Year 3-Portfolios Spring 2 2022

Wow! Year 3 what an amazing half term of gaining lots of knowledge, experience and skills.
You have all truly worked hard and challenged yourselves. We the staff in Year 3 are so impressed with your effort of determination, dedication and creativity. You have gained so much in all subjects so you should be proud of yourselves.

Take a look at these portfolios of all your hard work and super learning and make sure you share with your family and friends.😍😊

What did you enjoy this term?

How have you made progress this term in Science,Maths,English,and Geography?


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  1. I enjoyed science.
    I enjoyed science by making floating gardens because mine one floated.
    We made perimeter peoples of our self in maths. I learnt how to measure the perimeter of things.

  2. i liked maths because i enjoyed making sandwiecs and cutting them into fractions.
    I used inverted commas in English to write conversation between Ben and Granny.

  3. science
    I have made progress in science by learning about floating gardens and what countries they are popular in .
    Maths I enjoyed learning about fractions and measure the perimeter of a shape.
    English i enjoyed acting out the Roald Dahl version of the three little pigs.

  4. I enjoyed reading about Gangsta Granny and writing a playscript with directions it was so much fun. The narrative poems were funny to
    In maths i made progress i learn t about fractions. i loved making sandwiches and cutting them in half, and quarters.
    Science i enjoyed making the floating garden and making the float.
    Geography we coloured maps with different climate Italy has a Mediterranean climate.

  5. I make progress because i can rite a play scrip
    I like maths because i learnt
    I like science because i enjoyed making the floating gardens. Floating gardens are used in countries like Bangladesh.

  6. I enjoyed learning and making floating gardens.
    I learnt about fractions in maths I know the difference between a unit and non unit fraction.
    I leant about floating gardens in science.
    I learnt about narrative poem. I enjoyed rhyming words couplets in english.

    I learnt about climates in geography.

  7. in science we learnt about floating gardens and learnt about buoyancy.
    In maths we learnt about fractions and i know how to add fractions.
    in english we learnt about playscripts reffering to a book called Gangsta Granny.
    in geography we learnt about climate zones and I know the hottest climate is the tropical climate even though it has the most rain.

  8. I enjoyed maths and English. I made progress in English by writing a conversation with Ben and Granny using inverted commas .I also liked reading the narrative poems.
    In maths i made progress by learning to measure in CM and MM. I liked doing active maths. In science i liked learning about floating gardens.
    Geography was good i learn about the water cycle and different climates around the world the world.