Summer 2 Home Learning Gallery

5 Blue, Welcome back to Summer 2. I hope you have all had a wonderful break and have spent some quality time with your family. It has been great to see a lot of your emailing your work this week. I will update this gallery each week for summer 2 so please continue to email […]

5 Blue – Week 1 Spag Homework

5 Blue, this week I would like you to complete the below worksheet which will help you with your spellings throughout Spring 2.  Please write the sentence below and HIGHLIGHT the corrected spelling. Bronze/Silver Gold  

5 Blue reading homework

This half term, we have continued to read our class novel ‘The London Eye Mystery’ by Siobhan Dowd.  Please can you summarise what has happened so far in the story. Using your inference and prediction skills, what do you think has happened to Salim and why? Use your knowledge of the story to support your […]

5 Blue – Maths Fractions Challenge

Over the last two weeks, we have been looking at equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions, proper and improper fractions and finally how to convert improper fractions into mixed numbers.  To further our learning in this unit and to also help you in Spring 2 when we continue our fractions unit I would like you to answer […]

5 Blue – Handwriting/Spellings practice

5 Blue, Please can you practice the cursive handwriting policy with the following spellings in your homework book. Please remember ascenders need to be tall and descenders need to be sitting on the line with a tail. Letters that are ascenders:- h, k, l, t, b, d Letters that are descenders:- p, q, f, g, […]

5 Blue – Speed Readers Homework

Hello 5 Blue, This week your additional reading task for homework is speed readers. I would like you to click on the link below. The password and username are below: Speed Readers Username: Broadheath1 Password: !Password Have a go at the 4 minute challenge reading task. You need to read the text within 4 minutes […]

5 Blue – Air resistance experiment

Today, we tested how long it takes for a paper helicopter to reach the ground.  Answer the questions below:- What force are we trying to harness? How long did it take for your helicopter to reach the ground? How does the length of the wing/number or paper clip size affect the time it takes to fall? What […]

5 Blue – Reading Review

5 Blue, I would would like you all to write a review about the book you are currently reading. Can you answer the following questions:- Title and Author of your book:- A brief summary of your book:- What do you enjoy about this book? Who you would recommend this book to and why? CHALLENGE:- In […]

5 Blue – Spanish Learning

This half term, in Topic we have been learning about Spain. We have found out many facts about Spain. I would like you to read through the text on the below link and answer the following questions:- 1) What is the capital city of Spain? 2) What is the population of Spain? 3) What […]

5 Blue Winners!

5 Blue have only gone and done it again. Winners of the End ball competition. Great team work and well done to Shahzaib, Oliver, Jawariyah, Harun and Lakeysha. Keep up the great work!

5 Blue – Spelling practice.

Hello 5 Blue, This half term we haven’t had a good start to our spelling scores.  To help you out have a go at these games and keep on practising your spellings.  You can become our super speller for the rest of this term.  Have a go at these games and let me know how […]

5 Blue – Human and Physical features

This week, in Topic we have been looking at human and physical features in Spain.  Looking at the pictures below can you tell me if they are human or a physical feature? Please explain the difference between a human and physical feature. 1) 2) 3) 4)

5 Blue – Times Tables revision

5 Blue, this week you have done your arithmetic test and I have noticed some questions you have struggled with are linked to times tables. So to help you out with these questions and help you remember them have a go at these times tables games:- Let me know how you get on […]

Year 5 Portfolios Autumn 1

Hello Year 5, What a great start to year 5!  We’ve started the half term with some fantastic writing linked with our space theme from Science.  Alongside this we have been looking at the planets and our solar system which we carried out some fun experiments and also visited the National Space Centre.  Some fantastic […]

5 Blue – Tie Dye Fun!

This half term in art, we were inspired by the 1960s art work.  We have been looking at psychedelic patterns and how they used bright and bold colours to decorate album covers, t-shirts and hippies outfits.  The children created their own patterns using different techniques and our final step was to create our own tie-dye […]

5 Blue – Times Tables fun!

5 Blue, to help you achieve fantastic scores in your arithmetic tests I would like you to practice your times tables.  To help you do this have a go at the games below and let me know what scores you achieve:- Have Fun!

Rounding to the nearest 10,100,1000 and 10000

This week we have been looking at rounding to the nearest 10/100/1000 and 10000. We have found it challenging but have come up with some rules. Have a look at them and see if you  can round the following numbers to the nearest 10/100/1000 and 1000:- – 38,615 – 44,123 – 79,999 – 23,268

5 Blue – The Earth and beyond.

This week, in Science we started our new topic about Earth and the planets in the solar system. You researched the distance between the Earth and Sun/Moon. Some children also found out the distance from the Sun to the other planets. Below are some fantastic drawings so have a look and tell me an interesting […]

5 Blue – Art week

Hello 5 Blue, This week we have been learning about an artist called ‘Andy Warhol’.  Me and Mr Janjua are very proud of the wonderful art work you have produced.  Watch the video below and tell me what have you enjoyed about this week and an interesting fact about Andy Warhol.

4 Red Class awards

Well done to the following children to achieving the following awards.  Keep it up! Most sporty – Anis Drama Queen – Farhan Chatterbox of the class – Kiyan Class Clown – Hasnain Bravery – Vinay Amazing Talent – Yibo

4 Red – Brazil reading comprehension

4 Red, I know we are getting to the end of the academic year but I would still like you to keep up the reading to help your comprehension skills.  Have a read through the text on the link about Brazil and answer the following questions:- 1) Can you name one major city in […]