14.01.21 Year 4 English Home Learning

Good morning Year 4! Hope you are keeping safe and well. Thursday 14th January 2021 Upload Your Work Here The video of Mr Inman below is for the following children. 4 Red: Inaaya, Naimol, Murad, Shaikh, Zahra, Hasti, Zainab and Sumayyah 4 Blue: Meher, Shuqran, Samanta and Abdulassis 4 White: Asim, Abdul, Emma, Sara, Taha, […]

Year 4 Blue Zoom Invitation!

Good morning Year 4 Blue, hope you are all well, and keeping safe. We have this morning sent out Zoom invitations for tomorrow (Thursday 14th January) morning at 10am for the following children: Suraiyah Arafath Bilal Safah Abdurrahman Sana Zaeem Samanta Ismaeel Sadiq Please make sure you can see the invitation, any problems, please comment […]

13.01.21 Year 4 English Home Learning

Good morning everyone! Wednesday 13th January 2021 To generate descriptive vocabulary. To use descriptive vocabulary. Upload Point 4 Red: Inaaya, Naimol, Murad, Shaikh, Zahra, Hasti, Zainab and Sumayyah 4 Blue: Meher, Shuqran, Samanta and Abdulassis 4 White: Asim, Abdul, Emma, Sara, Taha, Abraham and Khairy The following work is for all other children. Bronze: Write […]

Year 4 English Home Learning 11/01/21

Greetings Year 4! Hope you had a lovely weekend and are keeping safe and well. There is a video for a specific group of children made by Mr Inman. If you are one of the following children then you must complete the work in the video NOT the work on this blog. The video is […]

Year 4 English Home Learning 07/01/21

Good morning Year 4! We hope you are well and staying safe. Today’s English home learning is: Wednesday 6th January 2021 To understand and apply historical vocabulary. Please complete this task on the blog, although you may want to have a piece of paper and pencil/pen just to make notes to help you. Starter: Read […]

Year 4 English Home Learning 06/01/21

Good morning Year 4, we hope you are all well and staying safe. Today’s English lesson is: To identify the key features of a story with a historical setting. Mr Inman has created a video for you watch, to explain the learning and your task. Please make sure you have your books and equipment ready! […]

Year 4 Blue Anglo Saxon Excavation!

This week in Year 4 we have started a new History Topic – The Anglo Saxons! This leads on from the ancient history we learnt in Year 3, and we were able to share previous learning and apply this to our new topic. On Tuesday, we went on an exciting archaeological dig! We explored an […]

Year 4 Blue Problem Solving Week!

  Year 4 Blue Investigation Week! Wow it’s been great to be back in Year 4, and what a super project week it has been. Lots of practical exploration, research and enquiry has led to some brilliant learning! We have applied Maths and Science skills to investigate refraction, light and dark, day and night and […]

CRAZE OF THE WEEK! Hide and Seek!

CRAZE OF THE WEEK! Hide and Seek! Hide and seek is a tradional playground game that is still popular today. During the game, players try to hide their location, while others try to look for them. Come on Broad Heath, let’s see your super hiding and seeking skills! Game rules: Choose at least two other […]

CRAZE OF THE WEEK! Scarecrow Tig!

CRAZE OF THE WEEK! Scarecrow Tig! Scarecrow tig offers a fun spin on the classic game, where the scarecrow must freeze in position when tagged. To be free, someone must crawl through their legs! This is a great playground game that adults can play, too! Come on Broad Heath, let’s see you having lots of […]

CRAZE OF THE WEEK! Week 1 – Clapping Games

CRAZE OF THE WEEK! Clapping Games! We are very excited this week to launch ‘Craze of the Week’! This is a fantastic opportunity for you all to learn some new playground games, and have a fantastically fun break and lunchtime! This is also a great new way to make friends, and share the values that […]

Year 4 Mexico Day – The History of Mexico!

Mexico Day 2019! To understand the significance of the Aztecs in Mexico: The children have learned all about the Aztec people today as part of Mexico Day. They have discovered that the Aztecs were a fierce tribe of warriors, who arrived in the Valley of Mexico in the 13th Century. They fought many battles against […]

Year 4 PSHE – Teamwork!

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” – Helen Keller The focus for our PSHE lesson this week is teamwork! Teamwork is such an important value to us at Broad Heath, and we have learnt that teamwork makes our dreams work!   Bronze: Create an acrostic poem for the word […]

Year 5 Red – Compliments

As part of their Health and Well-being day, the children in Year 5 have been asked to think about the value of kindness, and in particular, compliments. They have explored the positive effect compliments have on one another, and that their actions have an impact on other people’s feelings. We would like the children to […]

Year 4 White Art Week – Respect

Year 4 White Art Week – Respect! Year 4 White have settled in fantastically well this week, and have produced some brilliant work as part of Art Week. The focus for the week was respect, and the children have explored different areas of Art each day. Please see our video below to see the work […]

SOLE: Year 4 Red – Coventry City of Culture

  “Are all memorial parks and gardens the same?” The children in 4 Red have produced a fantastic piece of SOLE work comparing and contrasting memorial parks across the globe. They researched parks in America and beyond, and could present their similarities and differences to the Coventry Memorial Park. 

Year 4 Red Coventry – City of Culture Week!

Year 4 Red have had a fantastic week, learning all about the history and heritage of the city we live in. Children have explored the values of a Coventrian, learnt all about an upstanding member of the Coventry community, and even hosted their own Broad Heath Festival! Take a look at the video of the […]

Year 4 Red Maths Week 5

  Year 4 Red have had a fun, practical Maths week, consolidating their learning over the last term. They have worked in small groups to solve problems, applying their reasoning skills and linking their learning. This was challenging and engaging for the children in 4 Red, and they enjoyed presenting their final pieces of work. […]

Transition Day in 4 White!

Thank you Year 3 Blue for a fantastic day in 4 White! We enjoyed hearing all about you, and seeing your fantastic Art skills in action! Watch the video below to remind you of the fun we had! Then, answer the following questions: What was your favourite part of transition day? Did anything surprise you […]

Welcome to Year 4 White!

Hi Year 3 Blue! Welcome to Year 4. We cannot wait to get to know you, and introduce you to a whole new world of learning. Have a look at our introductory video below, and tell us what you are most excited about for September! We look forward to introducing you to Year 4 White […]