6 Red’s Geography

This half term in Geography we are learning about Mountains, in preparation for our trip to Dovedale.
Today in our first lesson we explored different terrains and landscapes.

We started the day exploring our surrounding terrain and mini hills.

Bronze: Who can tell me how a mountain is different to a hill?

Silver: Research the famous mountain ranges on the world.

Gold: Create an image or model showcasing the different landscapes (similar to the key from the atlas we saw today)


7 thoughts on “6 Red’s Geography

  1. Same famous mountains are:
    Mount Everest, Mount Kilimanjaro,Mount Fuji,K2,Denali and Ben Nevis
    Most mountains are 1000 meters and above but these mountains are famous for the height of the mountains.

  2. Some of the famous mountain ranges are:The Pyrenees,The Alps,The Rockies and The Himalayas. The Pyrenees Mountain Range is a formidable natural border between France and Spain – the highest peak is over 11,100 feet tall!

  3. A mountain is different to a hill because a mountain height is more than 1000m and hills height is 200 to 500m but also mountains are rigid and rocky and hills are bumpy and muddy.

  4. The height of a hill is 100m-200m on the other hand the height of a mountain is 500m-1000m. Mountains have steep rocky slopes however the hills have smooth slopes. At the summit of a mountain there is a peak whereas the summit of a hill it is flat

    • Most of the year mountains would have snow in them however only hills may have grass which is to be rare. Hills are a landform that extend above the surrounding terrain whereas mountains are a large landform that extend above the surrounding terrain usually it forms a peak.

  5. A mountain is different to a hill because a mountain is higher than a hill and hills are just a bit higher than flat land but mountains are really high than flat land.

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