Anti Bullying at Broad Heath

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  1. Zeinab Keita

    It is good Graham I am not sure about Anti bullying but What does Anti bullying mean.good explaining .I think Anti bullying is that when You bully some times you have a argument and hurt some One by bieng made to bully and be angry and like when you play fooall you hurt someone with a ball to bully and hurt someone badly

  2. Daniel Dadkhah

    Good explanation

  3. Osman Linda

    I really like that.

  4. Osman Linda

    Well Done Graham

  5. Elmesalati Ibtihal

    hmmmm let me think-actually there is no thinking to it. With no hesitation my answer is oficially . . . YES!!!

    1. G Frankish

      That’s the first brick that anyone has awarded me Ibtihal. I am so pleased. I normally spend a lot of my time making them for everyone else. I think I’ll choose a Behaviour Brick.

  6. Elmesalati Ibtihal

    Great video and explanation-tick!!!

    1. G Frankish

      So pleased that you enjoyed my presentation Ibtihal. Do I deserve a brick?

  7. hmahmood

    This video shows that every student at BH is in safe hands as we have a community that works together as a team, a team that cares and respects. Graham has outlined what steps are taken when managing behaviour. The radio station “Broad Heath Anti Bullying Radio” is fantastic for all BH citizens. The Anti Bullying portfolio is superb. It shows all the hard work put in my Graham and Mrs Rullay. Well done to all that participated in the process. I’m so proud and happy to be working at this fantastic and diverse school. :)

    1. G Frankish

      Thank you for your very positive comment Haseeb. Everyone at Broad Heath, the pupils and the staff -work hard for each other and that’s why we are a really good team.

  8. Sohail Serish

    I really enjoyed listening to that

    1. G Frankish

      Good – I’m really pleased Serish

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