent Words able/ible ending  able/ible/ably ending  Homophones Review tough doubt visible possible heard often cough lamb horrible enjoyable lead opposite rough island adorable comfortably herd ordinary thought knife comfortable  tolerable led particular fought February reliable adorably past […]

5 Blue – Inspirational Maths

This week, we have had the opportunity to explore and investigate Maths in many different ways to develop our Maths knowledge. Building Shapes What skills did you use for this task? Adding Numbers What knowledge did you need to know to make the number 25? 2D Shapes What helped you identify the shapes? Identifying Patterns […]

5 White Superstars

Well done to the following children for being fantastic Broad Heath Citizens and showing great teamwork, resilience, tenacity, imagination and individuality. You have made us really proud. Keep it up in year 6!

4 Red Transition Day

Hello 4 Red, It was so wonderful to speak to you all today. I have learnt so much about you and cannot wait to meet you all in September. You have produced some wonderful work today. Have a look at the gallery below. What have you enjoyed about today and what are you looking forward […]

5 White – Summer 2, Week 2, Home Learning Gallery

5 White, you have produced some fantastic work this week. You have show so many Broad Heath values over the past 2 weeks-resilience, knowledge, imagination and brilliance. Have a look at the gallery below and comment. Keep up the great work and look forward to seeing you back next week! ENGLISH MATHS OTHER – TOPIC/SCIENCE/PSHE/ART/BASIC […]

25/6/2021 – Year 5-Fun Friday

Hello Year 5, Today for Fun Friday, I thought you could have fun creating pictures of bridges but not just using paint. You can use colours, felts or even make a collage using old newspaper/magazines/different materials you have around the house. Have a look at some examples below. Have fun and be creative. Look forward […]

5 White – Bridges

Today, we started our Science unit ‘Bridges’ by visiting the local bridges in Coventry. The children look at different types of bridges and compared them. Below is a gallery of they types of bridges. Have a look and answer the questions below:- What similarities and differences did you find between the different types of bridges? […]

5 White – Who was Delia Derbyshire?

This morning, we used our research skills to find out who Delia Derbyshire was and created fact files. What did you find out about Delia Derbyshire? What cultural significance did Dr Who have and how is this linked to Delia Derbyshire? DR WHO FACT FILES DELIA DERBYSHIRE FACT FILES

Year 5 – Tasty Tuesday (SOLE PROJECT)

This morning, some children had the opportunity to visit the local supermarket to buy some exotic fruit. Children used their speaking, listening and communication skills to find out about origins of these fruits. We then created our own market stall within school where children had the opportunity to taste and rate the fruit. They used […]

5 White – Macbeth

This half term, we have started our Macbeth unit in English. Today, we have been looking at the relationships between Macbeth and other characters. Children have been creating freeze frames to show different feelings and emotions Macbeth has for other characters. Looking at your freeze frames, what feelings and emotions does Macbeth have towards the […]

5 White – Spellings

Hello 5 White, Please see different techniques to help you remember your spellings.  Have a go at these and find out which one helps your remember your spellings.  Use the cursor to scroll down on the right side of the page. REMEMBER PRACTICE MAKES PROGRESS!

5 White – Book Reviews

This week, we have been looking at the story ‘The Hobbit’ by J.R.R.Tolkien and we know this is one of Mr Mashford’s favourite book. It is a fantasy story which we are looking at for English. One of my favourite story is ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl. I like this book because […]

5 White – Spring 2 – Week 2 Home Learning Gallery

A great way to end our home learning this week. Some great inference work with your English/reading blogs and fantastic creative work/PSHE work. Well done 5 White, you have been amazing with your online learning. Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday 8th March. Blogger of the week is… Qasim for consistency joining all […]

1/3/21 – Fun Mindfulness Jars

Why not have a go at making your own mindfulness jar to help you relax or something to put your thoughts in? There are many ways you can create this so have a look at the videos below and send in pictures of your creative jars to the share point. YOU WILL NEED:- An empty […]