A Step Back in Time! Victorian Day in 5 Blue!

The children had a wonderful day dressed as Victorians to finalise their History unit this half term.

Victorian Railways

The children discussed the pros and cons to the coming of the ‘Iron horses’, or railways at the beginning of Queen Victoria’s reign. They were challenged to think about the impact on society in terms of leisure, work, health and safety and crime. The children were asked to become Victorian newspaper reporters, reporting on the murder of Thomas Briggs in 1864.

Peg Dolls

The children have been learning about Victorian childhood this half term. Today they had an opportunity to make a traditional wooden peg doll. They were given a variety of materials to use, and using their imagination, created a brand new toy!

Silhouette drawings

Victorian silhouette drawings were fashionable during the period. The children were challenged to take a side profile selfie using an iPad, then copy their silhouettes onto black paper. They then placed these onto white paper doilies, which made for an effective frame!

Victorian calligraphy

We have explored the Victorian school room this half term, and compared the different methods of learning to the way children are taught in school today. Using an art straw as a writing device, the children copied out Victorian letters using ‘ink’ to create their names.

Marble run!

Marbles were a popular pastime for Victorian children, they used these to play games with on the streets with their friends and neighbours. The children were introduced to a marble game, where they had to score points by knocking marbles out if an X formation. They had to keep score and see if they could reach 50 points to be the winner!

  1. Tell me your favourite Victorian fact!

  2. Would you have liked to have been a Victorian child? Why?

  3. What did you enjoy most about Victorian Day? What made you most proud?

  4. Summarise the Victorians in three words.


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  1. My favourite fact was that they made their own toys.
    I would not like to be victorian because of child labour.
    My favourite thing was making peg dolls.

  2. 1.My favourite Victorian fact is they made games that were fun.
    2. I would not want to be a Victorian because they were very poor 😔 sadly.
    3.I enjoyed the tasks the most.
    4.The thing that made me prose was the ink writing.

  3. i would like to be a Victorian but also not because some of the games were fun but in the Victorian times it was a little dangerous.

    i enjoyed makng peg dolls and writing our names with the ink the marbels were fun but it was hard.what made me proud was when i made my peg doll because i realy loved it and i loved the oufit.

    strict, loyal, scared.

  4. My favourite Victorian fact is that they used to make peg dolls.
    I would not like to be a Victorian child because the Victorians would be cruel and vicious to children especially if they were poor. My favourite activity was making the peg dolls. In three words I describe the Victorians as cruel,vicious and but they are also very inventive since they made the worlds first camera and the telephone.

  5. 1.My favourite fact was that when someone passed the family would often have a photograph taken of the body and that Gothic novels were very popular.

    2.I wouldn’t like to be a Victorian child since most child worked in workhouses/factories where I could have got a serious injury or catch a disease since diseases spread very easily.

    3.I enjoyed making peg dolls and I was proud of my calligraphic Victorian writing.

    4.Inventive, strict, industrial.

  6. 1.i won’t like to be a victorian child because i had to work or people would have been rude to me
    2.i enjoyed making the peg dolls
    3. I was proud when we did victorian handwriting

  7. 1.My favourite fact is that girls didn’t play with marbles only boys do but nowadays everyone’s aloud to play with marbles.
    2.Im not sure if I should or shouldn’t be a Victorian child because the lesson the used quill which was cool and easy lessons like the alphabet but it was really expensive to go to school even food was expensive so I’m not sure
    3.My favourite one was the marble game because it was like a challenge and it made me excited. The self portrait of my self made me the proudest and happy.
    4. Strict dressing ladies

  8. I would not like be a Victorian child because child labour was a big thing and I might work in the chimney and he a chimney sweep
    I like d how we got to make our dolls It was a fun experience to play around with it and see what characters I can make.
    Self disaplind

  9. 1. I didn’t know that girls wouldn’t play marbles but boys do.
    2. I would because if I was a rich child I would be very wealthy and I could relax.
    3. I really liked the marbles because I won so it was very fun.
    4. Creative Smart Strict.

  10. A Victorian fact that I learnt was that poor people would make let dolls
    I do not want to be a Victorian child because I will be beaten by the teacher lots and work is very dangerous.
    I enjoyed doing the silhouettes .
    I was proud of the peg doll

    Inventive ,brutal and strict

  11. 1) My favourite Victorian fact was that the Victorians were imaginative and they made a doll out of wood and used materials to make their Peg doll.
    2) I would not have liked being a Victorian child because if I was poor then I would have not been able to eat and I would’ve had to work in mines or be a chimney sweeper and I could have gotten a very bad injury or maybe even die from this.
    3) My favourite thing today was making the peg dolls.
    4) Very inventive, Imaginative and they were very loyal to their Queen.

  12. 1.My favourite fact is every victorian house had a fire place.
    2.I wouldn’t like to be a victorian child because if we don’t know something we would have to go to a corner and put a pointy hat on the says D witch means dunce.
    3.I enjoyed making peg dolls and playing a game using marbles.
    4.I was proud of making a peg doll because i first thought that i couldn’t make one but at the end i tried and a made a peg doll.