Year 4 Summer 2 Spellings

YEAR 4 : MONKEYS GROUP Summer 2 Spellings Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 word glass hopeful quickly fantastic asked wool fuss helpful speedily terrific don’t worm hiss careful wobbly panic change wobble pass beautiful sensibly comic used woke goodness thankful normally energetic jumped wolf success painful thickly allergic […]

4 Red Super Spellers

Another  fantastic half term and we have even more top spellers in the class. Well done to the following children for achieving 10 out 10 each week this half term:- Leona Donal, Muhammad Gadatia, Jeremi Janik, Yosif Ibrahimi, Mahamad Yosif, Samuel Karruri, Humza Habib, Medina Khatun, Humaira Khan and Riyaad Uddin. Lets see if we […]

4 Red – Reading comprehension yellow and blue group

This half term in Science we have been learning about the human impact and how we have an impact on the environment and wildlife.  Please click on the link below and answer the following questions:- PLEASE ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS IN FULL SENTENCES:- How does the industry affect the landscape? What are the main causes […]

4 Red Super Spellers

This half term we have had 10 children get 10 out of 10 for their spellings each week. Well done to Muhammad G, Mahamad Y, Aleena, Yosif, Amaan, Humza Habib, Jeremi, Leona, Riyad and Ayaan.  This has increased since last half term so let’s see if we can get more children to achieve this next half […]

Year 4 Spring 2 Portfolios

This half term the children have had an amazing time with their learning.  Our fantastic trip to the Battle of Bosworth, meeting the NAO robot and learning about circuits.  Some great blogs and fantastic effort on homework.   Well done.  See the portfolios below to see an overview of this half term:          […]