6R orienteering in Coombe Abbey

Teamwork, respect and enthusiasm was floating in the air today! Six Red had the opportunity to work in small groups and compete in an orienteering task. We walked over 3KM today and came second place against other schools. WELL DONE!

Super quotes of the day:
”Its not about winning, we want to do a good job and have fun”
”I’d rather lose than cheat”
”The nature makes me feel so calm”
”I want to come back with my family and gave a go”

What did you all enjoy the most? Which BH values did you apply today?


  1. I really enjoyed having a walk as it makes me calm. The school values I have used today was teamwork, respect, resilience and communication.

  2. I’ve enjoyed going coombe abbey it was so fun to find all the numbers and walking in open place, and we came on second place but we was still so happy after that we went in young children playground area the play area was for young children I’ve enjoyed going coombe abbey.

  3. I enjoyed The Oritenteering, I used resilience, teamwork and communication.

    I made a little rap for our Coombe Abbey experience:
    The day was amazing, we all had fun.

    Some of us lost, some of us won.

    This experience, was very amazing.

    This experience, kept alot of us smiling.

    We searched around the park, It felt so long,
    We were aging.

    Not finding anything, kept some of us raging.

    We ate some ice cream, we played for a while.

    Because of this, alot of us smiled.

    Our last Time at a school At Coombe Abbey.

    What a cool trip, you dont need to spend money.

  4. The best thing about going to coombe abbey is having fun when orienteering, i also loved the open space where we got to play football.
    Today, we applied the following values: resilience, teamwork, communication, knowledge and imagination.

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