6Red’s WOW Homework

Well done 6R for producing fantastic WOW homework. You have created some amazing Black Death inspired games such as word search, multiplication puzzles , board games and colouring activity. Also, created informative posters about the history of Black Death. Keep up with the amazing work!

6Red’s Medieval news reports.

Today in our literacy lesson, children used role play to present a Medieval news reports. Using their teamwork skills, they presented news reports as a journalist. They were challenged to present better news reports than what teachers did. What skills are required to present a good news report?

Year 6 Extracting DNA

This half term we started our science unit exploring the term ‘inheritance‘. We then explored our own inherited characteristics VS acquired characteristics. We chose characters from Mr Men and Miss little and drew an example of how their children could look, inheriting characteristics from both parents. We learnt some super scientific vocabulary to further develop […]

Just Dance

Mrs Sharma and Ms Janjua This year the children have had the opportunity to attend Skills Academy and choose different clubs to enhance their skills or learn new skills. Dance club has given them the opportunity to learn a dance routine and perform it to music. Over the past few weeks the children have practised […]

Lesson 3: Social Geography in Japan (Buddhism)

Today year 6 used a range of artefacts and books to learn about faiths in Japan. One of the oldest religions is Buddhism- children were asked to create a double page spread about the origins of the faith, the principles and different symbols within the Buddhist faith. What values do Buddhist live by? How does […]

Year 6 Relaxation Workshop

Today, year 6 had an opportunity to attend relaxation work shop. We learnt what makes us anxious and different strategies to relax. We also discussed different ways how to have a good night sleep. What makes you anxious?How can you relax yourself? How many hours do we really need to sleep? What can you do […]

Welcome Back

Welcome back Year 6, especially the Dol-Y-Moch crew who have been away.Firstly, you have all shown perseverance, dedication and resilience during SATS revision last week. It’s been great to see many of you taking initiative and responsibility for your own learning. Only three more school revision days. Give it all you have got, do your […]

Thank you 6 Red!

What can I say! I am so amazed by generosity and kindness of 6 Red children. What a lovely bunch of children, who made Mrs Ahmed’s birthday special. From making cards to baking cake. So many chocolates, presents and flowers. Special thanks to the parents for their love, supporting their children and to go above […]

Computing in 6 Red

Today, in our computing lesson we learnt about what is a SAT nav and how it works. We also explored triangulation and how it works. There are 3 satellites using triangulation to pinpoint the position of the individuals device.  The satellites are only capable of knowing how far away the device is from the satellite […]

9 time table tips and tricks!

There are still a few children who are not confidnetally recalling their nine times table! Here is a simple trick that will help you all. Using this video, practise your 9 times table for 10 minutes each day, next week we will have a pop quiz and develop your rapid recall!

This Week in 6 Red

We have had a wonderful week in 6 Red. In maths, we used our knowledge of BIDMAS to calculate fractions using four operations. In English, we described two settings and planned a dairy entry written from the perspective of an adult. In Geography, we learnt what an earthquake is and why they occur. In Science, […]

6 Red’s Autumn2 Highlights

Brick Wall Winners Super Spellers Well done Arina, Umar, Afsana, Laura, Aayan M, Ayaan S,Sabah and Harroop for scoring 10 out of 10 through out the term. Arithmetic Well done to Arina, Abdullah Ab, Abdullah An, Umar, Ravi, Afsana, Ayaan S and Ridwan for scoring more than 26 out of 30 through out the term. […]