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6R- The Queen’s 70th Jubilee Celebrations

We began the day by getting dressed and sparkled up- ready for a day of celebration!

Jubilee Art– inspired by British artist, we created Queen Elizabeth’s portraits.

Jubilee Maths Challenge

Jubilee Party Games

Jubilee out in the sun!


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  1. This was an amazing day. I loved all the celebrations and games. Also at the end of the day you could meet with your parents and enjoy cake.

  2. I enjoyed celebrating with all the fun activities. The most challenging one was drawing the Queen. My favourite activity was the Royal Bingo.

  3. It’s after lunch and the whole day has been very enjoyable. We have done a portrait of the queen and now we are playing Royal Bingo.
    Thank you to all the teacher who have planned all the fun activities and thanks to Mrs Frankish for our tops.

  4. It’s not even 11 o’ clock and we are having so much fun! We have had our face glitter done by Miss Vega and Mrs Ahmed. We are now doing our portrait of the Queen for the Queen’s Jubilee.

  5. It’s not even 11 o’ clock yet and I’m already having fun and it’s very exciting.We got our glitter done by Miss Vega. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  6. In the morning, I really excited for today and we started the day fun and productive. Miss Vega even put blue glitter on my face. Wow! It’s not even eleven o’clock and I’m already loving this day, we are currently drawing and tracing our queen. I am using pastels for my artwork.

  7. At this moment of time, we are making a British artist inspired portrait, which I am really enjoying; embracing the moments of our last memories of year 6.

  8. So far, today has been great, I am wondering what will approach us after our drawings, we are drawing the Queen in honour of her 70th reign over us, she is a great, lovely queen. To show our loyalty we are wearing Shirts based off of the Queens Jubilee.

  9. What an enjoyable way to start the day we got glitter on the side odpf our face by Miss Vega. Thank you to the adults for helping us with our listening skills: I felt like a Detective 🕵️‍♀️. At this moment of time we are tracing our sketches of The Queen which is very fun and creative, in this lesson I used resilience as it didn’t go too well at first but when I kept trying it was good.

  10. Today was amazing as we are drawing Queen Elizabeth and we are going to have way more fun we are going play maths challenge Jubilee party games.