Viva España!  Year 5 Spain Day 2022!

Hola! A much awaited day of fun, fun, fun!Year 5 will be hosting a Spanish Day to celebrate all the fantastic Geography learning children have been taking part in this half term. This will take place on Wednesday 7th December 2022. We would like all children to make the effort to dress up and take […]

Year 5 Autumn 2 Well-being Day!

Documentaries Today, the children used their knowledge of persuasive language and features, which is linked to our English unit this term for travel brochures. To do this they created an IMovie documenting all they have learnt about travel in Spain. They enjoyed using their computing, performing and team building skills to advertise their knowledge and […]

Year 5 Computing – Autumn 2 – Microsoft Word

The children are learning to create a digital information leaflet in Computing this half term. This will be a project that they will develop over the coming weeks, using Computing skills such as creating new documents, inserting images with captions, and formatting texts to create an individual layout. The children cannot wait to share what […]

Broad Heath Festival Of Light Competition! 🎇

The months of October and November welcomes the arrival of a number of celebratory festivals. Diwali is celebrated on Monday 24th October 2022, Halloween on Monday October 31st 2022, and Bonfire Night on Saturday 5th November 2022. All of these festivals have one thing in common – light! We warmly invite you to take part […]

Year 5 ‘Swinging Sixties’ 1960’s Day!

The children in Year 5 have had a ‘groovy’ day stepping back in time to the 1960’s! We began the day learning about the subcultures of the 1960’s, including hippies, mods and rockers. We then explored dance, art, culture and music of the period. We ended the day with a year group protest – which […]

Year 5 1960’s Day! 05/10/22

Hello Year Five! This half term you have all impressed us with your learning in our History and Art lessons! As a treat, we are going to host a 1960s themed day! Travelling back in time on Wednesday 5th October. The day will consist of you dressing up in Sixties-themed clothing and carrying out a […]

The Swinging Sixties in 5 Blue!

The children in Year 5 have started an exciting new History topic this week – ‘Life in the 1960’s’. We began the unit by comparing life in the Post War period, thinking about politics, popular culture and family life. We discussed some of the most significant events of the 1960’s, and began to examine subcultures […]

Global Citizenship in 5 Blue – Part 1!

To understand that we can make an difference as individuals and have potential to change things. The children were asked to think about how they take responsibility for their own decision making, and how they reflect as individuals. The class then discussed the importance of teamwork, and their own self worth within a team. They […]

Year 5 Blue Class of 2022 – Awards!

Today we held an awards ceremony in 5 Blue to celebrate a fantastic year, and to share our pride in the tremendous progress the children have made! The members of 5 Blue have not only gained in learning and knowledge, but have in addition grown to be courteous, kind and well mannered young people who […]

Earth Day 2022 Certificates!

A big well done to all the children who contributed to Earth Day 2022. We saw lots of creativity in the form of poems, posters, and some children even did some lovely planting with their grown ups. The children who took part received certificates and a prize of a vegetable plant to grow at home. […]

Number Day in 5 Blue 2022!

Wow! Number day was 10/10 in terms of challenge, progress and creativity! Well done to all in 5 Blue for giving 100% and making today number 1! TTRS Guinness World Record Attempt! The children took part in the TTRS Guinness world record attempt to have as many devices as possible streaming a Youtube live numeracy […]

Year 5 Blue Stratford Upon Avon Visit

Although the weather was wet and miserable, it didn’t stop Year 5 having a lovely visit to Stratford Upon Avon today as part of their localities unit in Geography. This provided an opportunity for the children to visit a locality different to our own, and for them to be able to compare with familiar environments. […]

Year 5 Blue Macbeth – Witches

Year 5 Blue have performed a section of a play-script in English today as part of their Macbeth unit. They recapped performance techniques, and watched an extract from an RSC performance for inspiration. They then practised using the beginning scene from Macbeth, including the infamous witches! They later produced freeze frames to show the evolving […]

Year 5 Blue Macbeth Art

Year 5 Blue have had an introduction to Shakespeare’s ’Macbeth’ this week, as part of their new English unit. The children have thoroughly enjoyed watching an animation of the play, and have explored the different themes that are within it. The children created some imaginative art work to express the themes, and have been really […]

Health Week Day 4 – 2 Blue

The children in 2 Blue enjoyed another day of Health Week fun today, learning how to keep their bodies healthy in addition to taking part in some brilliant body healthy activities. Please see the gallery below to find out what we did! Fruit Kebabs Following their visit to the greengrocers yesterday, the children used the […]

Year 5 Blue Health Week – Day 3!

Despite the weather, the children enjoyed another fantastic day during their Health Week topic! Have a look below to see what they discovered! Rock Climbing The children were very lucky to be able to have the opportunity to go rock climbing here on the grounds at Broad Heath. Every child had a go, even the […]

Year 5 Swimming

We have been seeing lots of improvements our swimming this half term. Lots of children are gaining water confidence, and making huge progress on their swimming journey. Why should we learn how to swim? Swimming is a great way to relax, improve fitness and ultimately have a lot of fun! We are lucky enough to […]

5 Blue are ROCK KIDZ!

5 Blue had a ‘rocking’ time attending the ‘Rock Kidz’ session today! They learnt a new song that enabled the children to feel truly unique and special. They they performed this as a school, truly rocking out in star style! Battle time then commenced, pitching teachers against the children. This was a brilliant way of […]

A Step Back in Time! Victorian Day in 5 Blue!

The children had a wonderful day dressed as Victorians to finalise their History unit this half term. Victorian Railways The children discussed the pros and cons to the coming of the ‘Iron horses’, or railways at the beginning of Queen Victoria’s reign. They were challenged to think about the impact on society in terms of […]

Year 5 Victorian Day 02/02/2022

Year 5 Victorian Day 02/02/2022! Year 5 have been studying the Victorians this half term, in both their History and English units. We are holding a Year 5 Victorian Day on Wednesday 2nd February 2022, and would love the children to dress up in Victorian outfits for the day! Attached are some examples of the […]

Year 5 Homework – Spring 1 Week 1

Year 5 Homework – Week 1 Please complete and return by Wednesday 12th January.   Maths Please log in to Education City. You can record your score by commenting below. English Please follow the handwriting policy below. Handwriting Practice- How many words can you think of with these joins (ee, gh, ll, ra, ay, op, […]

Year 5 Detective Stories: Solving Mysteries!

Lesson 1: To use investigating skills to solve a mystery. Key Vocabulary The crime! PowerPoint – Murder Mystery Story (1) – PowerPoint – 16 December 2021 (   Suspects Today you are a detective. Watch and read the suspects statements below. Make notes on the questions provided so you uncover the true murderer!Bricks for the […]

Year 5 Geography – A Spanish Christmas!

To complete their Geography unit this half term (Spain), the children were asked to compare and contrast a British and Spanish Christmas!  Can you tell us the similarities and differences between the two countries? Are you able to share any facts that you have discovered today? What surprised you?  T  

Year 5 Spain Day 2021!

Year 5 Spain Day 2021! Year 5 had so much fun today celebrating their ‘Spain’ Geography learning with a day of WOW opportunities and experiences! Please take a look at the gallery below to see what we did! Flamenco Dancing The children learnt about the history of Flamenco. We then watched and listened to a […]

Year 5 Spain Day 2021!

Hola! A much awaited day of fun, fun, fun!Year 5 will be hosting a Spanish Day to celebrate all the fantastic Geography learning children have been taking part in this half term. This will take place on Wednesday 1st December 2021. We would like all children to make the effort to dress up and take […]

Year 5 Blue G7 Week – The USA!

Year 5 Blue have had a super week investigating the political, historical and geographical landscape of the USA. They began the week by learning about the G7, why it exists and the country memberships. They then examined the political landscape of the USA. On day two, they debated the G7 priorities, including climate change and […]